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  • Happy 4th of July!
    • Joe moved to North Carolina!!
  • Happy Canada Day!
  • This week in the arena:
    • Rob got another legendary (haha)
    • Joe is chillin’ at 4500 trophies, with the Mortar Mauler.
    • Joe maxed out his first card! The Mortar!!
  • We both hit our all time highs last season:
    • Rob: 4614
    • Joe: 5026
  • Ladder play discussion
  • Joe got the Inferno Dragon from the Master 1 draft chest!
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  • Bat Challenge!
    • We didn’t get the bats… sad face…
    • Thoughts on the bats? How should they be used?
  • Furnace Challenge!
  • 2v2 Draft Challenge!
  • The Summer of 2v2 is upon us!

Meta Check

  • The Night Witch is sitting strong as the top win condition troop in the game.
  • What’s not used at all:
    • Cannon
    • RG
    • EBarbs
    • Mortar
    • Barbarians
  • These cards get used to get to the top, but are not used at the top.
  • There is a serious trend increasing use rates of the Knight and a reduction in the Ice Golem use rates.
  • RIP Skeletons, you’ve been withered down to a Larriless nothing.

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings

Rob and Joe go round robin style, starting with clans and crowns, and then moving to the big dogs!!

  1. Joe
  2. Rob

Special Guest

  • Oxalate joins the show!! We start off with a quick introduction. Then, we move onto some question and answers!
    • What’s your favorite card and why?
    • What are your thoughts of the current eSports scene?
    • What’s Hollywood Hammers like?
    • How did you turn competitive and what’s the journey been like?
    • And so much more!

Deck Spotlight


The Giant Skeleton (3.6 AEC)

Cards: Giant Skeleton, Ice Golem, Tombstone, Poison, Log, Electro Wizard, Graveyard, Archers

Decksplanation: This is a control oriented deck and should not be played like the splashyard deck. It’s not a counter push deck, instead you just counter your opponents attack and then use your ice golem/graveyard to push the opposite lane when you’re able to.

The giant skeleton should rarely be used offensively and the main purpose is to play defensively with it to take out your opponents win condition troops. Those that are typically behind tanks (I.e., Three Musketeers). This deck doesn’t work so well verse really fast GY cycle decks. The worst matchup however, is a lava loom because you don’t have much to take out the loon.

Reviews (11)

One of the best clash Royale podcasts – Dren13, United States 

The host are brothers and they seem like best friends, makes me wish I had a brother. Their enthusiasm for doing this podcast comes through in their preparation and execution of the podcast. Really great people and I wish them the best! Keep up the fantastic show.

I don’t even play clash royale – Seby Ninja, Australia 

Hi Cast Royale I never usually played clash royale but one day my friend was listening to your podcast so I tried it out. Now in two months I made it to hogs and because of your podcast I can happily play clash royale casually. Keep up the good work. Also shout out to my friend coen From seb

My favorite gaming podcast! – Boshuda99, United States

This is a fantastic podcast! Joe and Rob bring a perspective to the game like no other. They provide very helpful information to help you become a better player. They are also very entertaining to boot! I just checked out their profiles in the game, and was surprised to see that the decks they use all contain cards which I am able to acquire already. This gives me hope that I can climb to their mid-4000 trophy level at some point. I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago, shortly after I started playing Clash Royale. I am currently listening to episode 11, which means I have over 25 episodes to binge listen to! My only problem with the podcast is: what am I going to do when I get caught up on the episodes and have to wait a week to hear the next one? Keep up the great work guys! #BOOM From the clan MS PaperCompany

Nice – Het kan niet, Netherlands

Nice podcast

bbgun94 here – watson142, United States

Great podcast rob and joe remind me of my own relationship with my bro!? Keep up good work guys??

Booooooom!!!!! – EPICMAN516, United Kingdom

This is amazing I searched up radio Royale and got nothing but then I searched up clash royale, saw this podcast and listened to one episode and got hooked and have listened to many more. could you do an arena 9 deck spotlight bearing in mind my only legendaries are log e-wiz and inferno drag my username on this is the same as my one in clash royale, YouTube, and clash of clans

Cast Royale – The Best Podcast for any player! – Ghfhrjtkdhkfbyhysuf, Australia

Cast Royale is a great podcast that goes into great detail about the Clash Royale universe. I love the chest openings and I try all the decks from the deck spotlight. This is a great podcast and I recommend it to not just the casual player, but to ANY player. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Great Podcast! – Dealkie123, United States

I love this podcast. I’ve listened to almost every episode, and I love listening to your meta checks, so I can see what cards are being used by people right now, do that I can build my decks. Keep up the good work!

B??M! – Killer_Keemstar420, United States

I love the great podcast! This is the best podcast for Novice, Casual, and Advanced players. I am only in Arena 5 and this podcast is still fun and interesting to listen to! Joe and Rob (the BOOM bros) are hilarious and easy to listen to. I am constantly walking around with Joe and Rob plugged into my head. I have walked into many a pole while laughing out loud from rob and joe. Any clash player should love this lit podcast??? …BOOM

BOOM!!!! – bobbybob21, United States

Best podcast in the world. Anyone who likes to play clash royale needs to listen to cast royale. Cast royale has gotten me from frozen peak to Hog mountain. Keep up the good work BOOM!!!!!!!!!!


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