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This week on the show:


  • Our week in the arena
    • Joe has been having some trouble with the new meta… But a Giant/GYard deck seems to be working!
    • Rob can’t get away from the Purple Flame (princess mod) deck… and clearly, it’s doing great for him.
  • Executioner thoughts
  • Draft Challenge

1/23 Balance Changes

  • Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints -4%, Damage -4%, Hit Speed to 1.5sec (from 1.4sec)
    • While these three changes are relatively small on their own, the combined effect should be noticeable and make Elite Barbarians more manageable. We don’t want to make them weak, just a bit less powerful.
  • Zap: Damage -6%
    • Zap has been one of the most used cards in the game for a long time. This change will stop it from one-shotting equally levelled Goblins – which includes Goblin Barrel Goblins – and should make other spells, such as Arrows, interesting alternatives.
  • Electro Wizard: Hitpoints +9%, Spawn Damage -6%
    • The big news here is that Fireball will no longer take out an equivalently levelled Electro Wizard! Spawn damage reduction is for consistency with the Zap change above.
  • Mega Minion: Damage -4%, Hit Speed to 1.5sec (from 1.4sec)
    • Mega Minion is a highly used and very valuable defensive option in need of toning down. Pulling the power from its damage, instead of hitpoints, felt like a better approach and more fitting with his armored theme – he’s still a Minion, but a tanky one!
  • Archers: Hitpoints -4%
    • Archers are a top tier support card in the current meta. We’re looking to pull a little bit of power from them, but also aiming to keep their interactions with Elite Barbarians and Mega Minion the same after the above two changes.
  • The Log: Damage -4%, knock back effect reduced
    • Reducing The Log’s knock back effect won’t change its uniqueness – it’ll still be the only card that can knock back ALL troops. Our aim here is to lower how much control and displacement it brings to the Arena. The slight damage reduction will keep its interaction with Archers the same.
  • Ice Golem: Hitpoints -5%, Death Damage radius and slow duration reduced
    • Ice Golem is a top tier defensive option and it currently offers too much control and value for 2 Elixir. However, we like the niche he fills as a 2 Elixir tank, so we’re tackling this with a hitpoint and control reduction.
  • Ice Spirit: Damage -10%
    • Currently a lone Ice Spirit can bring an entire horde of Minions to within one hit each from a Crown Tower! That’s a bit too much of a positive Elixir trade for our tastes.
  • Wizard: Range +0.5
    • The Wizard’s use rate is relatively low overall. A bit more range should make him a more compelling choice when stacked up against the other ranged support options.

Chest Openings

Round Robin (kind of… Rob has so many good chests.. Joe – not so much).

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:46:03)

Dirty Miner (3.8 AEC) – for BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!

Cards: Barbarians, Miner, Hog Rider, Goblins, Inferno Tower, Fireball, Zap, Minion Horde

Decksplanation: This deck is very offensive; however, it has extremely good and effective defensive counters to mostly everything in the current meta. When you do switch to offense, commit – and commit hard. You’ll be surprised at the punch this deck can pack in a short period of time. We’ve listed the purpose and best use for each card below. (Special thanks to BenTimm1 for this deck.)

  • Barbarians: They will serve as your defenders to any incoming troops ahead. They can also act as bait so that the opponent will use their spell cards. These guys will knock down any beefy tanks ahead or any horde of ground troops.
  • Miner: Set him free with the Hog Rider as its support. This troop will absorb any incoming damage for this kind of combo. Can deal enough damage to a tower holding fair HP, as well.
  • Hog Ridaaah: The Miner’s tandem is this Clash Royale deck’s main strategy. You can also use Goblins as a primary backup if needed. His damage is superb making him one of the most used cards in the higher arenas.
  • Goblins: Their HPs might be low, but their damage is strong enough to severely damage a tower. Can also be used against beefy tanks.
  • Inferno Tower: Your main defense against beefy tanks. Support this tower with any of your cards to extend its life. The Inferno Tower will also serve as your main distraction to stop any incoming troops to target your tower.
  • Fireball: Best used in a horde of troops like Barbarians and Minions. Its damage can wipe them out easily. Can also be used in towers.
  • Zap: This will be the main spell card to support your Hog + Miner tandem. It will give extra blows and can annihilate any low HP troops within its range.

The Huntress (3.2 AEC) – for HUNTER134688542257895

Cards: Elixir Pump, Balloon, Arrows, Princess, Giant, Skeletons, Barbarians, Minions

Decksplanation: At 10 elixir, be sure to drop down he elixir pump. This is extremely necessary if you want to win with this deck. If your opponent reacts quickly to take advantage of your pump drop – you’ll need to liekly use the barbarians/skeletons/minions to defend. Be careful though – you definitely do not want to drop multiple troops at once for defense. This is because all of your troops die easily to AOE spells. If you do drop multiple troops at once, you’ll need to ensure that they are spread apart, otherwise there is a strong chance you’ll lose the game. If you defend with your princess, make sure she is very far back, away from harms way. This will make it tough for your opponent to deal with her easily, and give her the most opportunity to deal damage throughout her time on the battle field. When you’ve successfully defended, wait for your remaining troops to counter push and approach the river. When they do, you’ll want to drop the Giant, and immediately drop the balloon on the edge of the map. This will cause your opponent to have to deal with your Giant (or displace it) before it can actually get to your Balloon. Also, you’re big tanky damage dealing troops will be supported by the troops that are counter pushing and just got done successfully defending. This tandem of troops is extremely difficult to deal with. After you have the Giant/Loon down on the field – queue up your arrow, and be ready to destroy whatever troops your opponent drops down. To the extent possible, save the arrows for your opponents answer to the Loon (i.e., spear goblins, archers, minions, minion horde, etc.). The loon is the ultimate damage dealing machine in this deck. The Giant can deal great damage too; however, the purpose of the Giant is to 1) distract and 2) soak damage. If the Giant winds up being ignored – then GG you win, don’t worry about it. Rinse, and repeat this strategy until you three crown your opponent.

Reviews (5)

Now I’m Dead – by IWillLose Ya done goofed2 United States 

Everyone left my clan……………. I only have dead accounts in the clan so I left and I feel bad about u guys doing a shoutout? So I need a clan right now?so if I could join Cast Royale that would be da best???☺️??? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

? ? ? ? ☄️ ? – by Johnnyutah1121 United States 

I’ve only heard shows 28 and 29 and I’m hooked. I’ve been in Discord for two weeks and already seen two tournaments?? I revised Rider’s deck from show 29 and flew into legendary arena for the first time???soo happy. I gained over 600 ?with a record of 21-2-7???☄️??! This is Johnnyutah clan: House Lannister #PRP8RC. Be on the ?out for tournaments from a true bloodline of royal clashes, a Lannister! Mwwwhahahahar (cough)(cough)??

Super awesome pod 🙂 – by RandomnicknamedD504 United States 

Just started listening and love the podcast. These brothers do a great job and are very entertaining. If you listen to the, you’ll love it. And give the, 5 stars!!

Awesome boomsauce ? (no sauce emoji) of a podcast! – by Ohhhhmyhop

Hey guys, love your podcast. As a casual clash Royale player, and someone who has nothing better to do but listen to podcasts on my daily commute… I have a great time listening and getting more trophies from your help! I think your community must be growing because I haven’t been able to get into either clan. But there is a third unofficial clan called cast royale 3. Everyone in the clan is a podcast listening. Please give us a shout out! We need players!! Until the next podcast, thanks for everything guys!

Great Deck! – by Vexcrate

Thanks SO much for the deck, guys! It ended up getting me to Jungle Arena and creating a big boom on those Elite Barbarian users, which is awesome! #BOOM!


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