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This week on the show:


  • Joe’s not at home… Uh oh..
  • Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble Gobble.
    • Mannequin Challenge
  • Our week in the arena
  • New Deck Spotlight Page!

News & Clan Updates

  • YouTube Channel poppin’ (Please subscribe!!)
  • TNT: Back to Basics!
    • Arena 3 and Lower
  • Discussin on the Double Elixir Challenge


  • Thoughts on Elite Barbarians
  • Clone Spell Impressions
    • Quick smack in the face
  • Balance Changes (11/30) – B+
    • Mega Minion: Damage decreased by 6%, Hit Speed decreased to 1.4sec (from 1.3sec)
    • Elixir Collector: Production Speed increased to 8.5sec (from 9.8sec), Lifetime decreased to 70sec (from 80sec)
    • Poison: Damage increased by 10%
    • Tombstone: Spawn Speed decreased to 2.9sec (from 2.5sec)
    • Lava Hound: Lava Pup Hitpoints decreased by 1%

Chest Openings

13 Chests opened round robin style – All free chests first, then all silver & gold chests, then all crown chests, then the big guns.

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:50:58)

Dazed & Confused (3.5 AEC)

Cards: Minions, Barbarians, Fireball, Fire Spirits, Miner, Ice Wizard, Zap, Royal Giant

Decksplanation: This deck is similar to any other Royale Giant (RG) deck; however, this one does allow you to play the RG behind the king tower to start your push! But if you do this, beware, you’ll need to be prepared to defend against a quick counter push. The best defensive cards to use verse this counter push will be your Fire Spirits, Ice Wizard, or Barbarians. Any of the three will get the job done. Minions work too, but don’t really allow you to build a push after they are used. If you don’t use your ice wizard to defend, get ready to drop that guy right behind the RG. This will make a difficult task for you opponent, as they will have to be careful with their defensive choice used to kill your RG. If they drop minions, get your zap ready, since zap plus ice wizard destroys that combo. Having the ice wizard will also cause your opponent to usually drop down multiple units to try and kill your RG (so that it dies faster). If they do that, be sure to punish them with your fireball. If you can, hit the tower, but if you can’t its fine – more important to kill the troops! Inferno tower decks are tough for this deck. Make sure you use the RG on the lane of your choice (on the edge of the lane), then wait a second and drop minions in the middle of the battlefield so that the inferno tower resets multiple times before targeting on the RG. Rinse and repeat – drop the mike, walk away. BOOM!

Back To Basics (3.8 AEC)

Note: During the cast we incorrectly said this deck was 3.6 cost. We noticed we said the wrong number after the recording, but fixed it here. Boom!!

Cards: Archers, Arrows, Knight, Tombstone, Lightning, Musketeer, Minions, Giant

Decksplanation: This deck is a very good defensive, counter to offensive deck. Almost every card in the deck can defend efficiently and effectively. For an offensive push, you’ll want to make sure you drop down the tombstone. It will distract a bunch of troops for some time, while you get ready for a big push. At 10 elixir, you’ll want to drop the archers in the back behind the king tower so that they split up when walking down the lane (i.e., one archer on each side of the map). Be ready to you’ll need to continue defending your opponents push with the musketeer and maybe the minions. Once you’ve effectively defended the lane, and the cards go on the offensive push – slam the Giant down right at the river before the other troops get there. After this happens, you have one of two options 1) queue up the arrows and get ready to kill annoying things like skeletons, skarmies, minions, minion horde, goblins, etc. 2) queue up the lightning if your opponent throws down troops like Musketeer, mega minion, knight, etc. (small amounts of troops with decent health). The lightning will make them pretty much useless, and will make the defense fall apart. You’ll want to hit the tower, and two troops with the lightning. If the opponent uses a building to defend, make sure you hit the tower, one troop, and the annoying building. This will facilitate the giant push, and ensure he gets to the tower. All the while – you’re pumping out serious damage from the archers, musketeer, and minions. BOOM!!

Reviews (4)

Loving It! (5 Stars) ++Azak++ United States

Just found you guys last week, loving it so far!  Listened to the latest 3 podcasts and working my way back. Can’t wait for more!

BOOM (5 Stars) hugo7171 Hong Kong 

Hi Rob and Joe I love your deck reviews, can you please make a deck page on your website. THANKS, keep up the amazing content MEGA BOOOOMMMMMM

you guys are awesome (5 Stars) unlawful pencil New Zealand 

hi rob and joe, first of all id like to say that cast royale is probably my favourite podcsat at the moment. the quality of it is amazing, and its nice of you to put so much time into it. id like to recommend a deck: hog rida, giant, spear gobs, fireball, minions, sparky, bomber and skeleton army. this deck got me from 1600 trophies to 2300 in a matter of weeks. i love your deck spotlightes by the way. any way thats all. thanks for making these podcast episodes 🙂

BOOM! (5 Stars) Roy_175  Australia 

Cast Royale is a super entertaining podcast and I recommend it to anyone who plays Clash Royale. Rob and Joe are very informative about game updates and the best strategies. My favourite part of the show is the ‘deck spotlight’. I started using ‘Purple Flame’s’ deck, and I have reached 3400 trophies thanks to Rob and Joe. I can’t wait for the next episode!


None this week 🙁

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