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This week on the show:


  • Join us for a different kind of episode – a Feedback Frenzy – if you will 🙂

News & Clan Updates

  • Revamp the Training Camp… but there’s bigger fish to fry!
  • The Rules of the Duel
  • Our Next Tourney!!
  • Last week’s recording debacle… oops!
  • New Elders: BooK (CR2) and Tracorre (CR)

Tourney Details

Date: Sunday August 21st

Length: 8 Hours
Prep Time: 10 AM EST
Start Time: 12 PM EST
Size: 150 People
Name: Hodgepodge Tourney
Password: bowler

Emails & Reviews

Emails (15!!)


Hey. Sorry if I seem obsessed with you and your podcast; it’s only because I am. Just kidding, I just really enjoy what you guys do. I’m listening to the new podcast and coming off a trophy death spiral, I thought that the viewers need a really solid, dependable deck to use whenever they’re stuck. I didn’t make this deck, but I’ve used it a lot and am pretty good with it. Definitely my most used deck. I’m sure you guys have played with it, heard it, or at least seen it. I like to call it, “The Trifecta.” That’s because it revolves around 3 cards. The cards are skeletons (or goblins), musketeer, valkyrie, elixir pump, poison (or fireball; it’s personal preference. Even a freeze could work, but I recommend poison), zap, cannon, and of course, hog rider. If you guys already have played with this deck, just explain in your own words. If you haven’t, reply and I’ll give you a guide and video.

Lucas W.

Hey this is ItsJimmyBoy from frosty freezing Canada. To start off this email, I love this show, been listening since episode 000, and have been amazed at how great you guys are. When you started, I was in arena 4. Now I am in arena 5, while (praise the gods) TheBoomMan has been in legendary arena. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suck (I think), but there are way too many level 8s in arena 4. I have a question. Have you tried the “lure the arrows” decks. They are amazing now that goblin barrel is down to 3 elixir. I recommend trying them out, although I don’t know how well they work in arena 8/9. Mine is:

Goblin Barrel

Minion Horde

Skeleton Army

Rage Spell

Zap Spell



Fire Spirits

You place goblin barrel, see their answer to it, the try skeleton army, then do minion horde (on separate sides of the map) then, place rage on the one that gets to the tower. Defend with fire spirits (they wipe out almost everything), then Valkyrie, then place goblins behind the Valkyrie for heavy damage to the tower. Zap anywhere and everywhere you need, and your opponent will probably rage quit.

By the way, I just joined Cast Royale (the original) and love the community, my ingame name is ItsJimmyBoy.

Boom, HOG RIDAAA, and keep up the great show.

One question and it will probably take you no time to answer – why was your episode called “Return of the Jedi”?


You are incorrect in telling your listener to play games while your chests are full.

Doing so, you are raising your trophy count,  increasing the difficulty of your opponents, while at the same time limiting your access to cards/upgrades.  A small deficit at first that will grow over time.  Eventually you will reach a point where you are under leveled compared to your competition.

What I believe contributes to these death spirals.

Clan donations and paying of course will help offset this,  but I would recommend a free to play player never plays unless for a chest.

Love the podcast guys! Keep up the good work.

Rodo Coco

Hey guys!  Greatings from PERU!

My game name (and gamecenter) is Rodococoloco and I left you a 5-star review in the Peru iTunes store. It’s the only review in there as of today, I guess Peruvians haven’t caught on to the Cast Royale phenom yet. 🙂  I’m attaching a screenshot incase you guys can’t see other stores.

Love the show!  Your podcast is on my “Favs!” list and I always rush to hear a new episode when it drops. I know it’s a bit of work and I wanted to thank you for all that you do to make the podcast happen!

And now on to the nitty gritty.

(This email has gotten very long. I apologise, but I hope it helps someone out there who has been fortunate (?) enough to get this legendary.)

I broke down a couple of week ago and gave Supercell some mo-ney. It was enough for two super magical chests and some gold. Not only did each chest give me a legendary, they gave me the SAME legendary! So now I have a lvl 2 legendary! The only problem is WHICH legendary… the lava hound (insert blank stare emote).

I opened these chests in Arena 6 – I was trying to get up to Arena 7 before opening them so that I could have a chance at ALL of the legendaries (hello Princess!), but I gave up after a couple of days. I wasn’t even getting close. So, yeah – I was at Arena 6, and the SYSTEM gave me the SAME legendary from Arena 4 … TWICE. I just… can’t… believe it – it’s like Supercell slapping me in the face for giving them money. I’ve been waiting for the ice wizard since the dawn of time., any OTHER legendary would have given my deck a boost… but the lava hound is a different beast, being a 7-cost card it requires a deck built around it… so around it I started building.

After playing around with different deck ideas and looking online (and there aren’t that many lava hound deck ideas online… I WONDER WHY THAT IS), I have had the most success with the following deck:

  1. Lava Hound lvl 2
  2. Witch lvl 3
  3. Poison lvl 4
    • (those super magical chests got this puppy up to 4 too)
  4. Zap lvl 9
  5. Spear Goblins lvl 9
  6. Wizard lvl 6
  7. Barbarians lvl 9
  8. Elixir pump lvl 6

CUP RANGE: 2050-2100, can’t stay above 2100 for too long. They start taking out my pumps with fireballs, or just have faster Giant decks and this deck just stalls.

FULL SCALE ATTACK – at 10 elixir is drop the Elixir pump, back up to 10 elixir and then Hound on an outer edge either next to a tower (if tower is not damaged) or slightly infront of the tower (if it is damaged) to immediately draw damage away from the tower, followed by the witch (dropped at the same starting point), followed by the wizard (dropped at the same starting point), thus spreading out the troops. The hound can take a beating, and putting the witch and wizard too close together is just begging for a fireball or a valkyrie. I time the poison and zap around the hound’s POP (he poison a couple of seconds before the pop to slow down the defences, and the zap at the same time as the pop to stun defences and give the pups a chance to clear everything out.) If there is a full health wizard / ice wizard / musketeer defending, I drop the poison earlier and zap the tower and the defending troop to try and take them out. If you manage to clear defending troops, have a couple of seconds of poison left post-pop, and 4 pups survive, that tower is gone.

Obviously this is the perfect attack scenario. If you get a hog attacking you before you get to 10 elixir, you have to defend with witch / wizard / barbs, then place Elix pump, etc. If you don’t start with the pump in hand, you can send the hound their way by itself to cause some damage, and follow up with a witch or wizard while defending.

This deck helped me get up from Arena 6 to Arena 7 – up to 2100 cups, but I have hit a wall. It’s just too slow, and the lava hound is a bit awkward to get used to. At this level of cups I tried swapping out the Elix pump for arrows and it actually improved against faster decks. I have also changed poison to fireball, barbs to valk, and wizard to musketeer to make things even faster, and I’ll let you know how things go.


This deck, and listening to your podcast, got me thinking about a calculation of sorts, and maybe you could help me out. I would like to know, considering my troop levels in this deck (my commons are lvl 9, my rares are lvl 6, my epics are lvl 3, and my legendary is lvl 2), what is a reasonable cup range that I should achieve at these troop levels? I’m not looking for precision (that’s impossible), but maybe you could include the experiences of people who use the decks you guys share in the Deck Spotlight – their troop levels, their average cup range, and where they hit a wall. This could help people trying out new decks, in that they could see if they have gotten the full potential, or “mastered” a deck, before discarding it.

If you got this far, wow, thanks for reading it all! haha! Take care guys! Clash on!

– Rodo


Cards: Zap, Fire Spirits, Goblins, Ice Wizard, Princess, Miner, Sparky, Royal Giant (3.4 elixir) Replace any missing legendaries with your wallet :p

I’ve gotten pretty lucky in legendary pulls after a 3-month drought (4 legendaries in 3 weeks), and decided to throw them all in a deck and was surprised at how effective it can be. I’ve hit 3200+ with this deck (all cards are at tourney level and none higher) and won some 100-man tournaments.

General playstyle: open with Ice wizard in back or princess in middle and counter your opponent. Try to build elixir advantage and then throw royal giant in front of your troops to counter push.  This deck is also a zap-bait deck as it has several threats that demand to be zapped. Pay attention to opponent zap rotation and punish accordingly.

Individual uses:


-self-explanatory at this point

Fire Spirits:

-can be quick dropped with zap to instantly kill 3 musketeers for 4 elixir (also works vs barbarians)

-if opponent zap is out of rotation, you can place it behind sparky or RG to take out any minions that get dropped


-your only reasonable dps to take out tanks. if they use zap on it, punish them with sparky while it’s out of rotation

-great chip damage with miner if they zap your sparky


-best support unit. if following behind a sparky, any minions will immediately die to zap + princess shot


-take out pumps or tank supports (princess,wiz,witch)

-can be used to win sparky mirrors by deflecting a shot so that your sparky will hit theirs first (without miner, sparky duel comes down to zap chicken and who will zap first)

-can also defend your sparky from mini pekka by pre-emptively dropping him where they opponent will want to play zap+mini pekka

Ice Wizard:

-best defensive unit in game and can’t be countered easily

Royal GG:

-main win condition

As normal with royal giant decks, they specialize in the 2-1 victory. There is not enough defense in deck to stop an opponent from eventually getting one tower, but royal giants can pretty quickly take a second tower near end of game with the sweet spot on opponent’s side that can hit second crown tower out of range of king tower.


-should be saved until double elixir for an offensive push or as a defensive counter vs large ground push.

-opening game with sparky is a great way to lose a tower

-always try to get royal giant in front of sparky to make it more difficult for opponent to get to your sparky

I decided to name it strong emotions since it’s full of cards that people hate.

I wanted to suggest a cheaper deck but the one I had been playing has been picked up by Chief Pat (, Giant Poison Beatdown (archers are good sub for ice wizard).

Enjoy the show, keep up the good work,


Keyser Soze

Hi Guys

Thanks heaps for the help, reminder set. Yeah love the podcast so wishing you guys all the best with it. I really appreciate how you guys do it weekly or at least inform your listeners if it’s not on, nothing is more frustrating than podcasts coming out at random times, but I also am sure it takes a heap of work to get it up and running so thanks.

Got a couple of ideas for you, use em if you want if not no worries:-

Maybe a quick talk about how important the opening 4 cards are, and more importantly how you play it if your cards are not ideal to start with. I run a royale giant deck and it makes a huge difference what I have to start. I reckon how you adjust to the poor start cards has a huge effect on climbing up in trophies. Thoughts?

Obviously you will probably dissect the tourney once it’s done, but maybe touch on different tactics in tournaments rather than in the wild. Can you see players becoming more tourney players than players in the wild? Eg, like you guys I’m pretty happy being free to play so now with tourneys I’m just concentrating on getting a heap of my cards to max tourney lvls now.

Thanks again for replying

Keyser Soze

Clash Converts

AJ (Duckets)

Message: Hey Rob and Joe! Awesome tourney you guys had this weekend it was one of the best experiences I had playing this game. I was excited that I got battle both of you in the tourney it was unBOOMlievable. The overall competition was great a lot of my games were extremely close. You guys always talk about how you don’t have any legendries yet so I thought it was only fair if I used a deck without them in this tourney. (he goes on to explain his deck) I have used the Giant+Witch combo since I started playing this game. Different variations have gotten me through different arenas, but I think I have finally perfected this deck as I was able to place third in the tourney. The deck consists of Giant, Witch, Minions, Minion Horde, Skeletons, Exlir Collector, Zap, and Fireball. This is the deck that pushed me into Legendary area and I have also won a few tournaments with it. My deck also works well with the princess in place of zap, but I feel like my play style is still better with zap. The tactic behind this deck is to get a pump down as fast as possible while trying to defend any quick pushes they might start. Next is to place the Giant and witch in the back and try to lure out the arrows or firball sometimes I like to add in the 1 elixir skeletons behind the witch to temp them arrow if I know they have arrows and not zap. Then once they arrow or fireball place minions or minion horde behind giant especially if place a Valkyrie behind your giant to kill the witch. Then after one push you want to get another elixir collector. The basic tactic is build up elixir collectors and defend towers until the last minute when double elixir comes where you can set up a monster push. Another reason this is key is because you by know you will know what your opponents deck consists of so you can set up a more monstrous push an not be wasting high value cards. That’s why I call this deck the Crownie Monster because I have been able to generate some pretty insane pushes where I completely take out anything my opponent puts down just gets taken out immediately and he can only sit back and watch me devour his precious crownies. This deck however does take a lot of practice to get used to because I believe there are some many tactics to learn for the different types of decks you go against. However I do feel this deck matches up well against such a wide variety of decks it is good to learn for tournaments because I think it works good against all types of decks if you play well, and you won’t find someone who counters your deck as often. I would say 80% of players use either the royale giant or hog rider in their deck which I have found this deck to be a good counter for both. Thanks Again guys for putting on the tournament and keep up the good work!

Tskits – clan = house of el

Hi Rob and Joe (Boom)

I have discovered the podcast last week and am now in the process of catching up. I enjoy your deck  breakdowns a lot. I am an avid Clash of Clans player as an almost maxed player, and I knew I would get hooked on this game so I held off as long as I could. Cut to a few weeeks ago I gave in to temptation and now have two accounts both actually level 7, one is 100XP shy of level 8 and the other one is brand new to level 7. Can you please talk about what are typical expectations of a level. My higher account finally made it to builder’s workshop and I seem to be stuck there I have opened a couple arena 7 chests, but never officially unlocked it. My lower account is firmly in spell valley and I seem to be stuck there. Where do you think would be a normal progression for a player who is casual and hasn’t put a dime into either account.

Keep up the great work, and sorry to say that my lower account got a legendary (lava hound) on a free magical chest, you’ll get yours too!

Thanks Rob and Joe – BOOM

Russell (Gnome73)

Dear Joe – just Joe lol sorry Rob.

OK so in a similar vein to the email I sent Rob re his purple flame deck which by the way I still cannot get to work…. I was in the cast royale after party tourney and saw your deck Joe and I was like wtf I got good levels of those same cards and Joe is at 3000 WTF im still at 2400 with my stupid giant poison deck – this is it! this is my road to 3000 trophy legendary arena glory… Joe is the answer !

My Cards…

RG L10

Hog L7

Zap L9


Musk L7

Gobs L9

Barbs L10

Minions L9

Please can you give me some tips on your deck

This is what I’ve been doing – right or wrong I have no idea…

Pushes –

  1. Musk behind king tower then drop RG at river with Musk behind – if they counter with barbs all I can really do is zap in the hope that the RG gets 1 more shot off?
  2. RG with Minions and Zap (when opponent counters with Minion horde)
  3. Sometimes i’ve been starting with barbs behind the king tower then RG behind barbs when they get to river but this is patchy in success

I need to know the right push combos, please can you tell me?

Defence –

Im using barbs and gobs for defence mainly, sometimes I put a musketeer out to the side of my tower to help with defence.

Joe… my boom man… Any help would be greatly appreciated and will hopefully prevent me from frustrated trial and error and even worse maybe breaking another phone 🙁

please tell me your play style, push and defence strategies…

I will be forever in your debt..

Looking forward to your reply… I know your busy and having a week off so just when you get some time… or maybe just a few quick bullet point lines on your main push combos… as this is my main challenge / have no idea area

Awesome your the best Joe!


Russell / Gnome73



Hey Cast Royale Crew!

I’m just writing to let you guys know that you guys have a sick podcast going! I’ve been listening since the very first one and I enjoy it episode after episode.

Also wanted to let you guys know that the Boom Tourney was a ton of fun (my username is Cxltxn) and I really love the community aspect behind Cast Royale. I’ve been checking the Cast Royale clans fairly regularly and haven’t been able to find an open spot yet but I’m hoping to get in one of them soon.

If not, is there any way you could let me know once a spot is available or a new Cast Royale Clan is started? My current clan isn’t very active with the exception of myself and my buddy so we’d love to join the Cast Royale family so that we have more people to play against and share cards with!

Sorry for the length of this email and thanks for doing what you do!

– Colton

Alex S.

Hey Joe and Rob, I have been stuck in royal arena/ frozen peak for the past few months always going on huge win/losing streaks. I have a really scummy deck I’d like to share. The main push is Royal Giant Hog rider and fire spirits. I also have the mini pekka tesla goblins fireball and the princess which can be exchanged for the Valkyrie. The total is 3.6 or 3.8 Good luck with it


Hi Joe and Rob,

Just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the great work on the podcast. I look forward to it every week. It has been a great couple months in cast royale 2. Joe does an excellent job leading the clan. Take care. I’ll see you in the arena.

Grant F.

I love the podcast and all the useful decks and information! Very good quality info! I always like to try the decks featured every week.

I use a deck that is a 2.9 elixir hog cycle deck.  It consists of

Hog rider


Spear gobs




Goblins and


This is a great hog cycle deck used to chip away at the opponents your tower.

The hog rider can be coupled with goblins or skeletons in order to piggy push the hog away from defensive buildings. The valk fireball, and cannon are used for defense but the Valkyrie can be put in front of the hog rider

The zap can be used defensively or to let the hog get one more swing!

Thanks for the great quality podcasts!


Matthew (YungGrumpa)

Hey Guys! I just wanted to say that you have helped me so much in Clash Royale. You guys are both funny and informative, and I am always excited when a new episode comes out. Thanks for also being very family friendly, which can be a big deal for many people. Can you please help me make a good arena 4 deck, I’m having trouble getting out of pekkas playhouse. Thanks!!

PS Congrats on getting to Legendary Arena. BOOOOOOOM!!!

Jacob F. (JakJak)

Can you guys include this deck? Thanks.

Pekka, Witch, Valk, hog rider, (excuse me, hog ridaaaaaaah) goblin barrel, rage, elixir collector, mirror.

The first thing you need to do is put down the collector. Then mirror it. Now you start. First put down the Pekka on one side with the witch behind. Next up put the Valk and the hog on the other side, hog behind Valk. Then goblin barrel one side and rage the other side.

This is a immidiate one push win, and is good against all decks. The only

time I lost with this was when a guy put down a hog rider, Valk, Pekka, . . .

Deck name: boomtown. ( because it seems like a deck thebooman would like.)

Defense: Use your control cards. The witch can lure your opponents int the center of your side and have all 3 towers shooting, while the witch and skeledons are dealing vast damage. If this isn’t enough, use the Valk or rage  spell (in dire situations) to help out. Then counter push.

Ps: usually people will freak out and forget about using elixir wisely in the face of a Pekka, hog, goblin barrel, ect.

Love the show


Dps: (double post script)

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog ridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Sorry, had to do it, Jakjak.

(For real now)


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