The Boom Bros are more than just clashers!

Learn about the guys behind Cast Royale.


Rob & Joe (Left, Right)

Rob (NonstopRug)

Prior to being the longest rug in the history of mankind, Rob was a Nationally ranked competitive ice dancer and figure skating coach for over 10 years. He also spent 3 years working at the Apple Store where he developed his passion for technology. In 2015, Rob and his friend wrote and recorded a song on iTunes and he continues to dabble in original music for both personal fun and Cast Royale; In fact, he created the Theme Song you hear at the beginning of every episode! Today, Rob is a Client Service Analyst for an IT Health company. He graduated from The College of New Jersey with a B.S. in Business with a focus in Marketing.

Joe (TheboomMan)

Aside from being the guy that started the ‘boom’ movement, Joe is an accountant at a firm that is based in New York City. Although a native to the Garden State, Joe recently moved to North Carolina with his wife and his dog. He graduated from Monmouth University in 2012 with his B.S. in Accounting. Throughout grammar school and high school, he was an active athlete participating in Cross-Country, Track and Field, and Baseball. Despite his athleticism (and great looks), Joe has always been a gamer at heart. When he is not Clashing… Oh who are we kidding, Joe is always Clashing! Boom!!