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  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Resolution
  • Brawl Stars

Our Weeks in the Arena

Joe: ~5317 now

  • Pompeyo’s Balloon Cycle
  • Trophy Death Spiral…..
  • Clan Wars: 4210

Rob: ~4812 this season

  • Inferno Dragon from War Chest
  • Clan wars: 4024


  • ’Tis the Season Special Offers
    • Ram Rider card w/ chest
    • Ram Rider emote w/ chest
  • Holiday Tourney (Global Tourney)
  • Welcome, Ram Rider!!

Meta Check


The Meta Check is brought us by our boy Sir Devon (LloydChristmas)!! Let’s look at a few risers and fallers for this meta check!


  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Goblin Gang
  • Zap
  • Tornado
  • Log
  • Three Musketeers


Riddle Time!


Froze you won’t see me,

Rose you won’t flee me

Who am I?


Survive a hit from Sparky,

But all die to a spell.

Who am I?


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings


We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Joe – Crown, and 2 Big Dogs
  2. Rob – Crown, and 1 Big Dog

Deck Spotlight


Dance With Dragons (4.3 AEC)

Cards: Golem, Electro Dragon, Baby Dragon, Night Witch, Lumberjack, Barbarian Barrel, Poison, Tornado

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck brings a whole new meaning to “beatdown” with its style of play! You’ve got the heavy deck, and the golem – but, you don’t have the big daddy spell (like the lightning). Instead, you’ll have to make do with the poison! This deck is a hybrid, giving you a good mix of true beatdown style play, but – options when you need to cycle quickly, or spend few elixir to defend efficiently. Start with the night witch in the back, so that you don’t commit 8 elixir at the very beginning with a golem push. Once down, your opponent will likely go on the same lane. If so – drop the golem down in front of the night witch once she gets to the corner of your princess tower. This will halt the night witch for 3 seconds while the golem deploys, giving you some time to generate your much needed elixir, and also get a few more bats spawned.

Next, you wait – see if they play squishy troops, or single target tanks, etc. Depending on their play, you counter with either the baby dragon/tornado combo, electro dragon, or poison. You can even use the barbarian barrel to snipe goblin gangs, dart goblins, or even better – a musketeer or wizard who may not be placed well. Getting value with your support troops and spells will allow the night witch/golem to do some serious work. Use lumberjack to defend against big pushes/tanks, or if you have the elixir advantage, be sure to use him to cycle, and add onto your offensive push.

This deck is a 3-crown specialist deck, and plays slow. Don’t play it too quickly, or you’ll find yourself constantly short on elixir and unable to do anything meaningful throughout the match. Take the deck for a spin – and give it about 15 games before you feel truly comfortable with it. Boom!


None this week 🙁

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