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Our Weeks in the Arena

Joe: ~4400 now

  • Finished at 4900 (Master 1)
  • Mortar Mauler as always
  • Working on fireball to level 11!


Rob: ~4400 now

  • Ended season at 4659
  • Got enough cards for 11 Rocket (I have 78k gold!!)
  • Working on Bats
  • Clan made hit 1800 trophies!


  • Gold (and gem) Increases are helping a lot!
  • Gold Rush and Special Shop Offers
  • Emotes were back in the shop real quick!
  • Small bug fix update
  • Climb Up the Arenas Challenge!
  • Recent Thoughts
    • Hide Spectators
    • Quests for spectating games
    • 100 Gems for Gold?
    • Clan War Matchmaking

Boom It or Moob It


7/2 Balance Update

  1. Rascals: Rascal Boy – Hitpoints -5.3%; Rascal Girl – First attack slower
  2. Mortar: Area Damage -3.5%, Hitpoints -4%
  3. Witch: Hitpoints +17%, Spawn Speed increased 7sec -> 5sec, Hit Speed slower 0.7sec -> 1sec
  4. Fire Spirits: Area Damage +5%
  5. Bomber: Range increased 4.5 -> 5
  6. Mega Minion: Hit Speed slower 1.5sec -> 1.6sec
  7. Goblins: Hitpoints -1%
  8. Giant Snowball/Royal Hogs: Added to Clan Wars Collection Day card pool

And of course – the grade!!


Meta Check


The bi-weekly Meta Check brought to us by our boy Lloyd Christmas! Let’s talk Trends and Defense!


  • Rascals
  • Giant Snowball
  • Royal Hogs
  • The Log!

Defensive Cards:

  • Mega Minion
  • Goblin Gang
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Minion Horde
  • Minions


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Deck Spotlight


Be-Witched! (3.1 AEC)

Cards: Witch, Giant, Miner, Goblins, Ice Spirit, Mega Minion, Zap, and Poison

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is a powerhouse. With the recently buffed / reworked Witch, how could we not feature this one! Plus – this deck was made infamous to our community by “Patrick” – a pillar of our community.

This deck is only 3.1 AEC, which means it can cycle cycle CYCLE! Which means it is not your average beatdown style deck. Also – this deck doesn’t have a huge spell like a lightning or a rocket. So you’ll need to make sure you’re getting good values with your poison. The goal with this deck is to play defensively. Use the Mega Minion or the witch and ice spirit as needed in order to effectively defend your opponents offensive push. Once you do that – counter push with those troops, and slap down a Giant at the bridge in front of it all to create havoc for your opponent.

Be sure to use your zap and poison to help facilitate the offensive push. Use the miner for three reasons: 1) to kill pumps, 2) to distract the tower and keep the Witch skeletons alive, or 3) to get behind enemy lines and pick off something like a wizard or musketeer, etc. Goblins can be used, but sparingly. They should only be used on offense if you opponent wastes zap or log on something else. On defense, they can be used to help melt troops, or distract big dudes for a bit.


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