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Hi! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Rob & Joe, two brothers that deliver a podcast to listeners about the hit mobile game, Clash Royale. We currently run the show out of our own homes and have to cover the operating and server costs from our own pockets. This isn’t our job, it’s just a fun side project we started to give players of the game a fun place to learn and play together. Help us cover our costs so we can continue to deliver the show to our listeners. Any excess funds will go towards making improvements to the show and helping fund future projects for the Cast Royale Podcast.

If we hit our goal each month, this will allow us to continue to bring you awesome episodes. You will help cover the costs associated with hosting our website and the storage of all the audio files on network servers. Any extra will allow us to bring you new goodies in the future and help fund future Cast Royale Podcast projects. Plus you get some pretty sweet rewards in return! Scroll below to see the current Patron rewards!

Current Rewards

New for Current Patrons!! As part of our ongoing efforts to give back to our supporters, as an added bonus to ALL Patron tiers, we are proud to introduce a new lottery system for all current Patrons, lovingly called “Lotto Royale”. It’s very simple: if you are currently a Patron, you are now automatically entered into Lotto Royale and are eligible to win some cool prizes. The winner will be randomly selected around the beginning of each month, once per month and announced on Patreon, Facebook, and the show.

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