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  • We were in Florida
    • Hearts go out to Texas, Florida and the entire Gulf area
  • Rob moved! Again!
  • We did a YouTube thing
  • Our weeks in the arena
    • Rob: Arrows or Ice Spirit?!
    • Joe: Rocket almost level 10!


  • We got challenges!!
    • CCGS Challenge
      • Joe got 20 wins!!! And then quickly realized that the CCGS was not meant for him!
    • Rocket/Giant Skellie/Mega Minion Challenge
    • Ramp Up Challenge
    • 2v2 Mega Knight Draft Challenge
  • Other topics:
    • 2v2 is here and it’s glorious
    • 2 Free Magical Chests

Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current meta, brought to us by Lloyd Christmas!

  • Increased Use Rates:
    • Bandit
    • Bats
    • Electro Wizard
    • Hog Rider
    • Ice Golem
    • Mega Knight
    • Princess
    • Rocket
  • Decreased Use Rates:
    • Baby Dragon
    • Elixir Collector
    • Fireball
    • Giant
    • Golem
    • Inferno Tower
    • Knight
    • Log

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.


Boom It or Moob It?

Dev AMA on Reddit!

  • Quests
  • New Game Modes
  • New Cards
  • New Arena
  • No Vision for 2v2 Competitive Mode


Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight


CCGS Swag (3.5 AEC)

Cards: Battle Ram, Log, Electro Wizard, Bandit, Goblins, Poison, Bats, Pekka

Decksplanation: This deck is super easy to play. The easiest way to play the deck, is to just simply cycle your cards (i.e., bats and goblins) until you can figure out what deck your opponent is running. If your opponent pumps up, you bridge spam them to oblivion. Use the cycle cards, with the bandit and the battle ram – then plop down the poison on everything and watch it melt.

If they don’t pump up, the best thing to do is drop your EWiz down and defend. Try not to defend with your PEKKA too soon. You will want to use her on Defense then create a counter push; however, make sure you use her after you know the opponents deck and you use it on the optimal card (i.e., mega knight, giant, golem, etc.)

The surprise factor in this deck is the bandit. Her power is amazing, and people underestimate her. They will tend to focus on the Battle Ram, and leave the bandit alone. When that happens, she can dash back and forth quickly between troops and (in a best case) your opponents tower.

If your opponent has an inferno dragon, or tower, you NEED to use the electro wizard on the SAME side that your big momma Pekka is going down. If you don’t – you will waste 7 elixir every time. Log clears out the way for the bandit/battle ram to get them to the tower. On a counterpush, log to keep annoying things off big momma Pekka. Boom!

Reviews (9)

To Rob And Joe, The Guys Who Make Me Smile by D0NT/N3ED/0NE – United States

I recently found your podcast while looking through “News Royale” I’m so glad I found it because it is my favorite podcast to listen to. I’ve enjoyed listening to you guys because I am a clash royale casual player and listening to a podcast made for me is amazing! My brother and I listen to you guys together pretty often. You guys are absolutely amazing and hilarious, and your brotherly chemistry is hilarious to listen to. I wish you came out with new podcasts every day! I love your continuous jokes and joyful vibe. You guys seem to know every thing about clash royale and you are very helpful to me. I’ve recently been looking for a new deck, I have every single legendary except inferno dragon and sparky, do u have any ideas for a new deck? To close this review I’d like to say that you guys are funny but realistic about the game and honest about your skill level, which is something I love about you! P.S. I own a clan called ##CONQUERORS## it’s all hog mountain and above and it is approaching top 1,000 clans in America. Anyway I could really use a shout out. Thanks for the wonderful podcasts and please keep it going! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Thanks Guys by GingerNinjaFTW – United Kingdom

I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast for the last year and can’t get enough. I love the friendly feel of this podcast and I can admit I have become addicted so much that I check my podcasts every 10 mins for the new episode. Please anyone reading this download the podcast and start listening to this hodge lodge of everything! Boom!

Greatest Podcast Ever! by Mr. TrollDoon – Canada

This is one of my favorite podcasts out there. I cannot compliment enough of how well the two brothers organize and edit the podcast. The sound quality is awesome, includes great sections such as Deck Spotlight, Chest Openings, and the new Boom it or Moob it. And the most important of all, they have a great voice, so you should definitely check this podcast out. See you in the arena!

You guys always make great and entertaining podcasts that I always enjoy listening to. My opinion the best clash royale podcast out there.

Your podcast is the BOMB! I love it! One of my favorite parts is when you guys do bloopers at the beginning of every episode. I liked the pod so much I subscribed on YouTube, joined CR6, and joined the Discord. Keep the wonderful cast coming. BOOM! – pixelwookie99

I love your podcasts I listen to all of them and it got me back in to the game after quitting. My favorite parts are when you guys talk about the resent stuff that happened and your week in the arena. I always use the mortar deck and I love to tell people that I use the mortar. Thank you for making awesome content and plz keep it up. 👍👍

A Hodge podge of everything by DJH56 – United States

This podcast is truly a joy to listen to. 2 brothers with a great friendship, tips to being a better player, deck spotlights, so much more. They bring in the occasional pro to give advice and do a great job reviewing updates. I love the podcast and you will too! “BOOM IT!” 👊💣

This is a really good podcast and that’s all there is to it

I think that this podcast is great for any players, all arenas! Also, the two work pretty great together too!

The best and the funniest by Samlee100 – Canada

There amazing!!!


None this week 🙁

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