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  • Our weeks in the arena!
    • Joe got to Master 1 (Season High) – with the Mortar Mauler
      • He hates…. The Wall
    • Rob is at 4469 (Season High) BOOM! – also with the Mortar Mauler.
      • The trophy death spirals are on their way.
  • Rob got the Ice Wizard, and the Lumberjack this week!


  • Balloon Challenge
  • Cannon Cart!
    • Let’s discuss the card, its stats, and some fun stuff about it
    • Joe got the card, and Rob did not
  • 2v2 Draft Format
    • First try free
    • One time rewards
    • 100 gems after that
  • 2v2 Double Elixir Draft Challenge
  • 2v2 is gone…

Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current meta, brought to us by Lloyd Christmas!

  • The unthinkable has occurred: The Giant Skeleton, has made it’s way into the meta check. After nearly 6 months GS is coming back. We think its because of Oxalate #NA CHAMP!
  • Night Witch, and Log are used 62% of the time, at the top of the ladder. What else is there to say here.. really…
  • Skeletons use rates over the last three cycles: 68%, then down to 39%, then down to 10%. Supercell has withered them down to a Larryless nothing, and they are officially 6 ft. under.
    • #BringBackLarry
  • Interrelated Changes:
    • The Night Witch increase use rates, also cause increases in poison.
    • Increased poisons, cause increased heal spell use rates.
    • This causes a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” meta.
  • Use rates of buildings over the history of the meta:
    • The inferno tower and the elixir pump DOMINATE the building use rates.

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.


Boom It or Moob It?

  • Developer Q&A !!!
    • Supercell is thinking about adding daily tasks.
    • Supercell is considering and play testing new game modes!
    • 2v2 Leaderboard?
    • Game update – October
    • Supercell is making tournaments better.

Chest Openings

Round robin style chest openings! We start off small, and then move to the big dogs:

  • Rob
  • Joe

Deck Spotlight


Which Witch?! (4.1 AEC)

Cards: Night Witch, Witch, Golem, Inferno Dragon, Fire Spirits, Poison, Bandit, Tornado

Decksplanation: This deck is a really weird deck. It’s got a lot of legendaries, and is a 4.1 (heavier deck) but doesn’t have a pump, so doesn’t really have great elixir generation. This deck was found on Reddit, from Nova eSports.

This deck is a beatdown style deck; however, it doesn’t have the lightning spell. This deck can take a punch, and take some damage, because it can pack an even bigger punch and you can absolutely destroy them. Pick and choose your battles and take some damage when your opponent plays small pushes.

Your pushes should start with Golem + Inferno Dragon. From there, you wait – see what they drop. Inferno Dragon is better because its very powerful, and isn’t threatened by lightning. If they drop tanks, the Inferno dragon destroys them. If they drop small troops, take them out with your fire spirits. SO – use your inferno dragon to bait out small troops, and then use the spirits to clear the path. Once the small troops are cleared out, you can also drop down your bandit. The path is then cleared, and the tower is dead. BOOM!

The Tornado is great for controlling where you opponent’s cards are. Its just an annoying card for your opponent to deal with. Your an clear the path for your troops, pulls enemy troops out of range, etc. The Night Witch, and the Witch, are extremely good. The night witch should be used at the bridge, after your opponent has dropped down a fireball/arrows/poison/etc. When versing all squishy troops, your main push should be the golem/witch (instead of the golem/inferno dragon).

Reviews (10)

Boom – by MrWright95, Australia

This podcast is a great way to get clash Royale content outside of in game news. The hosts are funny and I’ve caught myself saying BOOM in day to day life. Hooked on the podcast! Most importantly the new segment BOOM it Or Moob it is 100% a BOOM, loved it. Stay Boomin’ from Australia

Pure Awesomeness – SPHMS, Canada

You guys made my clash royale experience so much better. I would have quitted the game if not for you guys. Love the podcast but just one tiny question what does a hodge podge mean?

B??M TASTIC! – lfgekvfkkx, United States

I have been listening for a while now to this FANTABULOUS podcast, and Rob and Joe do a fabulous job of covering all clash royale news, updates, challenges, and more. All while making everything interesting and hilarious so we’re not just there for an hour bored out of our minds. In addition to the podcast, they also host a discord server in which all listeners can get together and share their opinions not only on the show, but on clash royale itself. In short, you should DEFINITELY give this podcast a listen, and by far THE best clash royale podcast I’ve ever listened too! (Shots fired!) Keep up the great work, R n’ J , and as always…BOOM! Note: {This is XDzaxisYT from Discord xD}

The best podcast out there! – Anchunggerz, Australia

Every fortnight, brothers Rob and Joe bring you a fun yet informative podcast episode. They range from topics such as META checks to deck spotlights (my favourite). Each episode is roughly an hour long and is great to listen to in the car or on the go. The podcast is well liked and is shown through a great discord and numerous Clash Royale clans, it has even been featured on news Royale! Sometimes Rob and Joe bring Clash Royale pros on such and Oxalate, Woody and Tag. Anyone one at any age and ability can listen to learn new tips. -Anchunggerz

A.K.A. roBØt – BEST Clash Podcast! PERIOD. – Gr8Destroyer, United States

The production value, humor and knowledge of Rob & Joe are second to none. This Podcast had me hooked from episode 000 and I binge-listened to all 40+ episodes within a week. Can’t wait for the next episode! And since TheboomMan added me to his “Friends List” in Clash Royale within minutes of joining their Discord, I will literally be seeing you in the arena. Can’t wait to 2v2 with both of these guys (hopefully NonstopRug adds me soon as well) in the arena!!! BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!! 🙂 roBØt, Leader of the 50 Kings

Love the podcast! – Jmranslow, United States

Super entertaining and super informative in everything Clash Royale. These two are funny and have great chemistry. Keep it up guys, amazing work!

I play minecraft – Seby Ninja Australia

Does anyone watch Logan Paul

Great Podcast Rob & Joe! – greenfrog100, United States

I first noticed this podcast from the Clash Royale in-game news showcasing the episode “skeletal equillibrium” months ago. I proceeded to watch it and I loved it! My favorite sections of the show are the deck spotlights for informative purposes and the round robins for entertainment purposes! I got out of it for a time due to the fact that I wasn’t a huge podcast listener but decided to try this podcast out again, this time starting out from episode 00, close to the start of summer 2017. I am so glad I did! I think you guys are very funny and put out quality and informative content every episode! I learn at least one thing new during all the episodes even with the old episodes that may at this time seem a little outdated. Unfortunately, I am in a very active clan that I have become very attached, but I am looking forward to joining your discord to help up my game even more and meet lots of new, friendly people. Keep up the fantastic work guys with the hodge podge of everything! Thank you and I’ll see you in the arena!

Love the podcast! 5/5 – Abe_Lohnes, United States

Hey Guys, love the podcast. It’s one of the highlights of my week, and I love the new segment “Boom it or Moob it”. I hope you guys keep up the good work! I joined CR6! Love it!

Perfect for any Clash Royale player – Kirkygamer, United Kingdom

Re-reviewing 5 months after I started listening. Rob and Joe are a couple of really positive and friendly guys that have a genuine passion for Clash Royale. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for an easy way to keep up with the ever-changing state of the game, or a new player looking for some tips and tricks to get you started – Cast Royale is the podcast for you. Family-friendly and full of light-hearted entertainment, and a lot more useful information than the hosts themselves give themselves credit for. Joe and Rob have come a long way since starting this podcast (I went back and listened to the earlier episodes after jumping in at episode 31). Keep up the good work guys – British Boom! (If you read this on the podcast *please* no more ‘British’ accents xD)


A huge shout out to this week’s newest patron!!!

David Yon

Tim de la Vega (roBøt)

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