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  • Our weeks in the arena!
    • We’ve been struggling a bit in the ladder
    • We really miss Larry
  • Rob got the… NIGHT WITCH!!
    • Sorry Twitter…


  • We got some challenges!
    • 2v2 Challenges are just… “Better”
    • 2v2 Draft Challenge
    • 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge
      • So many “Booms”. Rocket Galore!
  • CCGS Spring Final Regional Champs:
    • NA: Oxalate
    • LATAM: Atchiin
    • EU: Surgical Goblin

Boom It, or Moob It?

A new section of the show, where we go topic by topic and say whether we like it, or dislike it – in the form of “Boom it, or Moob it?”

  • Spring vs. Fall CCGS Winners
  • Lightning needs to be nerfed
  • The Heal spell needs to be rebalanced
  • When donating commons, there should be a “Donate All” button
  • Invisible option on your friends list when you’re online
  • Deck confirmation button before entering the game
  • The Clone spell should be removed completely from the game

Chest Openings

Round robin style chest openings! We start off small, and then move to the big dogs:

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight


Tri-Heal (4.1 AEC)

Cards: Three Musketeers, Ice spirit, Log, Heal Spell, Battle Ram, Elixir Pump, Knight, Minion Horde

Decksplanation: Overall, this deck is easily the number one deck in the current meta, and the most successful deck against various amounts of decks. This deck is kind of like a beatdown deck, since it can take damage, and deal even more damage. However, it doesn’t operate like a normal beatdown deck, because it doesn’t have the huge tank, or the huge game ending spell (i.e., lightning, rocket, etc.).

The best defense in this deck is the Knight. It is tanky, soaks damage, and allows your tower to deal good damage to your opponent’s troops. Also, be sure to use the ice spirit on defense to control the map and get some extra shots with your knight. Try not to defend with your 3 Musketeers, because if they are stationary, they will die. The last thing you want to do it lose all three musketeers at the same time.

Drop the pump, and get an elixir advantage going. You’ll need this because of the deck cost. When you have that going, drop the musketeers in the back behind your king tower, and drop them so they split 2/1 down the lanes. ONLY drop the 3 musketeers down the same lane vs. other 3 musketeer decks. This is because most other decks carry fireball, or rocket, etc., but 3 musketeer decks don’t – so you won’t have to worry about them getting killed vs. that matchup. ALL other matchups, split them in the back. When they get to the river, drop the Battle Ram on one lane, and knight on the other. So basically, you have two lanes, with a Tank and DPS troops. Wait to see what your opponent does to defend, and queue up the Heal for the lane that is less focused by your opponent.

When you get a lead, DON’T cycle pumps. Drop another set of 3 musketeers and start your massive push again. Create the domino effect and don’t stop. If you start to cycle pumps after you develop a lead, your opponent can take advantage of your downtime and make a comeback. Once you have them down – take them out! Remember – this operates “like” a beatdown deck. So create the advantage, then steam roll. BOOM!

Minion horde should be used sparingly, and only after you’ve seen the spells in your opponents deck and other cards. If you play them too early, you’ll likely be unable to play them the rest of the game since your opponent can save the counter for them. Use them as a surprise factor. Also – if your opponent is killing your horde – there is a good chance you’re losing the elixir trade each time that happens.

Reviews (14)

This podcast makes me feel how I do when I get a Giant Skeleton to the tower ?? by C H I L D is the ish’ man – United States

This podcast is awesome, the casual feel makes it relatable, and for me in particular, I do an hour commute to work about three times a week, and I always look forward to listening to this show! The deck checks always give me an idea for something to try out for that next week, and I feel like you two are awesome at breaking down Royale news and seeing aspects of it that most would not! Keep up the great work, I love what this podcast has to offer!

Hodgepodge of more than everything! by BigFlameMC – United Kingdom

There is no better way to describe this podcast. These guys don’t just talk to their listeners about the game, they want us to talk back. The brothers have so many ways to contact them including clans, discord and emails. They have popular guests on the show and give expert advice that camps be taken very seriously coming from a couple of challengers. They seem to be best friends and have an amazing attitude towards the game which really engages listeners. By far the best podcast out there.

BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! (dab) by ?DA DAB DADDY? – United States

Bonjourno from Dallas, TX, A great pod for players of all levels looking for a fun listen while staying current with the game. A true hodgepodge of everything, Rob and Joe get me through my Mondays at work by presenting pro tips, meta checks, in game challenges, new decks and thoughts about new updates in a fun and exciting way. They helped me reach my highest trophy count ever (dab)! Long live the mortar mauler baby!!! From The Dab Daddy. Boom.

Wow by Flbre – United States

Awesome, so good you don’t even need to play clash royale to love this

?????? by Frueh Family – United States

First of all you guys are the best. Every time i go to the gym and there is a new episode, i know it’ll be a good day. Every time i hear the beginning song, i just smile. I get so happy with that super catchy and fun song. I love your guys reviews of new metas and decks, bringing in of guests, and overall attitude. I played clash for a while then i got out of it, but a little bit ago i started listening to the podcast and fell back in love with the game and your show. Also i found it funny as i was watching jeopardy the other day and there was a subject called HODGEPODGE and i flipped after just watching the show earlier that day then the very next category was called (pause for suspense)……… BOOM! Anyway keep up the hard work in the show and in the arena, much love- Clayton

Best Clash Royale Podcast ever! by Åζρhάτό – United States

I am also a listener to your podcast (and hopefully a future clan mate) since checking the Clash Royale News Royale podcasts recommendations. Loved it and keep it up with the good vibes. ?

Great! Informative, Entertaining! by Psychomud – United States

I love podcasts! Love em! I also love playing Clash Royale – but hate losing. To my delight, a friend enlightened me and let me know about this gem of a show! Keeps me busy with both loves while living here in South Korea.

BOOM by Painful lyfe – Canada

Love it, love it, love it. Keep up the great work guys. My moms let’s me listen to this when I’m not allowed to play clash royale so you guys are a life saver! Thanks, Odin

BEST PODCAST EVER by SavagePancakez – United States

I love this podcast so much, my ign is +YT+LegitBTD I hope the podcast goes on for years to come and I would like to join your clan but it is closed can you let me in?

Newby by B duplicate – United States

These guys are great! Very good dynamic between the both of them. I am fairly new to the game and I wish I would have started playing when the game released because I’m addicted. I was big into Clash of Clans, but once I downloaded I was instantly hooked. These guys have great suggestions and know the game so well that it helps me think of strategies I should use. Keep it up guys!

THANK YOU SO MUCH by #ihateautocorrect – Australia

Thank you guys for helping so much, not just with all your amazing tips but taking my mind off the game while battling. I find myself winning battles when I’m distracted and by listening to your Podcast at the same time I’m taking in info (and the random jokes) while completing my trophy push to frozen peak. KEEP IT UP GUYS!

Love it! by Vaddah – United States

I really do look forward to your podcasts! As a new listener, I feel really accommodated with the style of your podcast, and as a struggling ladder player, your tips really help me! I look forward to many more than 41 episodes in the future!

Amazing podcast by GarrerrAC – United States

Hey! I am bosscuber from Cast Royale 6, and i think this is an amazing podcast. I am in arena 6, and haven’t been able to use any of the decks in the deck spotlights I have seen yet, but I am still waiting until I can. My favorite parts are the chest openings by far. I have one suggestion- do a special episode with a deck spotlight for every arena, using only cards available to that arena.I think that would be great because of the fact that this is for casual players, and they might not all do very well on the ladder/have access to all the cards that you use in your spotlights.

Can’t wait till next episode!!! BOOOM by MrPresbyopia – Sweden

Started listening to the pod when clash Royale gave some spotlight to these guys and haven’t stopped since. To be honest, at the beginning I was pretty annoyed by the boom here and boom there (hated it) BUT the actual content of the pod made ME go boom in a couple of episodes! Love the deck spotlight, meta check and the fact that they have guests which gives the pod the depth that makes it the greatest one out there. The fact that they are brothers makes it so cool and genuine. To my understanding they record and play in different locations, separated from each other. So I guess the game and pod is kind of a comfort when you sometimes miss one and other. As I too have a CR gaming brother that lives in Germany and I live in Sweden I can understand some of the jargon between brothers. Love it! Keep up the fantastic work you guys are doing and hope you guys reach your goals. Many thanks from Sweden BOOooM shutout to my clan Sverige 30+ Best regards Mr. Presbyopia


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