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This week on the show:


News & Topics

  • Balance Changes (6/12)
    • Night Witch: Spawns 3 Bats on death (from 4), Bat spawn speed to 6sec (from 5sec), initial Bats spawn slower
    • Tornado, Poison, Heal: Multiple of same spell will stack
    • Tornado: Duration to 2.5sec (from 3sec)
    • The Log: Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)
    • Goblin Gang: Spear Goblin count to 2 (from 3)
    • Skeletons: Skeleton count to 3 (from 4)
    • Bandit: Hitpoints +4%, Dash initiates quicker
    • Inferno Dragon: Hitpoints +7%, re-targets 0.2sec quicker
    • Witch: Hitpoints +5%, Area damage radius +10%, spawn speed to 7sec (from 7.5sec), initial Skeletons spawn slower
    • Clone: Faster cloning effect
    • Battle Ram: Damage that destroys the Ram won’t affect Barbarians (removed)
    • Bats: Bat count to 4 (from 5)
  • Game Update (6/12) 
    • Summer of 2v2
    • Collect chests with your friends!
    • New Challenges
    • Extra Battle Deck slots
    • Clan Chat profanity filter
    • Card Shop now cycles through all available cards within 3 months
    • Changes to some of the “Big Dog” rewards
    • New Cards!!!!
    • SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

Deck Spotlight (00:58:56)

Hog Bandit (2.9 AEC)

Cards: Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Bandit, Ice Golem, Musketeer, Zap, Cannon, Fireball

Decksplanation: Overall, this deck is very similar to the 2.6 Marcel P deck we featured on a previous episode. The deck is a “control” archetype, where you look to control the map by constantly attacking, preventing your opponent for building up big pushes.  You will also use small cost troops to defend, and cycle back to the hog/bandit.

Hog pushes are key. The higher the number of times you play him in a given match, the more likely you are to win. Before double elixir time, the goal with this deck is to cycle cycle cycle. Play the deck quick, defend cheaply (from an elixir stand point), and cycle back to the hog. The goal with this deck is to cycle back tot he hog rider before your opponent can effectively cycle back to their counter to your hog rider. Typically, you will lose elixir trades when you push with the hog, but you will get some chip damage in. Then, you defend cheaply to regain the elixir advantage back or at least even it up.

In double elixir time, you switch to defending, and fireballing when you can. Otherwise try not to play the hog too much. In double elixir your opponent will more easily be able to cycle back to their counter to your hog, so you lose the “cycle” advantage. Instead, focus on getting damage with spells and defending with everything you have.

As the game nears an end, or in overtime, you can over commit hard and go “all in” per say. With hog, bandit, and spells. The reason is because if the pug works you don’t need to worry about defending – the game is over! If it doesn’t work, you’ll be in a pretty bad spot. Choose the all-in move selectively.

The bandit is super offensive; however, people tend to underestimate her defensive capabilities. Her invulnerable dashes make her hard to lock down and she can elude spells. Also, when she successfully defends, she packs a PUNCH countering to the offensive side of the map. Try not to use her with a hog for a push. She’s more effective when defending and then going on offense; however, in late game, you can use her with the hog just as well for your all-in push.

Your musketeer should be used on defense. Also, when facing lava or lavaloon decks, be sure to cycle the musketeer on defense instead of the hog.  You need them on the map or you lose.

Cannon should be used to distract and pull to the middle of the map. Necessary when versing tanks or you won’t be able to slow them down.

Play the deck fast, and you’ll love the results. Play the deck slow, and you’ll lose every game. The advantage this deck has over others is it’s tremendously good ability to cycle! Use the advantage well for maximum deck potential.

Reviews (8)

Informative, Relatable and Fun to listen to – Louis PH, Philippines

Hi Cast Royale, This is Louis from The Philippines. Started listening when Clash Royale recommended you on News Royale. I easily got hooked. I like everything: how you guys are doing in the game, deliver news about the game, special guest, chest opening (very exciting), and deck spotlight (my favorite part). I learned how to use a mortar deck because of this podcast. Appreciate everything you’re doing for the show. Keep it up! Cheers, Louis

SOOOOO GR8!!! – Boby303, United States

I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I got started in it over Spring Break when driving from Holland, Michigan, to Orlando, Florida and I can’t get enough. I listen on the road, while doing homework, and in my general free time. Keep up the great work, as I have extremely widened my knowledge in the game… I enjoy the humor and fun you bring to my day. Geat community and clans (Proud Member of Cast Royale 4, Username: FLAME 2017). BOOOOOOM! P.S. Looking for a graveyard deck at around 3500 trophies. I have all the cards (definatly not spent money on the game) ; ) and would perfer not using super chip cycle decks. Thanks!

Amazing Podcast – Ddog9695, United States

I just wanted to say that your videos are amazing and extremely entertaining. The entire time I was moving out of my house (which definitely is a long process) I watched like 13 of your videos. They are something to always look forward too and thx so much for pumping out the content! ?? -Dylan from the US ?

Best Podcast Ever! – Omario20007, Canada

Best Clash Royale Podcast around! Rob and Joe add a Boom to the Game! There is never a boring episode with The Boom Brothers around! Whether it’s the BOOMS, or The Deck Spotlight, Cast Royale is definetly the king of all podcasts! BOOM! Omario20007 (Canada)

Close to Perfect – Rhovan, United States

I want to start out by saying that this podcast is really something great. It’s family friendly, informative and has great hosts. The one thing keeping me from giving it a 5 star review, however, is that Joe often does this thing with his voice every time he’s excited about something. It’s this increasing in volume announcer-type voice that at first I really didn’t mind, but now it grates on me for some reason. It’s like his hog-rider voice, but worse, especially because he does it almost every other line throughout the show. I still listen when the new episodes come out, but I gotta be honest, the voice thing is making me want to stop listening. That being said, however, this is a great podcast worth checking out. Boom.

No longer lonely – Chad yates, United States

Started playing this game with several co-workers when it first launched, but unfortunately they have moved on to other opportunities. Clash Royale is so fun and frustrating you really need someone to listen and vent to on a weekly basis. I’m very thankful for Cast Royale I now have somewhere to hear others enjoy the same adventure I’m on. Thanks for all you do. PS #TeamRob

Best Podcast ever – HAZARDSTARK, United Kingdom

Well Rob and joe! This is generally the best podcast of all time! 10/10. U guys r funny and u know all the facts! If I could meet 2 famous people it would be you! The deck spotlights are so helpful and the splash yard boosted my trophies by a tremendous amount! And overall the podcast has lots of interesting information inside and out! Even if u aren’t a clash royale player ,it doesn’t matter! You will be hooked! This podcast is 110% amazing and we should be all grateful of this! Rob and Joe put time and effort in this and it has really paid off! It will be the best thing ever if I get a shoutout in the podcast. RECOMMEND AND BOOOOOOM!!!!! On

It’s yo boi, FSS (aka Nor, aka The Lumber, aka the guy who always changes his name, aka.. you get the idea) The podcast is fun, entertaining and informative. If you are a beginner at Goblin Stadium, then listen to the podcast. If you are an Ultimate Champion, then listen to the podcast. Just do it, you WON’T regret it!!! ? ? ???


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