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This week on the show:


  • This week in the arena:
    • Rob got 4 new legendaries in one week! FOUR!!!
    • Joe is upset about the season reset.
  • Anti-climactic otherwise

News & Topics

  • Let’s discuss the Heal Spell
    • Best and worst uses for the card
  • The Night Witch
  • New game modes!
    • 2v2 friendlies
    • 2v2 draft challenges

Meta Check

  • Rob and Joe discuss the vastly changing Meta after the Night Witch release.
  • Spear goblins have made a comeback! At least for now ?
  • What’s left at the bottom of the totem poll.
  • The log is slowing down it’s roll and the zap and arrows are making a climb again.
  • How about that Night Witch?? Used in CCGS, Tournies, challenges and even at the top ladder. This card impacted the meta in a BIG way.
  • Tornado and executioner are used more now, while lavahound and loon are used less.
  • The lightning is still used and proves to continue as a powerful beatdown card, even through the ever changing meta.
  • Get the latest meta check here.

Chest Openings

We open up a few chests – Crown, Clan, and a few big dogs:

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:58:15)

Nighty Night (4.3 AEC)

Cards: Night Witch, Golem, Minions, Skeletons, Lightning, Elixir Collector, Baby Dragon, Log

Decksplanation: This deck is a typical Golem beatdown styled deck however has the minions instead of the mega minion and has the night Witch over the electro wizard. So this deck is less prone to a lightning! The thing with this deck is finding the right balance between taking damage and not taking damage in a match. This deck can take a MASSIVE amount of damage and still 3-crown your opponent.

To win with this deck you need your elixir collector. If you have it at first, plot it down immediately. If not, defend while cycling with minimal elixir to get to it quick while mitigating damage to your tower. Once you have your pump down safely, drop the golem in the back behind the king tower. Once your Golem is by your archer tower, drop the night Witch down behind it in the same lane. From there, wait. See what your opponent does to see if the baby dragon, log, or lightning should be used. DON’T drop the skeletons or the minions too soon. Wait for your opponents log or zap/arrows before stopping them down to prevent them from getting good value and you can instead get maximum value for using them. Use the lightning on higher health single troops and the log for ground squishies. Also, use the baby dragon for killing minions. Placement with this is key.

Last note – don’t make the mistake of Pump cycling. The goal and need is 1 Safe Pump and you’ll be good. If you pump cycle you aren’t dropping the golem and therefore aren’t dropping your win condition. Rarely you’ll have two down at the same time, and if you do – it’ll likely be close to double elixir time.



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