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This week on the show:


  • This week in the arena:
    • Rob went to London!! And hit close to his all time high
    • Joe hit Master 1, and also made it to the 5k Club
    • Joe got his Rocket to level 9!
    • North Carolina?? BOOM

News & Clan Updates

  •  Hog Rider Draft Challenge
  •  Wizard Challenge
    •  Mini meta!
  •  Double Elixir Draft Challenge
    •  Oh, hello Gold!!
  •  Mini Pekka Challenege
    •  New gold style shop offers!!!
  •  CCGS
    •  Joe played his bracket
    •  Summary and thoughts

Meta Check

  • Rob and Joe discuss a few key aspects of the current meta:
    • The Log is easily still the most used card (64%)
    • Skeletons and Goblin Gang are now tied for the second most used cards! The versatility of the goblin gang is being recognized by many. And the fast that it’s a 3 cost card with 6 troops that attack both ground and air (and don’t die to zap) make it superior to the Skeleton army.
    • The musketeer is on its way down. Thanks lightning!
    • The hog rider is still the number one used win condition troop; however, the increase in tornado use rates has driven it down by a nice amount!
    • The giant is still used but at a decreased rate.

Deck Spotlight (00:41:43)

Splash Yard (3.6 AEC)

Cards: Bowler, Graveyard, Baby Dragon, Tornado, Poison, Skeletons, Electro Wizard, Knight

Decksplanation: Overall this is a defensive deck with a tremendously high learning curve. With the learning curve comes with and equally high skill cap, and easily makes this decks one of the best in the game. Play it defensively, and reactive and you’ll increase you chances of winning by a lot. In overtime, you can play offensive. This deck is used heavily in eSports gameplay like CCGS, and others in the competitive scene. It’s also used at the top of the ladder, and is a super solid deck. It’s also a REALLY good challenge deck.

Bowler- the bowler should simply be used on whatever lane your opponent is attacking. The side of the map they go down is the side you want this bad boy on. He’s tanky, does splash damage, and is great for defensive purposes especially on your side of the map. He will also be used to push troops off your knight (which soaks damage for all your troops) – see the knight section below. Also, on offense if you can tornado the opponents troops into the front of their tower, the bowler will not only hit the troop but also will splash the tower. Incredible damage and value.

Baby Dragon- This dragon should be used for splash defense, and if your opponent has any air troops. Used very well with the tornado to allow for maximum splash damage potential. Also, on offense if you can tornado the opponents troops into the front of their tower, the baby dragon will not only hit the troop but also will splash the tower. Incredible damage and value.

Knight- this is your tank, used to support your other troops. It’s not meant to deal massive damage. Instead it’s meant to soak, support, and die. Ultimately this card will stay alive longer if the baby dragon and/or the bowler is dealing splash and controlling behind it. This card will also tank for a quick knight/GY combo in double elixir.

Skeletons- cycle, defend, distract, annoy, and create positive elixir trades. Since your also running the graveyard, be sure to use your skeletons after your opponent has either zapped or logged your graveyard. If you wait for that, you’ll take advantage of always generating positive elixir trades and also defending with max value with these four little Larrys.

Tornado- So versatile. Pull troops into the king tower to activate it. Defend with it while you opponent is building huge pushes and allow your bowler, baby dragon or poison to get amazing value. Displace troops and ensure you opponent is never safe! The key with this card is if you can use it on offense with a Graveyard going, in front of your opponents tower while you have a bowler or baby dragon shooting away!

Poison- use this defensively ONLY in rare instances. Best use of this card is t supplement the graveyard and counter your opponents troop answers to that. Poison prevents them from killing your GY and from developing a counterattack offensive push. Also great for chip damage on the tower. Use it wisely, and don’t play it before your opponent draws his hand and counters something.  Otherwise they can play around the poison with proper placement.

Graveyard- best used in double elixir time to make sure you have elixir for the main push. Counter attack with bowler and baby dragon on the map. Throw down the GY, queue up the poison and get ready to tornado in front of the tower. Then watch it melt. In double elixir you can simply use the GY with a baby dragon from the bridge or a knight from the bridge for a quick push! Heavy damage incoming! BOOM

Electro Wizard- defensive troop and used for that purpose. Really great on the counter attack but focus on defensive abilities and preventing damage on your tower or other troops. Very good verse inferno towers that target your bowler or baby dragon.

Reviews (4)

CLASHTASTIC – CoSour YT, United States 

This is my favorite podcast for a number of reasons. They have great in depth reviews of all the new clash Royale news and with there chest openings and deck reviews you feel like your there recording with them. This podcast has all the right ingredients for a fun family friendly podcast. (Can my clan get a shoutout we need more members we are called HogSanctuary im CoSour_YT) (no I don’t have a YouTube channel) but back to the point this is a great podcast that will greatly supply you with all your clash Royale needs.

Great people! – T-dog crow, United States 

They are very nice. And really funny

The best podcast for all things Clash Royale – Devamor, United States 

This is by far my favorite podcast I love to listen to them talk about decks and I love to see what they get in their chests if you play clash start watching

Snowing Skeletons – Captain Karrot, United States 

I have a deck for you guys and it has shot me up the arena at an alarming rate and want to share it. It consists of -Ice Wizard -Freeze -Graveyard -Witch -The log -Valkyrie -Knight -Tombstone I hope you Enjoy (P.S the Ice wizard can be replaced by the Elctro Wizard)


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