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This week on the show:


  • Rob is going to LONDON!!
  • This week in the arena:
      • Rob – 4545
      • Joe – 4710 (Challenge III)
    • Rob & Joe – Knight and Archers level 12

News & Clan Updates

  • New clan minimum
    • 100 Donations
  • New Moderator role
    • Applications underway!


Chest Openings

Round Robin style, crown chests, clan chests, and…. The Big Dogs!

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:42:36)

Pump It Up (3.6 AEC)

Cards: Elixir Collector, Goblin Gang, Skeletons, Zap, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Three Musketeers, Knight

Decksplanation: Overall this deck is a cycle deck, being at 3.6 cost, its very fast. The only reason it is even that high is because of the 3 Musketeers. Never give up with this deck. You can take two towers faster than they can probably take one in the last few seconds of the game. Just keep cycling to the 3M, and make magic happen!

Elixir Collector – This is your point of emphasis for the first two minutes of the game, while you wait for the game to get into double elixir time. Ultimately, you just want to use your elixir pump and then defend with very quick cycling troops so you don’t take too much damage on your tower. While defending with your smaller cost troops you are easily able to cycle back to your pump. The elixir generation and elixir resources are crucial to the success of this deck. Without the pumps, you won’t have the resources to have the 3 musketeers effectively on the map.

Goblin Gang – This is an amazing defensive card. This should be used vs. a number of your opponents troops; however, you should also be using this to PUNISH your opponent on the offensive side.

Skeletons – Skeletons should be used to cycle, and defend. They will not be used for offense in this deck. You’ll want to use these to generate an even higher elixir advantage over your opponent if you can force a spell out against them.

Zap – This card CAN be replaced with the log; however, the log is slower when it comes to how quickly it comes out on the map. The zap is instant, and can react very quickly to skeleton army, etc. Timing on this will be everything to ensure that your opponent isn’t able to kill your split pushing musketeers. The only way a log has the same impact, is if you can pre-log, and pre-log correctly. Otherwise, it’s not as hepful.

Hog Rider – The hog rider can be cycled just like the pump can be cycled, which makes this deck have tremendous offensive capabilities and forces your opponent to react. You can also use this to push the opposite lane to ensure your opponent is consistently on your back foot. This card should also be used to TANK for your musketeers that are split pushing. See Knight description for more details.

Ice Spirit – Used for defensive purposes, and to cycle to hog, elixir pump, or 3M. Also combos well with skeletons/goblin gang for incredible damage.

Three Musketeers – Split pushing used typically after the two minute mark into the game. Try not to include them all on the same lane. Sometimes, vs. another 3M deck, you CAN use them all in the same lane, since usually other 3M decks don’t have fireball, or other spells that will one-shot your 3M.

Knight – This is your main defensive troop in the deck. Use this vs. ranged troops coming off the river. However, the offensive counter-push is REAL with this card. Split pushing musketeers are already tough to deal with. Combo that with 1) a knight along one side, and 2) the hog rider on the other. Effectively, you have two split pushing lanes, with ranged troops and tanks in both lanes. MUST: queue up the zap and be prepared to use it immediately. If they log your double musky push DO  NOT forget to goblin gang immediately.

Shoutout to Clash With Ash (CWA) for the AWESOME deck!! Click here to see the original video:

Reviews (12)

Phenomenal Podcast!!!! – PJ three$, United States

They are very entertaining. I love the deck spotlight. I would love it if they could have more CR pros like woody on. Because of woody and his deck I am almost too league 3 with having a previous trophy high at 4090.

Great review incoming! Boom! – W. Hartline, United States

The name of the show is definitely misleading… This isn’t just for the casual player it’s for everyone. I like to think of myself as a competitive player and I enjoy the show a lot. Side note, I’m not really competitive in the sense that I am ranked but I am always somewhere floating in the 4,000s. But that aside this show is funny and enjoyable for everyone. Many people say they listen with kids but I am in high school and love to listen myself. I always find something new that I didn’t know and I know everyone else who listens will agree that this podcast is always something to look forward to in the oncoming weeks. Boom!!! -Jack H

As entertaining as an OT rocket. – CreepySnowman, Canada

Brothers Rob and Joe bring you an outstanding bi-weekly podcast. Though they’re too modest to admit it, their “hodgepodge of everything” podcast manages to touch on everything a casual player of Clash Royale would want to know: – In-game news and balance change discussion – Unique decks to try when you’re looking to switch things up – A weekly meta-check to find out what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s a dirty rotten Lava Hound – Chest openings – sometimes you DO get a legendary – Weekly progress reports – when you want to know that someone ELSE has hit a trophy-sucking death spiral. All of this is delivered in a fun, lively way that is totally family friendly. And if that’s not enough, the guys have built a great Discord community that is very welcoming and a fantastic place to find a new clan, learn some tips and tricks, or even get access to weekly tournaments? What are you waiting for? Get on your hog, jump the river and hit subscribe now! Boom!

Amazing Podgecast – CunningStunts, United States

You guys continue to deliver explosive episodes every time. I’m waiting for you guys to go weekly. Fun and infectious, Cast Royale is easy to recommend to any player at any level. I’m hoping to utilize your connection with Supercell to pitch a new card idea…. The Giant Spider or Spider Rider! Think of all the possibilities! -drops poison when it dies -shoots a web that stuns troops -could web air or ground troops – spawns 3 baby spiders when it dies Wishing you guys the best and I hope you still produce your podcast when you become famous ESports Commentators!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 Star MEGABOOM!!! ???

The Best!! – Creeperhunter681, United States

You guys are the best and I love this podcast. I used the Mortar Mauler deck from the episode with Woody and I got to my all time high (2557)! Keep up the good work and keep being awesome! B??M!!

Best clash royale podcast – Charlie NY, United States

You guys are awesome. Extremely fun and entertaining to listen to. I love hearing the deckplainations and trying new decks to see what works for me. I’m currently around 3000 trophies enjoying a minor poison deck. Please keep up the great work. I would love a shoutout. Go Nova USA

Gut… – Lewi 2004, Germany

…aber gibts das auch auf deutsch?:3

ULTRA MEGA BOOM!!!!!! – How do u get em, Canada

BOOM!!! AWSOME podcast, I’ve been lookin for a good clash royale podcast forever and I have finally found one…. I listen to this when ever I have spare time and it makes my day great. Also I am in cast royale 4. BOOM AND KEEP ON CLASHING

Amazing – $am33d, United States

It is an awesome podcast 100% recommend it, rob and joe have a good vibe going all through the episode. It is funny and informative at the same time!! BOOOOM

Deck this out – W̤̮e̤̮s̤̮i̤̮e̤̮, United Kingdom

If you are a clash royal player listen to this pocast. The hosts are brothers from the US with great voices may I add. They have chest openings, deck spotlights and news about the game. They show off other apps and websites to help you up your game. Boom?!

Elixir monster? – Legend Wolf2003, Hong Kong

Can you guys talk more about the Elixir Monster on the next episode( no.037 ) and also why Cash Royale is better than other real-time dueling game?

BOOM SHAKA LAKA! – Gvgvtvtvtvtvtc,, Canada

(This is my dad’s name, so just call me by my ingame name: BrownMan.) Amazing podcast that is very informative about Clash Royale. The Discord is also great, their tournaments are fun, and their community is just legendary and gallimaufric (I think I made a new word lol). If I could, I would give this more than 5 stars. BOOM! P.S. Can you help me? I’m stuck between 2300 and 2700 trophies, and I want to go beyond that. I’m level 9, and I have the Miner, Lava Hound, Log, and Ice Wizard. Can you help me make a deck? Anyways, thanks for existing, and see you in the arena. BAM! (I say bam instead of boom btw, but it’s basically the same).


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Russell Goulter

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