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This week on the show:


  • Sorry for the delay!
  • This week in the Arena (kind of)
    • Rob got his Mortar to level 12!
    • Rob got the Electro Wizard! BOOM
    • Joe is missing the gold necessary to get his Mortar to level 12.. sad face
  • Two cool new websites!
  • New challenges!
    • Epic Challenge
    • Valkyrie and Musketeer Mini Challenge
  • Let’s level out the over leveling common problem ?
  • Radio Royale: It’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball!
    • “The Month of 2v2 is coming!!”
  • GATS
  • Nova eSports:
    • Welcome Hazard and SirTag (our coaches for this season)!
    • Coaching strategies
    • Themes of mistakes we make and things we do well
    • Work on the fundamentals
  • Check out nova for some lesson if you’d like them for yourself!

Topic – 4/19 Balance Changes

  • Royal Giant: Deploy Time to 2sec (from 1sec)
    • Tweaking his deploy time gives the defender a bit more time to react to Royal Giants played at the bridge or in the pocket (on your side of the Arena once a tower is down). Listen to the latest episode of Radio Royale for more insight on this change and some of the others below!
  • Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints -4%, initial attack comes 0.1sec slower
    • This change will make Elite Barbarians a bit easier to deal with. They’ll still be a threat and can take down big dudes on defense before going on a counter push, but they won’t be quite as punishing.
  • Furnace: Hitpoints -5%
    • Furnace offers really nice support to your offense, but its high hitpoints also make it a bit too strong on defense. A small tweak will help here.
  • Goblin Hut: Hitpoints +5%
    • Goblin Hut has lived in the shadow of the Furnace for long enough! This change, in conjunction with the one above, should make them both interesting and viable options depending on your deck.
  • Electro Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec)
    • Electro Wizard offers a bit too much damage and control for a ranged support troop. A lower hit speed will tone him down in both areas.
  • Executioner: Damage +6%
    • Now that all of the Executioner’s bugs have been ironed out, we can return him to his former glory! This will also make him a great option for countering the increasingly popular Lava Hound based decks.
  • Balloon: Death Damage delay to 3sec (from 1sec)
    • It’s great to see the Balloon become a more viable offense card since the last change; however, we’d like to add a bit more Death Damage delay to allow for better counterplay.
  • Skeleton Army: Skeleton count decreased to 14 (from 15)
    • Another critical change to maintain the delicate balance of “Skeletal equilibrium” within the Arena. Probably.
  • Lumberjack: Hitpoints +4%
    • He’s strong, fast and drops an interesting Rage effect, but in many situations he simply lacks the hitpoints to be really effective. A few more will help!

Meta Check

Top cards are as follows: The log is consistently at the top of the meta check. Tied for second best, is the goblin gang!! These goblins are tied for second with the ever so loving, skeletons!

Ladies and gentlemen – sparky, has left the building.

Electro Wizard is still easily the best defensive unit in the game.

The musketeer is trending down, steadily. This is because the 2.6 hog cycle deck is becoming less popular as the meta continues to changes. Archers seem to have taken her spot, at least for the short term.

Elixir beatdown decks and three musketeers have become slightly more popular in the meta!

Deck Spotlight (00:50:03)

Tag, You’re It! (3.3 AEC)

Cards: Knight, Furnace, Skeletons, Archers, Electro Wizard, Log, Poison, Graveyard

Decksplanation: Overall, this deck is super control based and the goal is to counter your opponent while you set up some offensive play.

Knight – This is your only tank in the deck. It is your main defensive troop and is used for three main purposes: 1) Soak up some damage 2) in front of your archers so you can poke damage at your opponents towers and 3) at the end of the game it will tank for your graveyard.

Furnace – This allows you to have versatility in the deck. Defensive presence on the map and makes it difficult for your opponent to deal with. It’s chip based in nature and will force your opponent to react. Sometimes they don’t have the answer they want and forces them into a position they don’t want to be in. This card needs to be used to lure big tanks units into the middle of the map. This card can facilitate offensive pushes, or can be used to split up your opponents pushes into multiple lanes.

Skeletons – Distract, annoy, defend, and… of course… Larry. These should be used vs Golem, Giant, hog rider, musketeer, electro wizard, etc. distract while your tower and other troops destroy the enemy.

Archers – Pivotal to the deck, they are great for cycling. They are super good in the current meta and will save you from GY decks. They force spells out of your opponent especially if you can get your knight out in front of them.

Electro Wizard – Absolutely insane. The versatility is tremendous and stops your opponent from doing anything at all. Use this well vs zap bait decks. Don’t always resort to a spell or building for the same impact an electro wizard could have. The troop creates threat for your opponent. Use him well!

Log – Use this card. It is a MUST HAVE. What more is there to say? Do a little damage and displace troops. There’s so much you can do with this versatile not-so-hand-crafted piece of wood!

Poison – Use this in tandem with the knight and the GY at the end of the game. Drop the poison on whatever is used by you opponent to defend vs your GY. It makes your GY Shellie’s get awesome value, and kills your opponents defense so they can’t be effective on their counterpush.

Graveyard – SURPRISE! Use this only after two minutes. If used too early your opponent will counter you easily. The main push with this deck costs 12 elixir (knight 3 + GY 5 + Poison 4). In normal elixir time you can’t afford that push, and will lose on defense.

Decks to watch out for: Valkyries or Lava Beatdowns. Use of archers will be key in these matchups.

Reviews (5)

un·par·al·leled by Alexx4172, United States 

There really is no comparison when it comes to Clash Royale podcasting. Rob and Joe have an unparalleled enthusiam that will ooze through your audio device. Their genuine passion for the game and those in the community really make this a one of a kind show. Deck strategies, professional guests, news & updates… Cast Royale is the only CR podcast you need. BOOM.

Hodgepodge of Everything!!! by Leather Racoon Ratings, United States  

Amazing podcast, really entertaining, funny, and informative show! These two casual players give their thoughts on the game, and they give you strategies! If you are a casual player then you will love this podcast! Boom ??

It’s a hodgepodge of everything! by orionsmith, United States 

If you play Clash Royale, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to this podcast. Rob and Joe deliver a perfect blend of strategy and fun that will remind you why you fell in love with the game in the first place.

Thank y’all! by Tylerjenkins89, United States 

I was completely lost in this game, stuck in arena 5 for ever until I came across this podcast. I found y’all almost a year into yalls work here, and I have listened to every BOOMing episode since (I spend a lot of time in the truck lol). I love the game, and I love the pod cast, I’m always on my toes until y’all post the new one lol. Keep up the great work! P.S. Supercell needs to tell us the back story to Lumberjack and The Log, preferably in a video lol! P.P.S. Boom.

BOOMTASTIC!!!!!! by Fbeofbrodn, United States    

I just found you guys about a week ago. Since then I have been binge listening at work. Boy has it made my 10hr days fly by. But sadly now I am caught up and have to wait for the next episode to come out(is it Sunday yet? Lol) I have loved listening to how the game has changed over the year since you started the podcast. Your insight to all the changes as they happened and your predictions for what was coming out in the game have been spot on. I enjoyed listening so much that I have suggested to my boys who are 17 and 15(little brother never leads). They have started listening and it gives us something to talk about. My boys and I are close but I always enjoy finding things we can spend time together doing and this has given us another reason to spend time talking. Thank you. I am stuck at about 3000 trophies, give or take a few hundred at any given time. I just listened to the episode with the mortar deck. I am trying it out and have had ok success with it. I just switched from my Royal GG, Valk, Wiz, Witch, Poison, Gob Gang, Furnace, Zap deck which keeps me hovering where I am. What suggestions if any do you have. Thanks This is WhosYourDaddy of Cast Royale 7 and have enjoyed the community very much. I am trying to get on discord but the links from the show notes on my IPhone don’t seem to work. Would love to join if you could me figure this out. Thanks again and See You In The Arena.


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