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This week on the show:


  • This week in the arena!
    • Rob and Joe have been taking the Mortar Mauler for a spin!
    • Rob got the Bandit AND the Lava Hound (now level 2)

News & Clan Updates

  • Clash Royale eSport BAFTA AMD Award!!
  • Supercell Store!
  • Become an eSport caster
  • Retro Royale!!
    • Rob was rocking Jason’s Deck (Helsinki Champion)
    • Joe rocked a hog/lightning cycle deck (Boom)
  • Changes to the 2v2 clan chest requirement
  • Cast Royale 8!!!

Meta Check

Top cards are as follows: Log (60% use rate), Skeletons (Larry is a boss, and is used 50% of the time), the Zap (up 20% use rate since the last meta check – and 50% use rate overall).

Making an appearance: THE UNTHINKABLE HAS OCCURRED!! SPARKY MADE IT TO THE CHARTS!!! 1 total person, used her in the top of the ladder. Moob.

Weak-lings (stay away from these): Spear Goblins, Tesla, Inferno Dragon, Goblin Hut, Prince, Giant Skeleton, Barbarian Hut… and more…

Chest Openings

Yellow is the theme of this chest opening!

  1. Joe
  2. Rob

Deck Spotlight (00:44:50)

Miner Control (To Major Tom) (2.9 AEC)

CardsMiner, Knight, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Inferno Tower, Electro Wizard, Log, Poison

DecksplanationJoe provides a great summary of each cards purpose in this deck! This is a super competitive deck in the current meta, and is used by many pros in the various leagues out there!

Miner – This is super control oriented. It is a chip based card, that causes your opponent to react. If they decide to leave it alone, the miner will get sneaky impactful damage in over the course of a given match. It also causes your opponent.

Knight – This is your tank. It is your defensive troop. Counters the bowler, musketeer, electro-wizard, etc. that are threats from the river. It can even help stop the graveyard in the back behind your tower. Because it has so much health for a 3 cost elixir card, its really difficult for your opponent get through the card. Its super good, and will allow your other troops to get some decent damage in while it soaks up damage. Once the deed is done, this guy will really help you build up a counter push (with a tank already built in)!

Skeletons – Very beneficial card in the deck. They are a one cost, four troop card. You can get extremely good defensive capabilities. Finding these moments, and placements on the map will be crucial to your success with this deck. If you misuse these, chances are you won’t be able to defend against all of your opponents offensive cards. Since they are cheap cost, but deal lots of damage, you can use these to force out spells from your opponent.

Ice Spirit – Defensive troop used to freeze things, and allows your skeletons to get a few extra stabs off on the enemy troop. This card is also VERY good at making your opponents troops that might already be locked onto your tower, to freeze, and re-target onto your knight (i.e., your tank) so that your other little troops can deal their damage.

Inferno Tower – This is used for your opponents most offensive troop. Used best against the Giant, Balloon, Golem, Hog Rider, etc. Be careful of the placement for this card, especially if your opponent is rocking a lightning spell. You want to make sure it is not vulnerable to that spell. Use the inferno tower ONLY when needed vs. these huge threats. Otherwise, the deck will play too slow, and you’ll find yourself struggling to continue your chip damage.

Electro Wizard – This is THE best defensive troop in the game. It truly prevents your opponent from developing a huge offensive push. Super control oriented, and really allows you to take away your opponents most offensive threats.

Log – This card is the best card in the game. It is very cycle-able, and is extremely versatile. It displaces troops and can make them retarget. This can be used well with the miner, and allows it to get value on the tower.

Poison – Hallmark of the deck. This will facilitate your miner’s ability to get decent damage in on the tower. If your opponent is using troops in the (behind their tower), the poison will take care of them. Also, if your opponent is dropping a musketeer, or electro wizard, this combo (miner/poison) will either kill your opponents troop, or leave them with such small hit-points left that they will not be able to develop an effective counter push (they can usually be killed by log at that point).

Reviews (9)

Best Podcast for Clash Royale by BarriePaul


Easiest recommendation, just listen to an episode and you’ll be hooked. I enjoy the brothers and their take on the game. Lots of great advice and skits on the show that make it easy to listen to and enjoy. I was a little disappointed in the last episode when they didn’t open any chests with Woody but, aside from that, it was a very informational show. Keep the podcasts coming and keep up with the interviews of fellow players. Boom

Brotherly Love!!! by BrandonWright82 

United States

This podcast is outstanding, and I keep coming back for more! The brothers are always producing an informative show that is fun, fresh, upbeat and relevant to the game. It is by far the best Clash Royale podcast out there and it has me teetering on the edge between being a casual and hardcore player! And as someone who is also close to his brother, it brings me great joy to see two siblings collaborating to create such awesome content for the Clash community. Keep up the great work, guys! You have a huge fan in me. And of course… BOOM!!!!

Legendary BOOOOOM!! by audiotaku 

United Kingdom

Akin to the feeling you know as the best, Pulling a legendary from a free daily chest, I stumbled on Cast Royale one day, And for the love of everything I can’t put it away. Back 30 shows I listened at length, In the hope of becoming a player of strength. It’s a hodge podge of everything from rob and joe’s minds, so strap yourself in for one heck of a time. Deck talks and spotlights to name but a few, the boom bros are learning just like you. Who’m I kidding I’m here for the lulz in the room, Five stars you fool! Tick… Tick… Tick-BOOOOOM!!

sick podcast kek by theaidsblender 

United States

I have a deck recommendation that’s been working well for me, got me into legendary arena (or I guess hog mountain now lol), and I think it’s a pretty easy deck to master. Hog- You just play this as you do. You can synergize with the Goblin Barrel if their log is out of rotation, for massive damage. Goblin Barrel- I like to play this at the beginning of the game a bit off center, just to test the opponents reaction to it and counter, as well to get a feel for their deck. Skeletons- Next to musketeer, this is my favorite card in the game. With correct placement, you can take out everything from a pekka to a wizard. Skeleton Army- Your most defensive card, pretty self explanatory. Musketeer- Just a great card. Amazing at support, and can be a viable win condition by wearing down the tower. Poison- Really loving this cards new ability to take out skeletons. Once you’ve figured out how the opponent plays the skeleton army, you can predict to defend the hog, or destroy the graveyard for positive trades. Also is great at wearing down big pushes with cards like the witch or minions. Log- Use as you would traditionally play the log. Mega Minion- Interchangeable with minions. Great for eroding big/medium health cards.

Amazing. Boom. by mrzap6077 

United States

This podcast t is amazing. I enjoy every bit and always am waiting for the next episode. Keep up the great work!

I like it by Vina’s Mr.Pib 

United States

Hi I am a casual player at 2536 trophies and I really like listening to the podcast! I found out about you guys from Clash Royale news and I have been watching all of them since Episode 000. Thanks, keep up the great work and finally… BOOM!!!

Great Keep Up The Good Work by Cghjcgjchhfhcdhffgbgn 

United States

I heard about radio royale on YouTube and I wanted something to listen to when I’m going places. I was looking for Clash Royale based podcasts and I finally found it.(BIG SURPRISE WHICH ONE I CHOSE) Ready? THIS ONE!? Your podcasts are everything I’ve been looking for. You have hilarious comedy, conversations, and even ways on making a great impact on the way I, and I’d imagine many others, play Clash Royale. Thank you for making such a great podcast! Keep Up The Excellent Work! Also Congrats on one full year!???ONE YEAR???

5 Booms for Being Infotaining! by G2thaP 

United States

Great podcast for Clash Royale fans! It’s like listening to your good friends talk about Clash, except these friends know what they talking about. Lots of good tips and connection points into the greater Clash community. SUPERCELL SHOULD BE PAYING THESE GUYS! – SuperPowerz ?

This stuff is great by Anida p. 

United States

This podcast is awesome. The info is useful, the commentary is funny, and there are more booms than [insert thing with a lot of booms here]. I would highly recommend this to anyone, from 400 to 4000 trophies. I was able to use their spotlighted deck from episode 33 to achieve 3 straight twelve win challenges. Keep on booming.


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