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This week on the show:


  • This week in the arena!
    • Woody
      • Twitter: @woody_CR
      • Twitch, Youtube, Reddit: wwoody123
      • Twitch Schedule:
        • TUE & THU: 7PM EST Live
        • WED: 9PM EST Live (Steal the Crown)
    • Rob
    • Joe
  • Happy Birthday rendition by Eduard of Eleven Music Project

News & Clan Updates

  • Cast Royale 7


  • We discuss the following topics with Woody:
    • Favorite card
    • Clans and communities
    • Leading a competitive clan
    • Casual tips
    • Card balancing
    • Features we’d like to see in the game
    • Clash Royale as an eSport
    • Card and deck skill caps
    • And so much more!!

Meta Snapshot

Woody gives us a breakdown of the current meta, pointing out the most popular decks and card synergies that are successful at the top of the ladder.

Deck Spotlight (01:09:05)

The Mortar Mauler (2.9 AEC)

Cards: Mortar, Skeletons, Log, Arrows, Rocket, Archers, Knight, Ice spirit

Decksplanation: Woody provides a great summary of each cards purpose in this deck!

Mortar – This is the win condition and name sake of the deck. Offensively (mostly) by river towards edge of the map. Typically played offensively because your other cards are support troops. If this thing locks on and is not answered, it will do a TON of damage. If needed, you can use this defensively as well with big beat down decks like the golem, giant, etc.

Knight – Mini tank in front of the mortar, soaks damage and deals damage to oncoming traffic. It’s really cheap and has a great pool of hit points. Since it’s so cheap, you can basically play him with any other card in the deck whenever you want. Can also play defensive verse goblin barrels or GY’s being thrown down on your tower. This card is indispensable in the deck.

Archers – Defensive troop, and very rarely will get to the tower. These guys are behind the mortar, and are used to slice and dice goblins, skeletons, minions, etc. (swarmy type troops). They supplement the knight very well. Great for taking our GY and goblin barrels on the back end. If unanswered they will do immense amounts of damage.

Skeletons – Low cost, and recently buffed. They have so much value for one elixir. They help cycle, and if you need a cheap distraction. They also deal crazy amounts of damage if they are not answered. It will also cause your opponent to have a negative elixir trade when they zap, log, or arrows them. These things pair very nicely with the ice spirit.

Ice Spirit – The freeze pairs nicely with the skeletons, because the troop is frozen, and the skeletons sit on the target and chop them down. Can also defend against oncoming traffic for your mortar. Freeze them and let the mortar lock on and destroy.

The Log – Ground defensive troop, and is quite often used to push things off your mortar.  The log gives you the ability to not only kill the small squishy troops, but also reset the targeting of something that is already locked on your mortar.

Arrows – Recently got buffed, +33% increase in speed. Use this to drop swarms of troops. Easy to throw these on the pumps and princess plus able to get some extra damage on the tower. These are just really versatile and are so precise. They make the deck extremely viable in the current meta. Great against lava hounds for the lava pups.

Rocket – This is what you need to take out elixir pumps on the back end, and also huge pushes of troops. This is a HUGE surprise card, and allows your deck to have great reach, especially in the latter parts of games that go into double elixir or overtime. The amount of damage it deals to the tower is incredible at tourney levels. Since the rest of the deck is super cheap, this card will win you the game in a shoot out. Rocket, log, arrows – cycle and repeat for incredible damage.

Decks/cards to watch out for: Royal Giant – Your cycle is so much faster. All your other cards can be used to outpace your opponents RG to kill it then you automatically cycle back to mortar.

Reviews (14)

Inspirational by Noris beat – United States

This Podcast inspired me to make my on “radio” on YouTube! Their chemistry, and their passion for the game make this a very interesting podcast! I especially love the Deck Spotlight that they do ( I’m in episode 15) and I use their decks for my Channel (of course the credit is all to them and the viewers) Keep up the great work and I totally recommend for people to listen to this awesome show

#BOOM by I love SIMS FREEPLAY! – United States

You guys are awesome! I discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago and I love it! Rob and Joe do a great job of making a community of happy successfully players who are EXCITED to play the game. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to here what you guys have to say next!! # BOOM

Top notch! Family friendly! by ChevroletZ71 – United States

Great podcast! So glad I found this. Found a few weeks ago and started from the beginning and finally got caught up to the most recent episode. Even listening to the older episodes were entertaining even though they were discussing older mechanics of the game that has now been changed. One of my favorite parts is that they are family friendly and they are brothers that seem to get along great. They are very entertaining and funny and have great knowledge of the game. I joined their discord a few weeks ago, it is a great. A lot of great people there sharing knowledge and just having fun. My only gripe of this podcast is that they do not pump out several episodes a week, keep up the great work!

Better later than never by Just_Daniel – United States

I discovered your podcast just last week and since listening to Larry returns I’ve been hooked. I’ve gone back and listened to your episodes from day 0 so keep up the great work and maybe I can have a friendly challenge later on. just_daniel 4100 cups Clan: Overblood

Love the Boom brothers!!! by Israydrea – United States

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t know you guys were out there till I saw you advertised in News Royale! Since then I listen to you guys all the time! I find myself saying “boom” through out the day to myself. You guys are awesome and funny. I have been playing clash on and off for about a year now and I have learned a lot by listening to your podcasts. I wish I could have found you guys earlier. You guys rock! BOOM!! ?

Review My New Deck by Muxywell – United States

I just wanted to say this podcast that I recently started listening to has been my favorite. This podcast influenced my play significantly, and has showed in my new trophy count. My “deck spotlight” has brought me from early arena 7 (Royal Arena) to early arena 9(Jungle Arena). It consists of Bowler,battleram,zap,princess,lumberjack,goblin barrel, and inferno (got Lumbi in LC). The decks it doesn’t do well against are the tank decks that have the electro wiz. Those are uncommon, so this deck is the way to go if u have these cards. To replace the princess u could use archers, and to replace the lumberjack, use e-barbs if ur ok with the elixir cost. P.S. MEGA BOOM! P.S.P.S. I in included the arena names because they might make another arena; u guys might not read this before another one comes out.

Love the podcast and the content. My clan CV wrestling is going to her about to keep doing what ur doing

I love this podcast! Everytime I feel like quitting the game, they give me hope! They make the game seem so intresting and fun. Keep up the good work Rob & Joe! Omario20007 (Canada)

You guys are ?. Please do episodes more frequently, if time allows!?Boom!??????????????

This podcast is great by Fixing ideas – United States

Hey cast royal, I really enjoy your podcast. It’s very entertaining and every time I listen, I want to play some clash royal. It’s free and I love to listen in the car to pass time. Keep up the good work Boom Brothers?????????

Great podcast! These guys know their stuff and are completely family friendly. I have used many of their deck spotlights and have been gaining trophies from them. They have met every thing I expected from a clash Royale podcast. If you play clash Royale you need to listen to this podcast. I have listened to every episode and can’t wait for the next one episode. GREAT JOB GUYS the podcast couldn’t be any better! BOOM!

informative and up-to-date podcast. Family friendly is a plus. novices and experienced players can all enjoy

The best Clash Royale Podcast! by AwesomeSauce1971 – United States

This Podcast is indescribable… it manages to combine great information, two great hosts, and amazing segments that help new players and veterans learn more and get better.

Everything you need by Kirkygamer – United Kingdom

Whether you’re brand new to Clash Royale or a seasoned pro, this podcast gives you all the information you need to stay up to date with the game. You get a good mixture of news, strategies and a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Great podcast, keep up the good work guys. WARNING: Contains excessive amounts of Boom. This review *definitely* wasn’t an ulterior motive for showing off my deck. It’s called “A Fiery Grave”, 3.8 Elixer – Giant – Graveyard – Furnace – Fireball – Zap – Musketeer – Mega Minion – Skeleton Army Obviously this is a Giant/Graveyard beatdown type deck, I’ve adapted this from a tournament deck I saw on Reddit. The usual play is to start your Giant at the back, but rather than building up a push you want to slowly want to destroy their counter push. Once the Giant reaches the archer tower you can put a musketeer or mega minion at the back of the archer tower to help defend the Giant. Fireballs and furnaces can be used to defend against minion hordes, Zap the Skarmy. Your giant should be surviving most of this with a lot of HP left, and once he hits the bridge you deploy your graveyard. This is usually when panic sets in for your opponent and they either lose elixir defending or lose a tower. The great thing I find about this deck is you can play it really slowly, everything but Giant and Graveyard is used almost exclusively for defence. Elite Barbs? Furnace to distract/chip and Skarmy to clean up. While this costs 7 elixir, if you’re quick enough your furnace survives and they have to Zap to destroy the Skarmy, costing them a total of 8 elixir. If your opponent plays well and adapts you will only end up getting 1 crown, but the defence on this deck is so solid when played correctly that you can just play for time after one tower. After experimenting with the setup I’ve settled on this one, it’s pushed me from top end of Arena 6 to keep me consistently in arena 8, and now I’m pushing towards arena 9. Only recently started listening but really enjoying the podcast, love the positivity. Take care guys.


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