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  • This week in the arena!
    • Rob is struggling a little bit, while Joe is enjoying the 2.6 hog cycle deck!
  • Deck Shop!
  • Clash Royale’s Birthday!!
  • Cast Royale’s Birthday!!
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Meta Check

  • Rob and Joe discuss the current state of the meta, in a snapshot prepared by: Devon aka Lloyd Christmas, Cast Royale 2. The log is the most popular card. Shocker. Click Here for Meta Check Spreadsheet

Chest Openings

Round Robin (Crown, Clans, and then… The Big Dogs!!)
  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:51:20)

The below decks are all successful 12 win challenge decks. Enjoy! BOOM! The Growler (3.9 AEC) Cards: Bowler, Graveyard, Electro Wizard, Knight, Minions, Log, Poison, Inferno Tower Decksplanation: This deck is super defensive; however, it packs a serious offensive push when the troops switch sides. The best way to handle this deck, is to play it slowly. Utilize the bowler when possible, to defend against your opponents offensive pushes. The bowler is super efficient, and is really able to manage most ground offensive troops. Since is he has a pushback effect, he will not allow your tower to take too much damage. Additionally, since he is super slow at moving across the map, he will allow you to generate full elixir before crossing over the river. Before he gets to the river, you’ll want to drop the electro wizard right behind him. This will make it very difficult for your opponent, since they will have a bowler pushing their counter back, and the electro wizard immobilizing him. Effectively, the only way they can appropriately defend against your push, is with a Minion Horde. If they have that – save your minions for them. Otherwise, once your bowler/electro wizard tandem is about to cross the river, you’ll want to drop the graveyard on their tower. This will instantly cause a reaction from your opponent. If they don’t react to the spell, their tower dies. The cool thing is that your bowler will be soaking the tower damage, and the archer tower won’t kill your skellies. Make sure you time that right! Once your opponent reacts to the graveyard, you’ll want to drop the poison on their tower, and their defensive counter. This will make it extremely hard for your opponent to deal with. On the defensive end, you also have the Inferno tower, and the knight. Use them as needed. Minions should be used sparingly, since they fly too quick across the map, you won’t be able to develop a push by starting with them (all your other cards are pretty slow). The log can be used to assist the offensive push, or for defense. Do as you wish! Gang Up!! (3.5 AEC) Cards: Goblin Gang, Knight, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Dart Goblin, Inferno Tower, Rocket, Log Decksplanation: At its core, this is a solid bait deck. The goal with this deck is to keep your opponent constantly not their back foot, by using cards that bait out their counters. Once they use their counters, you drop down another card that would typically be countered by the SAME card they just played, and they will not have an efficient answer for it. This causes your opponent to play awkward answers to your offensive pushes, and doesn’t really allow them to develop good, and synergies, pushes. The key to this deck, is to not play it slow. It needs to be played fast, otherwise you will find yourself on the defense, and not the offense. If your opponent can develop their push, they you are losing the advantage this deck brings to the table. Common plays with this deck are to drop the princess at the river, and see what they do. If they log – then you can immediately throw out the goblin barrel/knight combo. This will allow your knight to tank the tower damage, while goblins destroy the tower. If you don’t want to do that combo right away, you can simply drop the goblin gang. Typically your opponent will respond to the gang, since they do massive damage if left attacking. Remember one thing – all of your cards will die relatively quickly (they are meant to). This deck is meant to constantly chip away at your opponents tower. Every once in a while, you’ll get a really good goblin barrel that can’t be defended (or you make them miss a zap or log) and the tower will take huge damage. For defense, you have the inferno tower. This will save you in many tricky situations. Use it sparingly though – its pretty expensive for this deck. If you can, defend with the knight, or the dart goblin. They are typically pretty good on defense. If your opponent uses a spell to kill your defending dart goblin – punish them on offense with the goblin barrel/princess/goblin gang (whatever you have open). To cap off this deck, you have the rocket. This is your mavericks ace up the sleeve. Use this to punish the tower, when your opponent plays a musketeer, mega minion, etc. behind their tower and walking past the tower. You kill the tower + get tremendous value by killing the troop. This card is also super good as a win condition late in the game. Golem Beatdown! (4.1 AEC) Cards: Golem, Minions, Log, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Elixir Collector, Lightning, Skeletons Decksplanation: This is the ultimate beatdown deck. The golem is 8 cost (obviously), and so you’ll need to get the elixir pump down to really be able to feel comfortable doing anything with this deck. Otherwise, it might feel too slow. The key with this deck is to defend (cheaply) with minions, and skellies, while you cycle to your elixir pump. Once you have the pump down, you’ll want to get to 10 elixir, and drop your golem in the back behind your king tower. While that is walking forward, you’ll want to drop the mega minion behind it. As it gets closer to the river, you’ll want to drop the baby dragon behind them. In tandem, the three of those troops 1) soak damage – Golem, 2) have massive single target damage – Mega Minion, and 3) deal with AOE troops – baby dragon. The combination is deadly. Once you see what your opponent is using to defend, you’ll want to queue up one of the spells in your hand (i.e., the log or the lightning). If your opponent is using swarms troops to defend, you’ll want to use the log to assist in destroying them. If they are using a few single troops (i.e., electro wizard, musketeer, witch, etc). to defend, you’ll want to queue up the lightning! Your biggest threat with this deck is the inferno tower. If your opponent has this, make sure you save the lighting for the right time to ensure your golem doesn’t get killed. If you play the deck too fast, you’ll run out of elixir, and will not be able to use the lightning when you need it most. Play calm, and you’ll be fine. Remember, the golem has massive amounts of HP, and when he dies, two more show up. Play the game slow, and its in your favor. Once that push is done, make sure you drop down another pump. Without them, you’ll be fishing for elixir towards the end of the game!

Reviews (13)

My First and Last Clash Royale Podcast ever to listen to by archi3p0gi, United States Hi Rob and Joe, Great podcast, you guys rock and listening to you while travelling to and from work keeps me entertained and informed. Although I am still in Episode 16 while writing this review, I hope to catch up to the latest episode as soon as possible. Keep up the good work and continue to give us, your avid listeners and followers an entertaining and informative content. Booom!!! The Best One’s! by Muchkin11, United States Silence I found these guy a couple woks ago, I’ve been listening to their great content instead of YouTube.? This is the best CR podcast, and they have a great sense of humor. During their last podcast, I used Marcel P’s deck that they spotlighted. They have very good tips on how to use it, and I gained 300 trophies. You guys are great! Keep us the BOOMS! ??? Probably the Best Clash Royale Podcast by Mad2646844743688478558, United States Ive looked for podcasts for clash royale and cast royale is by far the best. It gives so much info and opinions on all things clash royale from balance changes to new metas. If you’re new to this game or just like to play i 100% recommend you check it out if you want to not only learn more about the game but get better. It’s pretty great. Thanks by JackWredberg10, United States Thanks for the great podcast and keep making great shows. This podcast has increased my enjoyment of the game and has helped me get better. I am using a hog-cycle deck like the one mentioned on the show and it has helped me reach an all-time personal record of 3300. I wanted to throw out a idea for the game, and maybe you guys could give your opinion on it. Many people complain about the luck in the game especially with chests. To eliminate this I think players should choose the cards they get in a chest. For example I get a common in a chest, I should be able to chose between 3 cards( knight, ice spirit or barbarians per-say) for a rare: 2 options same for a epic and with a legendary you shouldn’t have a choice. Again thanks for the podcast and keep the good work up B??M. Freakin Awesome by Seijai2000, United States These guys are the literal best. They give out tips, updates decks and more! They’re like a Swiss Army knife. Love them. I need a deck though. I’m only missing princess need help! I’m stuck at 3200. Awesome podcast with awesome guys! BOOM!! by Hunter Sitki, United States This is an awesome podcast to listen to for casual players. Rob and Joe are a lot of fun to listen to and bring a lot of insight to casual clash royale players on current metas and cards in the game. I do have a suggestion. Add a “New Card Ideas” segment. This could be where you highlight a card you think would be really cool as you play in the arena and that you think could be reasonably implemented. For example: The Snowball, 4 elixir, does have the damage as an equally leveled fireball, and freezes for half the time of an equally leveled freeze. Also if you could shout out my clan I’m starting, “The Ghetto Gang” (a spoof of the Goblin Gang card) that would be awesome! Keep up what you are doing, guys! BOOM!! DAB!! MEGA BOOM!!!!! Can’t wait by Awesomicman, United States Been listening to you for a while and sent you an email saying I would 5 star and now I have! I just can’t wait for more BOOMING content! Stay Casual ~ The AwesomicMan PS this is Matthew Gorman btw for the email PPS I’m a YouTuber so if you want to subscribe to me just like how I subbed to the podcast, that would be amazing! My Channel is what I put after the tilde To Rob And Joe, The Guys Who Make Me Smile by D0NT/N3ED/0NE, United States I recently found your podcast while looking through “News Royale” I’m so glad I found it because it is my new favorite podcast! You guys do a great job at getting me the info for what’s been happening in the arena, your great to listen to and you guys have great chemistry together and have great voices! I love everything about your channel especially that there’s no swearing and that you keep it so family friendly! Please keep up the good work I’ll be listening as long as your podcasting. You guys have improved so much since the first episode and u guys could easily make this a full time podcast…. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! I would like to personally thank you so much for doing this podcast, it has really brought my brothers and I closer together when we listen to this and than talk about the show, please please please please etc. keep doing this! Thanks and BOOOOOM!!!! P.S. I own a clan called ##CONQUERORS## and could really use a shout out Thank u guys, have a great day! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great podcast by TheslimeyGAmer, Australia Just starting listening yesterday and I’m hooked I work outdoors and can listen to your podcast all day great information and funny as hell #Boom 6/5 love the podcast by Skippy760, United States Hey love the pod cast.I check everyday to see if a new episode comes out.I joined the discord and even subscribed to the YouTube channel.Even though I just found the podcast I’ve already fallen in love.??? TRIPLE BOOM!!!!!!!!!(yes that is meant to be shouted)? Great Podcast, Fun for all. Boom! by RealShea, United States I started playing clash royale last summer and discovered this podcast on their 20th episode, as my son was into the game and wanted to start getting better. I couldn’t be happier with the podcast as every episode is full of positivity, great humor, and inclusive insight. Rob and Joe are really coming into their own as hosts, and are among the best I’ve heard when it comes to professionalism week to week. These aren’t pro gamers (they have real jobs!), but rather a couple of great guys that care a ton about their community, and want to spread the joy. Added bonus: my wife, who doesn’t play the game, thinks they are super cute and funny. I wish she said that about me. ?. Can’t get enough BOOM! RealShea and Aidan (CastRoyale 4 (unofficial fanboys)) Best Podcast in all the land by R&cgalaxy, United States Hey Rob and Joe this is Prodigy I discovered your podcast through Clash Royale and have been hooked. I think you guys do an AWSOME job and keep doing what you’re doing. One request is could you guys talk about my deck I put in discord. Anyways I love the music and hearing talk about the game as always B?????M! ?????. Boom by Commierad, United States I have loved this podcast since episode 3, and I have loved the impact this podcast has had on my gameplay and thinking of this game. I love this community and I thank all who are hearing this, especially the patrons, for supporting them and letting them do this, and I hope I am able to contribute too. But I just ask for a favor. Could you please make me an arena 9 deck for me, with the only legendary available being the ice wiz. I have been using a Hog, Bowler, zap, arrows, e barbs, archers, skarmy, and ice spirit, but it keeps being beat by this new meta. You don’t need to, but it would be a great help! Happy aniversary. Below this line is optional to read——— Shoutout to the clan IntoTheDarkness, a clan my friends and I made that has around 40 active, friendly members. If you want to be in a nice community that also has a perfect 10/10 clan chest record, Join and have fun. Keep up the amazing work guys, and see you in the arena… Not, since I am not at your level or your clan. So hear you in the discord!


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