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This week on the show:


  • Our week in the arena
  • Joe back up to 4k! Using a hog cycle deck. Rob hit a small road bump with purple flame’s deck.
  • Joe got the lava hound!!!!
  • The Executioner….
  • Battle Ram Challenge
  • Decks that worked.. (EWiz, Giant, and Executioner/Lightning)
  • New card: Goblin Gang!!

News & Clan Updates

  • Clan 4??!?!
  • T.N.T – Death From Above!!!
  • All decks must include Zap, Fireball, Rocket, and Arrows
  • Twitter (rebranded/revamped)
  • Anniversary episode upcoming!

Topic – 2/13 Balance Changes

  • Executioner: Damage -6%, Range to 4.5 (from 5), axe hit radius -10%
    • Executioner’s power level is clearly too high for a troop that does it all. However, this is partly due to a few bugs that we’re fixing in the next update, so we’re taking that into account with these changes. Reducing his damage, range and the amount of stuff his axe can hit at once should rein him in.
  • Poison: Duration to 8sec (from 10sec), Damage per second +24%
    • After this change Poison will be more reliable at getting its damage down. It’ll deal more damage with each tick, but roughly the same damage over the duration. Skeletons will pop in one tick (instead of two), making it much better against Skeleton Army and Graveyard – and a viable alternative to Fireball again.
  • Witch: Damage +6%
    • Her use rate is really low in the later Arenas and high-win Challenges, but it’s quite good elsewhere. We’re looking to give her a small boost without overpowering her in the early game. This change will allow her to one-shot equally leveled Skeletons.
  • P.E.K.K.A: Deploy Time to 1sec (from 3sec)
    • We’re aiming to make P.E.K.K.A feel more usable and a bit more nimble to play, without breaking her identity as a big, burly robot.
  • Dark Prince: Hitpoints +5%
    • He’s been considered a lower tier card for some time, as his stats aren’t quite there when compared to other 4 Elixir options. More hitpoints should allow him to charge around the Arena with a bit more success!
  • Baby Dragon: Range to 3.5 (from 3)
    • Baby Dragon is a fun and iconic card that doesn’t see a lot of play. A bit more range should make it more appealing.
  • Skeletons: Skeleton Count to 4 (from 3)
    • Since Ice Spirit joined the Arena, the 1 Elixir slot has become more competitive, so we’re bringing back the 4th Skeleton! This change (aka, +25% more calcium) will give Skeletons a lot more value as a distraction tool. Ledoot returns!
  • Skeleton Army: Skeleton Count to 15 (from 16)
    • A critical change to maintain the delicate balance of “Skeletal equilibrium” within the Arena.

**Balance change grade!!

Chest Openings

Round Robin (Golds, Crowns, Clans, and then… The Big Dogs!!)

  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight (00:51:10)

Easy Bake Oven (AEC 3.0) [brought to us by Laowinning]

Cards: Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Furnace, Musketeer, Minions, Log, Fireball

Decksplanation: At its core: this deck is a hog cycle deck. The key with this deck is 1) use the furnace consistently on one lane. This will put pressure on the lane and force your opponent to react. You’ll also get some really good chip damage (if your furnace is the same level as their king tower, respectively). This will also act as a defensive building and will slow down your opponents offensive pushes. 2) you’ll want to use the hog rider, along with either the ice golem, or the ice spirit, as often as possible throughout the match. This will allow your other troops to facilitate the hog getting to the archer tower and putting on some good damage. Even if the hog only gets one or two swings in per push – that will lead you down the path to victory. If you’re using the ice golem with the hog, make sure the ice golem is in front of the hog rider (as a shield) and the hog is pushing the ice golem forward. If you use the ice spirit with the hog – make sure to use the ice spirit to allow your hog to jump on the edge of the river, and hopefully ignore distraction defensive buildings. The fireball and the Log should simply be used to facilitate your hog pushes; however, you definitely do not need to use “everything” in one push. One of those spells should be enough – just see which one will help vs. your opponent’s deck. Remember – you just need one or two swings per push to win the game. Otherwise, these are great defensive spells. The minions and Musketeer should only be used defensively. These cards are tremendously good defensive troops that can survive and turn the tides with their ability to counter push. When you have successfully defended and built a counter push – repeat 2) above. Enjoy your easy bake oven folks. BOOM!

Mortar Solidarity (AEC 3.4) [brought to us by Coops361]

Cards: Mortar, Knight, Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Lightning, Furnace, Minions, Log

Decksplanation: If you don’t have your furnace to start the game, you need to defend, and only defend until your furnace is up. Once your furnace is in hand, the game begins. At 10 elixir, drop the furnace onto the lane of your choice (in front of the king tower). This will put some pressure on your opponent and cause them to react. Next, you’ll want to drop your Knight behind the archer tower. When your knight gets about half way between your archer tower and the river, you’ll want to drop the Mortar (on the same lane that your furnace and knight are on). From this point forward – you have one mission: “Protect the Mortar, at all costs”. Use the skeleton army to distract things like the elite barbarians, mini pekka, musketeer, etc. or even to kill the hog rider. Most of the time, your opponent will want to counter your knight/mortar combo with a Mega Minion, or Minions/Minion Horde. When they do this, be sure to have your fire spirits and minions queued up and ready to go. Fire spirits demolish air.. and don’t forget – you have your furnace pumping them out too! Use your log to push ground troops back, and buy yourself some time to drop another distraction card down. The cool thing about this deck, is that it’s very cheap in cost. At 3.4 elixir, it really allows you to cycle back to the mortar quickly. What this does, is cause your opponent to alter their tactics. Instead of focusing on damaging your tower, they shift to being concerned with killing your mortar. This makes their pushes lack power. Your lightning is the “money in the bag” type spell. Use this when your opponent is dropping single troops behind their towers, or if they have buildings as defensive options that distract your mortar. Ultimately, the lighting gets it’s best value when you can get the archer tower + 2 troops, or the  archer tower + 1 troop + 1 building. Don’t make the mistake of dropping your mortar alone, without the furnace already set. This will make your life much more difficult than it needs to be. The awesome thing about this deck is that most people are not used to facing mortars! Take this deck out for a spin – it’s AMAZING for classic challenges. BOOM!

Reviews (3)

An Amazing Podcast with Great Info! – theSkitch, United States 

Cast Royale is the perfect combination of friendly, informative, and fun. If you play Clash Royale, you need to be listening to this podcast. You’ll get better at the game and stay entertained the whole time. I’ve listened to every episode and have never been disappointed. Also recently joined the Discord, and the community there is brilliant and super helpful! Thanks for the great effort and keep up the excellent work, gentlemen! BOOM!

Best Clash Royale Pod – Coops361, United Kingdom

Great podcast, helps to keep the game interesting and the guys deliver all the news in the game in a fun and humorous way, keep up the good work! After the last episode I feel the need to share my deck with you, especially as you clearly underrate the mortar. I’m playing this Magic mortar deck around the 3900 mark, and have been using it, with some changes, since 2500. The cards and levels are: mortar (11), fire spirits (10), log (1), furnace (8), knight (10), lightning (4), and skarmy (4). Hope this helps end your mortar discrimination. Boom!

Good Job! – Siiiiiimiiiiiiii, Germany

Just wanted to say that you are doing a great job guys! I just discovered you and got hooked instantly. Even though i am not new (>4k) I still learn a lot and get inspired to build new decks thanks to you two! Keep it up :3


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