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  • Joe’s back from his honeyboom!

News & Clan Updates

  • Patron Skype Call – November 27th
  • TNT – New Format!! [Thanks Dexology!]
    • Rules of the Dual
    • League of Champions
  • Cast Royale YOUTUBE Channel [Thanks Rodococoloco!]
  • New Legendary for TheboomMan
  • Important Announcement…


  • Our thoughts on the Torn…[ahem]…Lognado
  • Elite Barbarians Impressions
  • King’s Cup Challenge
    • X-Bowler [Rob’s Least Favorite]
    • Frozen Hog [Joe’s Least Favorite]
    • Ragin’ Balloon
    • Mirror, Miner, Muskies [Our 2nd Favorite]
    • Go-Log-Go
    • Dark Lightening [Our 1st Favorite]

Deck Spotlight (00:47:33)

Song of Ice and Fire (3.4 AEC)

Cards: Mega Minion, Hog Rider, Zap, Ice Wizard, Fireball, Mini PEKKA, Minions, Musketeer

Decksplanation: This deck is your typical defense gone offense deck. Five of the eight cards can be used effectively/efficiently for defense – meaning they can do it in such a way that they won’t take much damage. You’ll just need to choose the right card to appropriately defend. By not taking damage while defending, you’ll have the big advantage as they move onto the offensive push. The two spells in the deck should be used both offensively and defensively (as needed); however, you’ll really need the fireball zap towards the later stages of the game in order to facilitate a hog rider push.  The general strategy is simple – defend efficiently, and hog push counter when your other troops make it to the river. If you play this deck offensively, you’ll find that you will fall short of victory. This deck is very frustrating for your opponent to play against, simply because you can easily defend most threats with very cheap answers – and then go on the offense to boom boom boom BOOM!

Quadrupleteers! (3.9 AEC)

Cards: 3 Musketeers, Musketeer, Zap, Giant, Cannon, Ice Spirit, Mini PEKKA, Minions

Decksplanation: Before Double Elixir: At 10 elixir, drop your Giant in the back behind the king tower. Once the giant makes it to the archer tower, drop your musketeer behind it. Then, when your troops get to the river you’ll want to drop you ice spirit (and potentially your minions) to have a heavy push that is tough for your opponent to deal with. Be sure to have your Zap on Queue – for it will surely prove to assist your giant in making it to the tower (especially vs. an inferno tower).

Double Elixir: Same push as noted above; however, instead of dropping the regular musketeer, you’ll drop the 3 musketeers. Drop them so that the double musks follow the Giant, and the single musk attends the opposite lane by herself. Then when they get close to the tower, drop your regular musketeer with the other singular musk – causing two very difficult lane pushes for your opponent to have to manage.

General: Mini pekka and Minions should be used for defense. Ice spirit is a cycle card, and can be used to facilitate an offensive push, but can also be used extremely well for defense. It’s only one cost – so use it as often as possible to help cycle to other troops. Also, you don’t have hail mary type spells (lightning, rocket, or fireball) to help kill opponent towers. You’ll need to make sure your giant and all musks are on the battlefield to ensure that you’re doing damage to their towers. If you don’t – this deck will back no punch at all, and you will fall short of victory. Also – save the three musks until double elixir. Its a nice surprise factor, but also – you’ll need the extra elixir to do that push effectively. Don’t show all your weapons too soon. BOOM!

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Alathoren, United States – Incredible Podcast. BOOM!!! (5 Stars)

This podcast has helped so many players around the community of the amazing game, Clash Royale. I am so grateful that these amazing guys take time out of their days to help players construct decks, strategies, and help build and grow a community. This podcast deserves everyone who plays the game’s support. Thank you.


A huge thank you goes out to this week’s newest patron!!

Adam Patrick Murray!!!!! BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

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