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Emails (13)

Lord Richard Stoneway

Dear Cast Royale,

I know your busy with making new (awesome) podcasts and giving ideas. But I have ideas, for cards, of my own that I think could be big in Clash Royale! I do hope you read this message and put the ideas in one of your new podcasts, so I guess I’ll hear for myself! Also this sort of goes with an arena that may become real, a water arena. The berserker goes with this and I was thinking of another card with a shield and trident, but still not to sure about that.

Berserker (level 1) – “A dangerous sea-fairer that isn’t afraid to put up a fight! Don’t get in the way of his path or you’ll be pancaked!”


Hitpoints – 320

Damage – 110

Damage per second – 83

Hit Speed – 1.8

Speed – Medium

Deploy Time – 1 sec

Target – Ground

Elixir Cost – 4

Count – x1

Type – Troop

Rarity – Rare


(Hey I’m not the best at doing this, so can you make the description for both of the cards?)

Gladiator (level 1) – “A very ravishing, bronze-armored melee fighter that loves a good challenge.” (I know, it’s practically copying the prince.)


Hitpoints – 650

Damage – 95

Damage per second – 80

Hit Speed – 1.4

Speed – Medium

Deploy Time – 1 sec

Target – Ground

Elixir Cost – 5

Count – x1

Type – Troop

Rarity – Epic


(Add your own description if you want!)

((P.S. Don’t put my email but you can put my name in the cast, Lord Richard Stoneway.))

As always, Keep on Clashing!

– Lord Richard Stoneway

Austin Dean


First off I wanna say hey rob and Joe! Love the podcast, you guys do a terrific job! I wish I could I join in with u guys sometime on the podcast! I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. My question is this…With all the new cards coming out do u think switching up strategies and decks would be a good idea or just go with what’s got u this far?  I’m currently a level 10 using a RG/hog deck at 3100 trophies.

Also I would love a spot in one of the BOOM clans, but I believe in loyalty to my current clan. Hopefully I can join u guys in battle soon. Would love to talk to u guys. Any reply would be amazing! Thanks guys and see ya in legendary arena ??

Lloyd Christmas

Rob! Joe! What’s up fellas, hope Vegas and the wedding were a grand success and life has been treating you well inside and outside of the arena. BOOM!!!

I wanted to talk to you about a finding I’ve had in the Legendary Arena. Recently, I leveled up to 11 and have been steadily moving up in trophies almost to 4000! I’m beginning to see a consistency, or common denominator, with the decks I’m creating and the decks I’m playing against. I’ve dubbed this “common denominator” the Holy Trinity based on three legendary cards that work really well together. These cards are the Princess, Ice Wizard, and Miner. Each of these 3 has a great way of supporting surrounding cards and providing value on both offense and defense. I now have every card available except for the Inferno Dragon but lean on these 3 more than any others. Just wanted to see what your thoughts were on these guys and if you’ve run into them on the battlefield!

Anyway, thanks as always for the awesome podcast (which I’m looking forward to) and the clan! See you in the arena! BOOM!!!

Lloyd Christmas

Jaedon H.

Hey Rob and Joe!

I really enjoy your work. I’ve been listening from day one and love hearing your progression as podcasters. I along with my brother listen all the time learning from you and laughing at your hilarious stories. I have a great deck exclusively for THEBOOMMAN! Rob…. sorry

Boom! 3.4 AEC

1. Prince

2. Goblins

3. Spear Goblins ( or zap )

4. Baby Dragon

5. Fireball

6. Tesla

7. Tombstone

8. Arrows

Have fun I don’t know if it will work for you but it brought me up to 2100 trophies until I decided to purposely drop down.

Joel C.

Hey guys,

I am Joel from Canada, Quebec!

I love what you do. I am an intense clash royale player and I just love to listen to your podcast in the car! Can’t wait week after week for your new release. I will try to be more proactive with proposed decks and card opinion. Is this messaging center the best way to email you guys?

My account name is Joey Deeds and I am currently sitting at 3450 trophies.

I have been following you for a couple of months now, and I need to start from the beginning!

By the way: what is your purple flame composition? Can’t seem to find the episode for this one and your refer often to it!!

All right, hockey time, talk to you later guys!

P.s. Congrats on the wedding!


Message: Hi Rob and Joe,

This is Quinticus from cast royale one writing in to get your opinion and potential substitutions for my deck and a random other question.

This deck jumped me up from 2400 trophies to the legendary arena a few weeks ago:

Hog rida, spear gobs, regular gobs, minions hoard, barbs, goblin barrel, zap, and arrows.

This is a zap bait deck. You bait the zap or arrows from your opponent by using the goblin barrel, or goblins then go on the offensive with the hog minion hoard. With your opponent knowing you have a minions hoard he must save his zap for it allowing free goblin barrels all round. The point is to chip at the opponents tower until it’s down while using anything as defense. The deck is versatile whith it’s only big downside being not having an inferno tower.

I recently got the miner and ice wiz. I’ve been trying to use the miner but I can’t seem to find a good deck or be able to make one myself. Have you guys any decks with the miner in it.

One last question, what will you do with the podcast when clash royale fizzles out? Will you continue as a hearthstone or league of legends podcast? Or will you stop podcasting.

Thanks guys, love what you guys do,



P.S. make your math problems harder

Gabriel Manly

Hey just was looking for a new perspective on a question I have been asking some people in my clan and some of my friends who play the game. So if you could combine and three cards in the game, what would they be and why. And also what would the elixir cost of the card be (max of 9 elixir). For me it would be the musketeer, the HOOOGGG RIDDDDAAAAAHHHH, and the Valkyrie, and that would make a trifecta deck easier to use. The elixer cost would be 8.

Thanks again for the great podcast, I will be looking forward to a response!

Gabriel Manly

ItsJimmyBoy (Lucas)

Hi guys I haven’t emailed in a while so here I am! I have a new idea. My favourite section of the show is the deck spotlight, which I know is not strange, it is great, and I am seeing that tons of your decks have arena 8 cards, (ahem, ice spirit) and I am still in arena 6, soon to be arena 7 (I hope), and while I understand how strong the spirit is, it doesn’t help me, so my suggestion is that you should make decks that are made with low arena cards. I like the Brazillian frosty deck (I understand, u Americans are special lol) because he included his version he used in arena 6, just it needs the pump, it can’t go lower, but anyways, it is good because it was made to have those arena 6 cards, yes (this is a long sentence random period time). Anyways, yes, you can have moderations, but these cards were not meant to be in the deck, they were just the closest thing, I hope I am speaking for all low level viewers, but it is not the same as cards that were meant to work together from the start. Maybe move back to the olde arrows, because nobody uses them in upper arenas, even down in arena 6 they are rare, while zap is everywhere. There is nothing wrong with arrows, and with high level ones you can kill archers, they can kill princesses, and most importantly, they can kill MINIONS… Miner minion horde=donzo. Maybe make a deck with old but strong cards, arrows archers, maybe hog, freeze, tesla, minions, fire spirits, and barbarians? Just a thought, if you do so there are some changes to make, that could be the foundation tho.

Anyways, hope you consider this it seems good to me,

Your most spammy listener (including clan chat sometimes I am active)



hey Joe and Rob

I just wanted to email you guys to let you know that I have finally made it to Legendary arena and beyond.   The key to my success was unlocking the Princess from the A7 Pack where I got the princess in the Super Magical.  You will recall I both smashed my phone and rage quit my main account in the lead up to this point.  After I got the princess I resumed my main account and I played with a more laissez-faire attitude not caring about trophies or arenas and man did I excel from 2600 to 3200 in about a week.  You guys and the cast royale family are what kept me going so I just wanted to share my story and say thank you.

Not bad for taking a 6 week break from my main account.

PS I think I passed both you guys… oh no just Joe, but i’m coming for you Rob mr 3400 fancy pants BOOOOOM !

PPS I just found out today that SC are going to wave the huge Nerf stick all over my deck and decimate poison, giant and exlir pump. Dang – SC messes me up yet again 🙁  !!!!

Oh and deck spotlight…



Mega Minion



Ice Sprite



This is not my primary deck but its darn effective!!

Key attack is MM, Giant in front with Prince behind then poison- did you know prince attacks through the giant from behind!

I’m not that creative and at work and exhausted so cant think of a cool name… over to you guys for the name.

Peace Out.

Matthew Yung

Hey guys! Sorry I was inactive, just wanted to take a break. Anyway, just wanted to share a new deck, since I got two legendaries in 1 day!!!! It is: lava hound, mega minion, baby dragon, minion horde, fire spirits (or skarmy), miner, zap, and fireball (or valk). The strategy is, get the hound down, then back it up with a mega minion, baby dragon, minion horde, fire spirits, however many you can get down, while keeping the other three cards ready to back up the push. I suggest one push at the beggining of the game, and then defend until double elixir time. That’s about it! If there are any questions, e-mail me back! Boom! :]


Hey Guys! Love your podcast, I have never listened to a more detailed cast before this. Plus you guys made it quite humorous and enjoyable, which hooked me on this cast until i had to stop due to homework and other matters. BUT I’M BACK NOW!

I would like to suggest a deck to be used in arenas 5 and 6, I call it the Baby Dragonfecta, and it got me to 1800 trophies before I switched to a Hog-Lightning deck.  I am currently in Arena 8 on my main account (2400 trophies) but this deck can help other low level players if they are struggling.

Here is the deck:

Hog Rider



Baby Dragon





AEC: 3.4

How to Play this deck:


If you have any of the support cards for the hog in your hand, play them in the back once you reach ten elixir. (Ex. Musketeer. Baby Dragon) Next , once they are at the bridge, play your hog and have arrows/fireball preselected to kill any support troops. If they counter it, try to get rid of their counterpush and reset.


Keep applying pressure, use tesla for giant or hog and valkyrie to kill support troops.  Musketeer to assist with giant.

1:00-0:00 + OT (2x Elixir)

Put support troops in the back, then hog in front – try to have all of the dragonfecta components (baby dragon, musket, valkyrie, hog) so you can cycle/ have defensive cards. Hopefully the tower should be destroyed and you WIN!!

Sorry bout the brief explanation of the deck, I kind of forgot how to play it… Anyway, enjoy this comment (you’ll probably not even feature it anyway) and keep up the good work! You guys rock! 😀

(P.S: Boom. No further explanation needed.)


Miles/mr maelstrom

Hello joe and rob

I made a deck that i called ” girl power” it contains the musketeer, the valkrey, witch, PEKKA, archers, zap, rage, and fire spirits hope it works for you guys.

From miles/mr maelstrom

Collin Church (Where’s Jaaaaames??????????)

Wassup Rob and Joe (and Joe and Rob)!?!

This email will be pretty long so brace yourself for a HODGEPODGE OF EVERYTHING!!!!

Firstly, thank you so much for giving my clan a shoutout on episode 7. We have since grown into a decent sized clan with a great environment.

Second, I have a deck to tell you about! It’s a sweet, home brew. The deck is as follows:

Ice Wizard





Inferno Tower

Ice Spirit


This deck is no joke. I’ve pushed trophies HARD with it (I’m currently 19-6-1 with the deck and just made it to my highest trophy count ever:3200). It’s insane on defense. I’ve won multiple games where my opponent didn’t touch my towers. To play this deck effectively you have to play very defensively, and then counter-push with the hog. The deck is very versatile in what it can counter and the rocket adds a bee potent component (say that 10 times fast;) to the deck. I’ve won games by Rocketing someone’s tower as the time expired as well as getting massive elixir advantage by timing my defensive Rockets effectively. I’d recommend this deck to anyone! My highest rare is Lvl 7 and my highest common is Lvl 9 so that shows how good the deck construction is. The deck is called…wait for…wait for it… Boom! Hog Swag!(credit Joe;)

Finally, I thought of an idea for a card: an Ice Spirit Spawner that freezes nearby, enemy troops when it dies for 3 seconds. I’d cost it as 4.

Anyways that’s all for today (sorry the email was so long!). Thanks for your awesome podcast!

Peace out Joe sand Rob (or Rob and Joe),

Collin Church (Where’s Jaaaaames??????????)

Reviews (1)

My First and Favorite Podcast (5 Stars)

Brett Perry, United States

I am a huge fan of Clash Royale and I just recently started listening to podcasts while in my car. I typed in Clash Royale in the search bar and this was the first podcast to come up. At the time of listening to (I believe episode 19) I was sitting around 2500 trophies. Thanks to Rob and Joes strategies/tips and tricks I just reached The Legendary Arena and I couldn’t be happier! I always look forward to listening to these two every week and I recommend this podcast to anyone that is a casual/competitive Clash Royale player.


A very special thank you to our Cast Royale’s news Patron!!!!!

Will Schwartz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!

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