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This week on the show:


News & Clan Updates

  • Skype Call – Sunday Oct 30th
    • Last Sunday of Every Month
  • Laowinning – Made our Cover Art this week!!!! THANK YOU!
  • TNT recap
  • Rob took luck out of the equation!
    • Boom Tourney
    • Saturday Oct 22nd
    • Prep 10AM EST
    • Start 12PM EST
    • PW: megaboom
  • Special Offer Temptation Votes are in
    • 23 – 2 for Yes, BUY IT ALREADY

Topic – New Cards

  • Mega Minion (3 Cost – Rare)
  • Inferno Dragon (4 Cost – Legendary)
  • Ice Golem (2 Cost – Rare) [Not out at the time of the recording]
  • Legendary (Not known at the time of the recording – GRAVEYARD – 5 Cost)

Deck Spotlight

Elemental Spark (3.6 AEC)

Cards: Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Zap, Poison, Elixir Collector, Mini PEKKA, Sparky, Giant

Decksplanation: At 10 elixir, place the elixir collector in the back. Then wait for 10 elixir again. In the meantime, use the Mini Pekka, zap/poison for defense until you’re ready to go. Now that you’re set, you’ll want to drop the Sparky in the back behind the king tower. Once the Sparky gets a little past the archer tower, you’ll want to drop the Giant by the river in the same lane. Follow that up quickly with the ice spirit, and then drop the fire spirits slightly behind the Sparky. This will allow the sparky and fire spirits to not both get hit with their zap (which is crucial). Otherwise, you could always bait out an opponents zap with a Mini Pekka/Fire Spirit push. Then do the original push that we described above now that you know their zap is down.


Cards: Mega Minion, Minions, Giant, Minor, Zap, Musketeer, Poison, Mini PEKKA

Decksplanation: At 10 elixir, place the giant in the back, behind the king tower. Follow that up with your musketeer, and mega minion. Be ready to poison/zap combo whatever your opponent drops; however, don’t drop them too quickly otherwise the value will be lost. Placement and value of these two spells will determine the outcome of your game. Use the versatility of the deck, with various attack combos. For example, Minions/Miner, Minions/Mini Pekka; for a few changes that will surely throw off your opponents cycles. Use the miner to take out a few pumps when possible. Defend with Musketeer, Minions, Mini Pekka, and Mega Minion before going on the offensive push if your Giant is not available.

Reviews (4)

Entertaining and informative (5 Stars) – Lilybell777, United States

Great podcast. Easy to listen to and enjoyable from start to finish. Thank you for tips and tricks. Keep up the great work! Boom!

Amazing!! (5 Stars) – fried BaconBitz, United States

You guys are absolutely amazing! The type of humour you bring to the podcast world is perfect! Without you guys getting through work would be impossible! I absolutely adore deck spotlight, without it I wouldn’t be at arena 7! So thank you! Keep up the amazing work, and of course , BooOoOM!

Boom-tastic!!! (5 Stars) – Fish Durr, United States

First of all, I never considered myself a gamer until I started playing Clash Royale. I love this game, it is so much fun and can be kind of addicting! Ok, really addicting. I love how these guys break down the strategies that can work with certain cards and the featured decks. They speak intelligently and with humor. Great podcast, guys – looking forward to the next one!

Nice Podcast (5 Stars) – quincysssss, Indonesia

Hi Rob and Joe my nickname is Quincys and I’ve been finding your podcast is really cool, keep it nice Booooooom…


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