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  • What happens in Vegas…



Balance Changes 9/19

  • Giant: Damage decreased by 5%
  • Rage: Elixir cost decreased to 2 (from 3), effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), duration decreased by 2sec
  • Lumberjack: Rage effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), Rage duration decreased by 2sec
  • Lightning: Stuns targets for 0.5sec
  • The Log: Knocks back ALL ground troops
  • Bomber: Hitpoints decreased by 2%, Damage increased by 2%
  • Mirror: Mirrors cards 1 level higher than its own level

Game Updates

  • New Tournament Mode: “Challenges”
  • Current Tournament Mode Revamped
  • Four New Cards; released overtime every two weeks
  • New Chests & Shop Offers (Legendary/Epic Chests, Arena Packs, and More!!)
  • Friendly Battles! And an awesome friendly spectator feature
  • Other cool changes!

Emails & Reviews

Emails (2)

Roberto Dash

Hello guys, I’m from Brazil and have been listening your podcast for a few weeks. You guys are doing an AWESOME job. Well, in the following lines I’ll explain the deck that brought me to the Legendary Arena, and would like that you talk about it in the ‘deck spotlight’. The deck consists in (actually): Giant, Bomber, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Knight, Elixir Collector, Zap and the Ice Wizard. Previously I used the Witch instead of Ice Wizard (until the icy guy appeared for me in the shop) and Minions instead of Ice Spirit. So here’s how the deck work:

Put the Pump down in the Arena and play in defensive mode until you learn the opposite’s deck and/or have a great advantage of Elixir. Your defense will consist on Bomber for the ground units and Ice Wizard + Ice Spirit for air troops. The Knight is also a good defensive and offensive card that help to stop large pushes.

When you crush the opposite’s push then put the Giant in the bridge and support him with the Ice Spirit to bait Zap. After this, put the Fire Spirits and the Bomber to follow the Giant and see the BOOM. Also, when you have the opportunity, put the Ice Wizard to help the push. Normally this formation will destroy any troops put in the Arena, like Barbarians, Minions or Minion Horde, usually the most used defensive units in the low arenas.

Since this deck’s cost is 3.0, it will cycle very fast and the cards can be used to put a pressure that makes the opposite player go on defensive mode.

I said that used to put the Witch and Minions in formation, right? That is because I’m using this formation since Arena 6. In the Frozen  Peak incorporated the Ice Spirit and, already in Legendary, bought the Ice Wizard. Something important about it is that the deck is so strong that I could gain trophies using a ridiculous lvl 2 Witch! And that’s why stopped using her and switched for the Ice Wizard.

Since this deck’s good against almost everything that I faced, here are the formations that have destroyed me: Pekka + 3M and the Trifecta combination.

PS: while writing this email I’m floating around 3100 trophies, and my record is 3225. My cards are 9/7/2/1 in terms of levels .

PS2: I’ve reached the Legendary Arena while listening to the episode 15 (Return of Jedi). So thank you guys for made me company during this journey!

PS3: since my native language is Brazilian Portuguese  I hope you guys forgive any mistakes made during this email.

Keep the good work and know that your podcast is breaking the language barriers and is reaching so many people in the world.

See you in the arena!

Jake (Brickhouse)

Hey Joe and Rob!

Love the podcast and always enjoy the fun commentary/insight you bring to the discussion each week. If you’re game, I’ve got a content idea to share for the show.

Basic idea would be to do a reverse deck spotlight of sorts. Essentially, take top decks or common combinations used in many decks (i.e. trifecta, giant-loon, etc…) and talk through strategies on how to beat the combos or options for responding in order to position the player as optimally as possible.

Again, great pod, keep it up!


Reviews (3)

Guess What? (5 Stars)

ItsJimmyBoy (hi lol), Canada

This is hands down the best podcast out there. Great ideas, decks, music (I’m here for you guys lol), their banter is casual and interesting, and they have a certain flow to the podcast that is unbelievable. If you can count to a number higher that 5, that is how many stars I would give them!

Boom (5 Stars)

Andrew_Baehr, United States


Royale BOOM! (5 Stars)

harrysachs, United States

Great show Joe & Rob! Discovered the show about 2 weeks ago while searching the iTunes store and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that you guys keep it clean so I am able to listen with my kids who are also casual daily players. The card spot lights are excellent and I love how you give detailed explanations on how to run the decks you are featuring. I for one, cannot wait to try the lastest deck spotlight ‘World of Witchcraft’. Kepp up the good work and a Royale BOOM to you both!


None this week 🙁

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