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This week on the show:


  • This week in the arena
  • Impressions of balance changes

News & Clan Updates

  • Changes to the Princess
  • Legendary Trophies reset at 4000+, instead of 3000+
  • Discord Chatter! – link in Resource section below
  • Man Down – Book 🙁
  • The Elder Curse

Deck Spotlight (00:24:32)

Air Force One (4.0) Cards: Balloon, Baby Dragon, Arrows, Skeletons, Minion Horde, Fireball, Barbarians, Inferno Tower Decksplanation: Defense first – 1) Inferno Tower, 2) Barbarians, 3) Fireball, and 4) Skeletons. You can use the minion horde as both offense and defense. At 10 elixir, you’ll want to drop the Balloon at the river, followed up by the Baby Dragon. If you can, try to add the Minion Horde behind this to create a swarm of air troops that becomes very difficult for your opponent to deal with.  This is tricky, and can get wiped out by AOE troops; however, your balloon will likely survive the massacre and deal the one or two hits it needs to each push to let you win the game. The deck is simple to play – defensive at first, shift to offense with the three cards mentioned above. If you need to distract some ground troops, add the skeletons to the offensive push. Otherwise, the skeletons should be used defensively to simply distract troops towards the middle of your side of the arena. Patch your badges on boys and girls, air force one will surely let you sore! The Air Force Two (4.3) variant would swap in the Lava Hound for the Minion Horde or Barbarians. The Super Bowl (4.0) Cards: Bowler, Giant, Guards, Elixir Collector, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, Zap, Poison Decksplanation: At 10 Elixir, drop your elixir pump (if you have it). If not, that’s fine. Cycle to the Bowler/Giant combination. If you don’t have the combination, play defensively to cycle to it. Use your defensive pushes to go on offense (just like any other deck), whenever you can. When you have said combo, at 10 elixir, drop the Giant behind the king tower. Wait as long as possible before dropping the Bowler next. From here, drop the musketeer, and wait for your opponent to react. If they drop something swarms (like the minion horde or barbarians, then you drop your Poison over as must as possible (try to hit the tower as well, if possible). If your opponent plays the inferno tower, you have two options – 1) use your Guards right in front of your Giant, or 2) perfectly time the zap to cancel the damage from the inferno tower and let the bowler/giant/musk combo destroy. The bowler + poison + musk is simply a dirty combination. Practice your best celebration dance ladies and gentlemen, this deck will surely 3-crown you to the top of many arena Super Bowls!! Emails & Reviews (00:39:53)

Emails (6)


Just started listening to the podcast, on episode 6 now, and it’s great. Really like how you start from being a newbie without the smug knowitall attitude other podcasts have. Send me an invite if you get a spot open in one of the clans. Thanks


Hay boyz

My name is Micah my in game name is MICAH™ And I wanted to say thank you for the great podcast I listen to it every time a new episode comes out OK now that that’s out of the way if you could have any legendary and you had to built a deck around it what would it be and how would you use it I currently have unlocked 4 legendary’s!!!!!!!!:) The sparky lava hound the log and the princess i’m using them all in a deck together and it is crazy awesome once again thanks for the great podcast

Oh yeah and boom hog rider


Joe and Rob,

I would like to give you my reasons, (which are the right reasons) why no one should ever spend money on this game.

As a player who’s spent north of $500 and south of $1000 on clash Royale I would like consider myself a bit of an expert and hand down some advice to players who may be waffling on their decision to spend money in the gem shop.

I know the feeling all too well. Grinding out battles to upgrade cards and hopefully make it to the next arena. Then hitting a wall where your cards have hit their ceiling and it seems you are stuck. Whether it be by battling higher level players and cards, more talented players or dudes who throw their wallet into the game. The temptation to gem your way to victory becomes ever so hard to resist.

Here’s why you should put the game down before you add to iTunes/google play and SC’s stock prices. Spending the money will only progress you so far. Unless you have $10,000 to throw away spending a few dollars will never get you to the leader boards. This game is exactly like an A-frame ladder. At the bottom it’s wide and as you climb up it gets narrow and there’s less room. There are fewer people at the top because they are part of the 1%ers.

The progression of cards past level 12 common, 9 rare and 5 epic is pathetic. The amount of cards and gold required to upgrade here makes $100 almost worthless.  The players with max cards have spent thousands to get them. Most likely after buying hundreds of giant, magical, and Super magical chests.

Your clan can help you with donations but even then you’ll still need the gold. Not to mention by the time you get 1 card able to upgrade they’ll most likely nerf it making all you’ve worked for in vain.

So say you do decide to spend money and you unlock a legendary or two, (it took me $300 to unlock my first ice wiz and princess cards back when they were the only legendaries in the game).  Then you go back into the arena and instantly go up 300 or so trophies. Perhaps you make it to the legendary arena. You will, I guarantee, hit another ceiling and there you’ll be stuck. So now you’re out a couple hundred bucks and all you have for it are a few shinny legendary trophies to show for it, (they do nothing for you btw). Now what you’ve allowed yourself to do is get your butt handed to you by higher level guys.

If your goal is to simply have fun there is no reason to ever spend money on this game. If you have patients anyone can make arena 9. The cards required to get there and stay there are obtainable without dipping into your 401k or robbing a liquor store.

Thank you and keep on fighting the good fight.

Your friend

DiggerDerrik, now officially retired from all SC games.


As i don´t know if you see the german Itunes reviews i leave you a copy here:

I´m absolutely impressed. This is my first english Podcast i hear more than 2-3 Episodes. (i´m from Bavaria / Germany)

First of all because of the fantastic Podcast Quality. Not only that you have a good sound quality, more impotand is that you speak clear and don´t disturb each other, more than this, you 2 end the sentences from another.

The contend is also good and interesting. And guys… i smile a lot… you are really funny, without beeing “clowny”.

I hope to hear a lot in the future! ….and…. i can end without…: Hoooooooog Riddddaaaaaaahhhh 😉

Ohh i forgot: i also will try the fruit and vegetable detoxication 😉

Greetings from Bavaria!


Holger from germany.

Edit: when will be the next tournament?

Matt (a.k.a. dexology)

Hey guys

First and foremost, love the pod.  Been listening since you guys launched, as I was first getting into the game myself and have loved growing with you guys too.  I am a P2P player so did go through the ranks a bit faster, but has been awesome all the same reliving parts of the grind.

With that said, I recently left my previous clan to join Cast Royale this weekend and have loved the move.  Although a top 100 NA clan, I was tired of the discriminatory and racist comments that were tolerated and was able to jump into CR no problem.  Looking forward to moving forward with the clan and helping out wherever I can.

As part of that, I’d love to host a weekly or biweekly tournament and call it Tuesday Night Throwdown or TNT for short.  I’d use gems on my dime so no cost to the group.  Let me know your thoughts and we can coordinate.  Thanks guys and love the show!


Hey guys,

So I wanted to throw a few ideas out there that would make the game better imo and see what your thoughts are.

1. Have a global chat or some way to be able to recruit new people. Clash of Clans has that so Supercell can clearly do this.

2. Have tournaments cost to join instead of charging to create one. Let’s say it costs you 10 gems to join a 100 person tourney. Supercell just runs an endless loop…one fills the tourney starts, new one opens to recruit. Higher prize tourneys cost more. Still have the ability to create a private tourney, but make the fee cheap or free for the person starting it. That way clans can still run private tourneys. This imo is a win-win; players can join at any time and for Supercell it would boost sales of gems for those that tourney a lot. Right now it’s 500 gems to start a base 100 player tourney…if instead each person paid 10 gems to join that is 1000 gems…and gems = $ for Supercell BOOM. Offer a number of different cost and length of play tourneys and it’s good to go.

3. Have the ability to clear the cards from your deck so the spaces are blank. It’s a pain when you are trying to create a deck and you have cards from the previous deck showing. Maybe that’s just my own pet peeve.

4. New Emoji

Honorary mention: make legendary cards a bit easier to get…I have been playing as long as you guys and I have scored one. I have folks in my clan that have played half as long and they have a smorgasbord of legendary cards. Alas I digress.

Any who thought I would share and see what your thoughts are. Thanks!

Reviews (3)

Super Awesome Podcast (5 Stars)
Bill is King, USA
Listen to this podcast rob and joe crust it each and every week even the weeks there not on the air I emailed them and even on a week off they responded witch is awesome for me being a day one listener so if clash Royale you like then cast Royale you’ll like.
Drop the mic… BOOM (5 Stars)
Nusoto, USA
Play Clash Royale? Like Podcasts? Chew up Sparkies like Bacon? than look no further!!! Love the pod and can’t wait for every new episode!!!
Zom Blaster, USA
I’ve never been much of a podcaster but Rob and Joe have created something so fun and entertaining that I am now a religious listener. I must say though, joining the Cast Royale/Cast Royale 2 clan has been proven to be harder than getting into the Legendary Arena! Someday I shall reach the Godly Arena known as Cast Royale(2)!!!


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