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This week on the show:


  • This week, we’re back after a two week break! Rob is finally moved in, and we’re kicking the tires again.

News & Clan Updates

  • Drum roll please……….. WE’RE LEGENDS!!!! BOOM!
  • Boom Tourney!
  • News (Thanks Tim, from SuperCell)
  • First ever: Clash Royale Commercial!
  • Congratulations to BooKhockey – Cast Royale’s first member to break the 4,000 trophy mark. BOOM!
  • Joe realized after we recorded he only said 7 cards for the deck that took him to legend. He is upset he didn’t give you all the information. He cried about it actually. So we are here to add that Joe also uses BARBARIANS in his deck. BOOM.

Deck Spotlight

Duckets – 3.8 – 3rd Place

Cards: Giant, Witch, Elixir Collector, Skeletons, Fireball, Zap, Minions, and Minion Horde.

Main Cycle: At 10 Elixir, drop the Elixir pump in the back (of the place of your preference). Next, you’ll want to drop the witch behind the towers, so she will generate skeletons while walking towards the river. Just before the troops are at the river, you’ll want to drop the Giant in front of them all, so the skeletons push the giant forward, and protect them. You may drop the other skeleton troops with this as well (to bait out a zap, or arrows). At this point, wait and see the best card to use. If they waste their zap/arrows, minion horde and minions will absolutely destroy your opponent. If they drop barbs, your fireball and witch will surely do the job. Whenever playing defensively, plan on switching to offense with the giant at the river, just as the troops are ready to go. The key to this deck, is the giant – everything else is just difficult for your opponent to deal with becuase of it.

SMOKEBOMBER – (3.9) – 2nd Place

Cards: Lava Hound, Balloon, Minions, Zap, Arrows, Elixir Collector, Goblins, and Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Main Cycle: At 10 elixir, drop the pump in the back. Defend with Mini P.E.K.K.A and distract/defend with goblins/Minions. For offense, use the lava hound in the back of the map. This will maximize your ability to gain resources while it crosses your side of the map. Once it gets to the river, drop the balloon further to the edge of the arena. At this point, your opponent has two “key” cards they need to deal with – and if you time it right, your lava hound will absorb the damage that your opponent wants to place on your balloon. Use minions to push the balloon forward (it will surprise your opponent). Be ready to zap or arrow your opponents minions or minion horde. Don’t be afraid to let your lava hound pop – that’s the goal! Drop the mic, then walk away.

Taktaz – 3.4 – 1st Place

Cards: Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Skeletons, Musketeer, Bomber, Elixir Collector, Arrows, and Zap.

Main Cycle: Use the Mini P.E.K.K.A, Skeletons, Musketeer, and Bomber defensively. These will be your defensive troops that will allow you to go on the offense to facilitate a giant push forward. If you begin your push before defending, start with the Giant in the back behind the tower. Follow that up with the bomber, and the musketeer shortly thereafter. Be sure not to push up the bomber and musk, otherwise a fireball or valk placement will hurt you. If you notice that your opponent is using a Mini PEKKA to kill your Giant, use your own mini pekka on the push instead of the bomber. If they use barbs instead, your bomber will win you the game. Use Zap and Arrows sparingly, when needed. Best used against the minion horde, or small groups of troops like the goblins, spear goblins, or fire spirits. This deck cycles fast, so don’t be afraid to push, and keep pushing. But – you’ll need the giant to be a part of every push – otherwise this deck won’t allow you to get to the tower.

Emails & Reviews

Emails (too many to count)

We will be doing emails as a standalone episode sometime next week 🙂

Reviews (6)

RodococoGreat podcast that gets into the nitty gritty (5 Stars)


If you find yourself thinking about card details and synergies, this cast is for you. I am enjoying every minute! Rock on Rob & Joe!

GloomusNice (5 Stars)

United States

Best Clash Royale podcast! Everything is well put together, and the guys are just having a blast with it. Well done.

Mershy1972  – great podcast (5 Stars)

United Kingdom

Love this podcast. The theme is upbeat and fun, and the show continutes from there. Rob and joe bounce off each other very well, with great humour. Keep up the good work.

DragonKn1ght31Cast Royale = happiness to mankind! (5 Stars)

United States

Thanks to listening to this podcast I have gone 16-0 in training matches…. BOOM! Very entertaining and fun to listen to, they do a great job of presenting the show and GREAT quality! <drop the mic after writing the review> BOOM!

Millos412Great entertainment (5 Stars)


Great way to waste an hour! Family friendly is a huge plus as well. Keyser soze (Clash converts)

Jakjak 72The best (5 Stars)

United States

This is the best clash Royale podcast ever since well . . . Cast Royale. Love the hodgepodginess of it having no organization whatsoever. See you in the arena, JakJak


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