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This week on the show:


News & Clan Updates

  • Tips for joining a Tournament
  • 7/7 Tournament Changes!
  • General thoughts on Tournaments
  • Our First Official Tourney:
    • Date & Time:
      • Date: Saturday July 23rd, 2016
      • Start Preparing: 10:00AM EST
      • Start Tourney: 12:00PM EST
    • Length: 1 Day (24 hours)
    • Name: Cast Royale Boom Tourney
    • Password: lumberjack
    • Description: The 1st official tourney from Cast Royale!
    • Size: 150 People (depending on how successful this one is, we will increase slots moving forward!)

Chest Openings

Chests opened round robin style – free chests first, and we work our way up to a Magical Chest:
  1. Rob
  2. Joe

Deck Spotlight

Royal Pain (3.8)/(4.0) – Credit: Devon “Lloyd Christmas” Cards: Zap, Fire Spirits, Furnace, Guards, Mini Pekka, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard (Wizard), and Rocket. If you don’t have the Ice Wizard, swap it out for the Wizard. Main Cycle: Drop the Furnace down on the side of your choice. Try to place in between your two archer towers (and in front of your King Tower), as this will help distract Hogs/RG’s. Defensive cards are the Guards, Mini Pekka, and Ice Wizard (if necessary). Rocket can be used defensively in dire situations, but should really be used as a game-ending punisher – Drop the mic/walk away type thing (make it a surprise when possible). Cycle to your Royal Giant, and make sure you have your Ice Wizard (or regular Wizard if you don’t own the legendary) behind the RG to support it. You will not only get in some good damage, but you’ll win the trade in the long run. Whichever side your Furnace is pumping Fire Spirits on, is the side you should attack with the RG. Electric City (3.3) – Credit: Erik “ Rath” Cards: Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Tesla, Fireball, Zap, Minions, and Hog Rider Main Cycle: At 7 elixir, use the Hog along side Fire Spirits OR Spear Goblins (whichever you have available). Later in the game decide which option works better vs. the deck you’re playing. Make sure the small troops escort the Hog so it won’t be distracted by Cannons/Tesla’s etc. The key with this deck is winning the elixir trade while your opponent defends against your Hog pushes. The Fireball/Zap can be used to assist the Hog’s push; however, only do this when you think you have control in the game – or it could put you at an elixir disadvantage. Defensive cards are Minions, Tesla, and Barbarians. Use them interchangeably so your opponent can’t predict your moves! Handsome Bald Giant (3.6) – Credit: Dan “ Handsome Old Man” Cards: Giant, Barbarians, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Archers, Minions, Arrows, and Zap Main Cycle: At 10 elixir, Giant all the way in the back followed up with a musketeer, then followed by archers and minions (these should be closer to the middle of the river instead of on top of the lane). The key is to spread out so you’re not massively affected by arrows or a fireball (remember this can be played similar to a Jason’s deck in that regard). Valkyrie in front of Giant if you need more help with the push against opposing barbs. Valk should also be used for defense, especially vs. swarms of troops. Don’t forget, you have zap and arrows to defend or help with a push.

Emails & Reviews

Emails (4)

OneOldMan Hi fellas! OneOldMan again. Just want to let you know that I am now a purple flame convert. I was playing Jason’s deck and my own concoction (barbarians, spear goblins, knight/valk, hog ridaaaa!, musketeer, tombstone, arrows, and fireballs) which carried me quickly to royal arena (highest trophies 2415), where I have hit a road block over the last month. I decided to try purple flame, and have won the first 3 games without my goblins and zap upgraded to where they should be. I just need to save up the 8000 to get this deck up to its full potential. Thanks for deck, and thanks again for the great show. Keep up the great work and keep clashing. Boom! OneOldMan P.s. I do not know the attractive bald man. P.p.s. Please let me know if you have any openings in either clan. I’m looking for somewhere with more discourse. Thomas W. Hello Cast Royale Podcast, I have a quick question for you. Should I keep playing if i have all my chests slots full? Do I lose anything by playing with chest slots full? THANKS! Doug R. Thanks for the info! And again, thanks for the great podcast and clan.  As someone mentioned in an email on one of your recent shows, it was great to find such an informative and family friendly podcast.  My 10 year old son and I listen to the show together and I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about any bad language or content.  We recently joined the Cast Royale Clan, too, and the same can be said there.  We bounced around in several clans before this one, with me telling him we have to leave after reading some of the offensive discussion going on in those other clans.  After finding open spots and joining the Cast Royale clan, that’s not a worry anymore either.  The clan is very friendly – everyone in the clan is just there to have fun and play the game, helping each other improve. Thanks again! Foo Hey, Foo again, I hate to even tell you this, but I recently got a 2nd legendary (I swear I’m still F2P), the Miner. I immediately built a cycle deck around it and went up about 500 trophies (thanks to your advice of immediately using a legendary once you get it). Now that tournaments are out, I’m sure you guys have seen plenty of ice wizards, miners and princesses (often in the same deck). Because tournaments go into 3 minute overtime (unlike the 1 minute you get in regular battles) it seems like long-con / chip damage decks work a little better in tourneys. And that’s kinda how my miner deck works. It’s primarily based on defense but I can throw the miner onto a tower every cycle while I’m defending (my current deck is Miner, cannon, regular minions, spear gobs, valkyrie, elixir pump, zap, fireball). I know the top meta miner deck uses mini pekka, princess and ice wizard. But I don’t have those legendaries yet. Anyway, the whole point of this email is to ask how your listeners / supporters can help you guys get legendaries. I’d love to hear you discuss current meta decks that you’re actually using. I know you don’t want to cross the F2P -> P2P boundary, but if through patreon / venmo or iTunes cards bought buy listeners, would you consider using that for SMCs?   Thanks again, #boomsauce, – Foo

Reviews (2)

JamieClashAwesome Clash Royale Discussion (5 Stars) United States Boom! Awesome Clash Royale content guys! I found this podcast just after it started and find myself looking forward to the next one each week. Joe & Rob bring bring a great mix of game updates, in-game strategy, clan leadership tips, and excellent new deck deck ideas every week. This really is a must-listen to podcast for fans of Clash Royale. These guys truly love the game and have some great clash content. Thanks for what you do guys.   Thornstar84Awesome Pod!! (5 Stars) United Kingdom I have listened since the beginning and this podcast is awesome. Joe and Rob really know their stuff. The podcast is both informative and entertaining and I look forward to downloading it on a Monday morning to help me get through work. Can’t wait for you guys to reach the legendary arena so you can help me out with my deck. Keep up the great work. Dan, U.K


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