This week on the show:


  • Our week in the arena

News & Clan Updates

  • TOURNAMENTS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Detailed discussion of the 7/4 balance changes (highlighted below under “Topic”)
  • Four new cards: The Ice Spirit, The Bowler, The Lumberjack, and The Log!!
  • Other Changes
    • New Arena! (Frozen Peak – unlocks at 2300 trophies and includes three of the cards listed above).
    • New Achievements (mostly related to tournaments listed above)
    • Top Players are now featured more commonly in the TV Royale for the Legendary Arena
    • Choose your arena when doing friendly battles within the clan!
    • Sort your cards, Confirm your requests, and more!

Topic: 7/4 Balance Changes 

  • Skeleton Army: They found the 21st skeleton! Great… right?
  • Goblin Barrel: Elixir cost decreased from 4 to 3, goblin deployment time increased from 1 to 1.2 sec, and removed impact damage
  • Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 20% (Does not impact Bomb death damage)
  • Dark Prince: Damage increased by 8%, and no longer is affected by pushbacks (fireball, bowler, etc.)
  • Bomber: Damage increased by 9%
  • Wizard: Attack speed increased to 1.6 seconds from 1.7 seconds.
  • Inferno Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6% (but now resets damage when frozen or zapped)
  • Elixir Collector: Impacted by speed slows and increases!
  • Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 9%
  • Bomb Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6%

Chest Openings

Chests opened round robin style – 3 free chests first, then a gold chests, then 2 crown chests, then…. the big guns.

  • Rob
  • Joe

Deck Spotlight

Bombs Awaaaay (3.6)

Cards: Giant, Barbarians, Minions, Fire spirits, Wizard, Balloon, Spear Goblins, Zap

Main Cycle: The key to this deck is to make sure you have your giant before starting your cycle. If you don’t have the giant, cycle to it, and just defend until then. Barbarians, Zap, Spear Goblins, Minions and Fire spirits can be used defensively as needed until you have your cycle. When your Giant arrives, drop him in the back by your king tower. Follow that up with a wizard behind it, some fire spirits, minions/spear goblins, and then be prepared to Zap! Do not use the Balloon until the second cycle – so you will see what air defense your opponent has. Then… drop bombs on them, as indicated in the name 🙂

KABOOM!!! (4.0)

Cards: Prince, Hog Rider, Freeze, Rocket, Spear Goblins, Arrows, Bomber, Barbarians

Main Cycle: This is a defensive deck (with the exception of the hog rider). Use everything defensively, and counter what your opponent is doing. If you are at full elixir, make sure you cycle with cards like the bomber, the hog rider, and the spear goblins. Counter with the prince when possible, he will lead the way to victory on the other end of the battlefield. Save Rocket for the end when possible, but if you need it to kill 3 musketeers or a sparky, if needed. Remember, when you win, you must yell out, KABOOM!!! And then walk away.

Hey, Whatever Works. (4.1)

Cards: Royal Giant, Bomber, Arrows, Zap, Witch, Musketeer, Elixir Collector, Barbarians

Main Cycle: At 10 elixir, drop your Elixir collector wherever you choose (we recommend behind a tower). At 10 elixir again, drop the Witch in the back by the King Tower. This is key, to throw off your opponent and also keep them distracted. When she and her skeletons get to the river, drop the Royal Giant (RG) in the other lane by the river. Follow your RG up with your Musketeer and bomber (what you choose first is situational depending on opponents troops, but in the end they should both back the RG up). Use your barbs for defense against hogs and larger units. Use your zap and arrows to defend against hordes of troops like goblins and minions. It’s OK to use Arrows and Zap during your pushes (but be mindful you also need to defend – so use them sparingly).

Emails & Reviews

Emails (4)

Mike from Wales!

Hello guys,

I’m Mike from rainy Wales.

I love your podcast, I downloaded it last week, and iv just finished listening to episode 11. iv just got into arena 7 and I’m on a 12 undefeated run. my deck consists of

  • lvl 4 pekka
  • lvl 3 balloon
  • lvl 2 prince
  • lvl 9 archers
  • lvl 8 skeletons
  • lvl 6 tombstone
  • lvl 2 rage
  • lvl 8 arrows

in your previous episode you mentioned that fast moving troops push slow moving troops, I didn’t realise that. so I have a simple tactic. drop pekka at the back, elixir is usual at 10 by the time the pekka gets to the bridge, place prince behind pekka, leaves me 5 Elixir, then watch what the opponent drops, if just ground troops I drop balloon and rage, it’s other troops are for defence only. I react depends what opponent does. my favourite part of your show are your thoughts on certain cards and decks.


keep it going lads!


Ran into jezebel in legendary arena

Just ran into jezebel on the ladder!  It was a great match.  Im actually in purple reign the guys that do the clash cast.  Yalls podcast is amazing.  I’d like to visit yall anytime and yall are more than welcome to visit purple reign(the one with the lightning bolt). We should tournament and stuff.  You can reach us on discord as well my ingame name is Arpeggio


Hey guys love the podcast I discovered it about a week ago and have been listening to it ever since.I’ve been trying to join one of the clans but they both seem to be full. My screenname is also spoderman. I’m a level 8 player at the 2k trophies and I could use some advice about how to get farther into royal arena.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


PS: Hog Riiiidaaaaa

Casey G.

Love the show, keep up the great work fellas.

Your clairvoyance on wanted updates seemed a little too uncanny.  I have not listened to it again line by line but, some if not most of the changes were geared towards your suggestions…Minus the mute button…

I suggest going over all of the changes that happened on the fourth and comparing them to what you mentioned you wanted changed in the last episode.  

I now use the tournament system to test new decks mentioned in your podcast.  It is an easy way to test your deck on a diverse group without losing trophy count.  

Thanks for doing what you do.


Reviews (3)

MrYoungbloodThe best Clash Royale podcast out there! (5 Stars)

United States

These guys are a hoot, and they give hours of entertainment and a clash royale fix when you’re driving to work or working out! I’m trying to join their clan, Cast Royale right now so fingers crossed! Happy clashing, and BOOM! -Gingiraffe

lapeste1972Binge listened (5 Stars)

United States

I found this podcast this week, and I can’t stop listening. I love this game, but I was unsure how a podcast dedicated to the game would work out. Let me tell you it’s awesome. The hosts have great synergy and manage to keep me riveted for an hour or more! Keep up the great work.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the opening theme music is epic. It reminds me of the great video game music from Nintendo.

TripleBGreat show (5 Stars)

United States

Great fun! America!


Dean Warwick! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 BOOM!

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