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Deck Spotlight

Dark Prince Rises (3.4) Cards: Dark Prince, Minions, Arrows, Valkyrie, Cannon, Giant, Musketeer, Skeletons Main Cycle: Giant in the back, Valkyrie in the back when giant gets to Arena Tower, Dark Prince behind Valkyrie as soon as she gets to the river. Vast & Furious (3.3) Cards: Zap, Cannon, Hog Rider, Fireball, Goblins, Musketeer, Minions, Mini P.E.K.K.A Main Cycle: At 10 Elixir, Hog at the river with Goblins chauffeuring on the outside. Zap opponent’s tower and squishies (Skeletons/Spear Goblins), or fireball their tower and stronger units (Barbarians/Wizard). Royal Rumble (3.9) Cards: Royal Giant (RG), Barbarians, Arrows, Fireball, Archers, Minions, Spear Goblins, Elixir Collector Main Cycle: Elixir Collector in the corner to start, at 10 Elixir, RG at river backed up by Archers followed by Spear Goblins. Fireball near RG to ward off opponent’s Barbarians.

Chest Openings

19 Chests opened round robin style – All free chests first, then all silver & gold chests, then all crown chests, then the big guns.
  1. Rob
  2. Joe
  3. Special Guest

Emails & Reviews

Emails (5)

Osiris Hey guys, you are one of the highlights of my podcast week.  You have found the perfect balance between entertaining and informative.  And this may seem like a small thing to some, but the family-friendly nature of your show means that I recommend it to everyone that I know that plays Royale, not just a select group of adults.  Currently, I’m mired/stuck in Arena 6 (although I’ve been as high as 2134), and even though I’m a level 9 player, and I have mainly 8/6/3 cards (and the Miner), I feel that I’m missing some strategy that better players possess (or maybe I’m just not that good – haha).  I tried over the weekend to get into Cast Royale 2 because there was 1 spot open, but the game wouldn’t let me submit my join request.  I was/am in Bilbo’s previous clan, and thought it would be fun to battle some fresh talent, and get some pointers from more active players.  I appreciate your hard work every week in trying to make us all just a little better, and, oh yeah, BOOM!! Will W. Hi!, Just wanted to stop by and say that you guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. No complaints at all about the podcast. I would like to see some guest speakers and chest openings come to the show as well! A cool thing you guys could do for a part of a episode is prepare 3 decks (1 for each slot), and battle each other in a friendly battle live on the show! Anyways, keep the episodes coming! Boom!, Will W. (wtw098 on Clash Royale, Clan: Foe Cleavers) Foo – Hi guys, 2 part question here. 1) How do you feel about draw games? Do you ever resort to playing for a draw when you realize you can’t win? And do you think draws happen to frequently? I wish the overtime went just a bit longer. 2) I still have no legendaries (level 8, in royal arena now). But if I ever get one is it kind of a must to incorporate it into my deck? Whenever I come up against a deck with legendaries I often lose. Are these cards just too good to not use? Thanks, Foo Handsome Bald Man Hey guys!  I love the podcast.  I’ve got a question I hope you can answer: When is it worth fireballing an elixir collector? Thanks and keep up the good work!   I just hit level 9, I’m around 2300-2400 trophys. No legendaries and no freeze spell.  Other epics are level 2 or 3, but no freeze.  No Freeze!  I was glad when they knocked 1 sec off the freeze…I was so tired of being on the receiving end of the hog-freeze. Soup I tried to leave a 5-star review on iTunes, but it keeps saying that my nickname is unavailable, even when I put in “soup…..sldkfjasdlkfhjsdglkh”  Really iTunes?!  Really?   So here it is anyhow because I want you both to see it! Hey guys, love the podcast, been listening since episode 0!  You guys sound like grizzled veteran Podcasters!  I would love to hear more from you guys about my biggest problem and that is playing with more patience.  I like to play aggressively, or at least I just naturally tend to play that way, but I’ve found that if I’m more patient and leave something in reserve for how my opponent reacts, then I have a much better chance of winning!  I have been as high as 1850, but right now I’m around 1500 and have dropped all the way into the 1300’s, but I’m always trying to get better!   I’ve been in the clan since between episodes 1 & 2, my game handle is Soup, and love how laid back, friendly, and helpful everyone is!  Donations and help from more advanced clanmates are only a request away!  Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see how the podcast continues to evolve and improve, but it’s already great!  Also kudos on the clans, they are awesome and fun too!!  I’m still trying to figure out how to integrate Discord into it…..if you have any tips or suggestions, do tell! Boom!  Hog-ridaaaaaaaaa!  Sorry, had to do it  =) Stew (real life name) aka Soup

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