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This week on the show:

Topic: May Update!

  • Talk about remote… Joe’s in Delaware!
  • In-depth discussion of the 6 new cards!
    • Sparky
    • Lava Hound
    • Miner
    • Fire Spirits
    • Furnace
    • Guards
  • Lesser known goodies of May’s update:
    • Drop rate increase Giant and Magical chest
    • Max gold cap increase to 1 million!
    • No tomatos, but lots and lots of confetti
    • Cupid Shuffle… Not really but now you can shuffle your decks
    • Legendary card info available without the game
    • New clan badges
    • Shop costs increase in a linear fashion
    • 20 minutes to kick?
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Emails & Reviews

Emails (2)


Hi Guys,

I just found your podcast the other day when episode 005 came out. It was really helpful since I am making my attempt to push into arena 4. Every time I get to arena 4 I lose that match and go back to arena 3 on a down streak. My deck as of late has been Spear gobs L6, musketeer L4, Bomber L7, Witch L2, Fireball L4, Mini P.E.K.K.A. L5, Skeletons (the 1 elixir ones) L7, and Giant Skeleton L2. This deck gets cold sometimes for me but whenever I try a new deck out I hit a wall. This has been the only one that I can go on streaks with, that is, until I’m on the cusp of lvl.4. Any tips or ideas of how to plant my foot into arena 4 permanently?

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work,



Hi! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now and I find you two guys entertaining while somewhat educational about the game. While I enjoy the breakdown of certain decks and cards, I would like it if you two could talk the competitive area of the game. For example, the breakdown of the metagame of some arenas or a metagame deck. Anyways, keep up the great work.

Reviews (2)

Legaciii – Long Overdue (5 Stars)

Hey guys, first off I just want to say you guys have a great podcast. You guys deserve five star reviews left and right. I would like to see a little more advanced strategy discussion, I fee like it could appeal to more players and listeners in my opinion. Still the best podcast I have listened to. Keep up the good work – Donald Trump

EpicBeanz KF2.0 – Keeps Getting Better (5 Stars)

If you enjoy Clash Royale, you will love this podcast. It started off well and keeps getting better with every cast. I have implemented strategies from this show and I am no longer experiencing the trophy death spiral. Enjoyable and helpful – keep up the great work! EpicBeanz Clan Farmhouse 2.0

Honorable Mention: diggerderrick – Good (5 Stars)

Audio is good. Information is more aimed at new players. Worth a listening to.


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