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This week on the show:


  • Encouraging fair play using Psychic Octopus
  • Tournament Guidlines
  • Consistency at the Top…of a mountain
  • Balance changes (sorry we’re late)

Arena Round-Up: Barbarian Bowl

  • Cannon
  • Barbarians
  • Rocket
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Rage
  • X-Bow

Deck Spotlight

  • It’s Not Rocket Science
    • Rocket, Barbarians, Cannon, Arrows, Archers, Minions, Spear Goblins, Baby Dragon
  • Hut You See Is Hut you Get
    • Barbarians, Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, Rage, Arrows, Minions, Spear Goblins, Archers
  • X-Bow Marks the Spot!
    • X-Bow, Rage, Elixir Collector, Fireball, Archers, Valkyrie, Spear Goblins, Giant

Clan Updates

  • New Clan Expansion: Cast Royale 2
  • Check our website for more details 🙂

Emails & Reviews

Emails (4)


Hey guys,

Love what you’re doing. Would also love to join the clan if a spot opened up or if you started a new branch. I’m a level 7 with just under 1500 trophies, pretty casual, but completely addicted. And I want to get better. I usually make between 150-200 donations a week in my current clan. About me: I’m a dude, in my 30s, live in Michigan. I clash when I should be watching my kids, etc.

Thanks guys.


game name “Osprey”


Hey fellas,

I’m really enjoying the podcast, good info for someone fairly new to the game like myself. I particularly like last episode where you broke down the tournament winning deck, all great info and also a pleasant surprise that non-epic decks are viable even at the very top of competition. Also, I would love to join the clan if a spot becomes available. My username in the game is Brash. Be nice to be part of an actI’ve clan with people who understand that donating benefits everyone!



KennedyClub – Cast Royale is King

KennedyClub here from the iTunes review. I just listening to your most recent episode and I meant every word. This podcast has continued to be incredibly refreshing and insightful. Your breakdown of the Helsinki tournament 2016 was brilliant. The expansion of your website and vision you have for your clan shows the dedication to your craft. And at the same time, emphasizing the casual play and above all, having fun. I can’t say enough good about what this podcast and you as gentlemen embody.

If it happens that you find yourselves looking to fill another spot in your clan before you expand, I’d be delighted to join.



Nic from Illinois

Hey guys, any word on if you will be starting a second clan? Im a 2200 cup player looking for an active clan.

Let me know and great work with the podcast!

Reviews (8)

Kyle earlz – Way better than a slap in the face (5 stars)

Love the podcast. I’ve only been playing for like a week and have progressed quite a lot thanks to you guys. Hoping to join the clan.

Uhaw Na Lumpia – Hog Rider!! (5 stars)

Very clear, Fun, and Informative. Gratz in advance for Episode 100. =P

samhan11 – Exactly what all of us need (5 stars)

After downloading Clash Royale, I searched in hopes of a Clash Royale podcast and behold, Cast Royale posted episode 000 literally 2 minutes ago. It must have been fate.

The simple format and high production value really makes this podcast easy to listen to and digestible. These two enjoying talking about the game and humbly sharing their knowledge and thoughts. However, realize that a side effect of listening to the podcast include increased attractiveness. My wife hasn’t been able to keep off me after I subscribed to these guys… it can’t be a coincidence.

Keep up the good work!


diggerderrick – good (4 stars)

Audio is good. Information is more aimed at new players. Worth a listening to. I will change my review to 5 stars if you guys stop calling all troops Minions. There is a troop in the game called Minions so when you refer to all troops as Minions it can be confusing.

r2d2melo – Exceptional (5 stars)

The only podcast I listen to!! Keep up the great work and I really appreciate all of the new tips and strategies

##123456789## – Awesome podcast!  (5 stars)

Great podcast for a great game! Really enjoy listening, keep up the good work!

Where’s Jaaaaaaames???????? – Very Professional And High Quality  (5 stars)

If you are looking for a great Clash Royale podcast, look no further. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and few have as good sound quality, are as well spoken, or are as likeable guys as you. Keep em’ coming and I’ll be a happy man. P.S. I think the outtakes would be better at the end of the show rather than the beginning.

Gjgidugy – This current fad will fade  (1 star)

Simply awful. Battles are unbalanced. You must pay to win. Play only if Pokemon is too sophisticated for you.


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