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This week on the show:


  • Thombie Themed Birthdays…
  • Wedding Invitations: Unnecessarily Complicated


  • More Rules, More Rewards, More Donations!
  • Clash Royale – That’s Billions… with a B.

Helsinki Tournament 2016

  • Thoughts and observations on the 1st official tournament.
  • Breakdown of how the tourney was setup:
    • Quarter Finals Winners – Naazime, Steroidi69, Jason, Elfe
    • Semi Finals Winners – Steroidi69, Jason
    • Finals Champion – Jason
  • A full deconstruction of Jason’s 9-0 Deck:
    • Elixir Collector
    • Minion Horde
    • Hog Rider
    • Giant
    • Spear Goblins
    • Archers
    • Barbarians
    • Arrows
  • Analysis of Steroidi’s 3 decks:
    • Deck 1: Mortar, Elixir Collector, Ice Wizard, Zap, Skeletons, Tesla, Inferno Tower, & Minion Horde
    • Deck 2: P.E.K.K.A, Goblins, Princess, Freeze, Tesla, Wizard, Three Musketeers, & Fireball
    • Deck 3: Tesla, Minion Horde, Hog Rider, Fireball, Barbarians, Zap, Goblins, & Freeze

Clan Updates

  • Minimum 1 donation/week is the new clan membership fee 🙂
  • New dedicated Clan page on our website to set the foundation for expanding.

Emails & Reviews

Emails (4)

Lori W. – Tournament Rules

Hi guys,

Love the show. Just wondering if you had seen the blog post about Tournament Rules and what you think of their proposed level caps.

I think it’s interesting at least in the sense that it gives you an idea what appropriate level gaps between common, rare, etc levels should be in your deck.

Like, based on this, I would want to phase out an epic that was level 1 or 2 if my commons and rares were at 8 and 6.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Aaron B.

Hey guys I have a question for you… So I really enjoy a lot of games that can get quite competitive such as Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, because of this I tend to try to make my decks as efficient as possible. So are there cards that are simply better than others and what is the best way to maximize the quality of  my deck?

Side Note: have you guys considered doing a deck spotlight where you take a deck that is strong this patch and break it down explaining each card in it and how to play it?

Great show, you guys sound like professionals already.


How do I join the clan? I’m a big fan of the podcast!

Colton J

Hey! Colton here, just wondering if you would accept me into the clan.. I enjoy the Podcast. What I want to hear on the show is you guys talking about your own experiences in the game and maybe do a few battles and commentate on them.. That would be interesting. Thanks!

Reviews (3)

KennedyClub BOOM! (5 Stars)

This is the easiest 5 star rating I’ve ever given. I’m blown away (pun intended) by the level of professionalism, clear communication, quality, and organization of this podcast. I could not recommend it enough for any Clash Royale player no matter how casual or competitive the level of your play is. Keep going guys! You truly have something special here.

Mezegis – Nice to have casters we can relate to (5 Stars)

Loving the cast guys, and the casual atmosphere. I have atched the game played elsewhere, and those players always have maxed cards and Legendaries to play with. It’s nice to hear from people like myself who haven’t dumped thousands of dollars on a phone game. I look forward weekly for you next cast, and just wanted to say keep up the good work.

XcMtbEspo – Great sound and chemistry (5 Stars)

First I’d like to thank you all for the shout out and for making such a great podcast. You sound great and work well on air. Keep up the great work and continue having fun. Espo from Legend of the Innkeeper.


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