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This week on the show:


  • We played a lot of Clash Royale this week
  • Bachelor party weekend and tons of food!


  • We touch on the upcoming live Spectator mode
  • Thoughts on tournament rules for friendly battles

Arena Round-Up

  • Arena 1 – Goblin Stadium
    • Spear Goblins
    • Goblins
    • Valkyrie
    • Lightening
    • Goblin Barrel
    • Goblin Hut
  • Arena 2 – Bone Pit
    • Skeletons
    • Minions
    • Giant Skeleton
    • Balloon
    • Tombstone
    • Bomb Tower

Emails & Reviews

Emails (3)

Thomas W. – Podcast

Hello cast Royale Podcast,

I love listening to your podcast and keep up the great work!


Hey! Love the podcast and a new player to Clash Royale. My buddy and I are looking for a clan and I was wondering if we could join your guys clan. Thanks!

FlashInYeva – Question for the show

Hey guys, loving the podcast and enjoying my time in the clan as FlashInYeva.

I am very new to the game and have a strategy question. Would you say that I am better off upgrading all of the cards that I have so that I level up my towers and such, or is it better to only level the cards that you regularly use? Not sure which will put me in a better spot over all as cards continue to become more and more expensive to upgrade.

Side note: I broke down and spent a few dollars so that I have a larger pile of gold but I dont want to dump it into cards that dont get used outside of arenas 2-4 since im assuming those are the “beginner” arenas?

Reviews (5)

antchmayo – Excellent clash cast (5 Stars)

A great show that really helps explain the basic core play of clash royale. Keep up the awesome work guys!

GUAC clan – EMPYREAN’ #20UVPC2 – Great podcast ! (5 Stars)

I use to love listening to clash of clan podcasts but since royale came out I’m pretty much done with clash of clans. I was very glad to find a clash royale. Thanks guys!

Lady_Law – Very relatable (5 Stars)

From the first test episode you guys made me feel right at home and the way you talked about your own experience made me think, “Oh good, I’m not alone!” You continue to provide a true casual perspective and I love that this has the feel that we as listeners can learn and grow with you as the game and our understanding of it continues to evolve. Thank you for taking things slow and through the basics and keeping it real for the casual player.

Pedreska – Awesome! (5 Stars)

Being such a novel game, it’s awesome that you are making a podcast for players that seek help or simply are part of the hype!

Yt 35 – Good, could be great (5 Stars)

Should be pretty good if the guys ever stop defining what the troops are as if listeners have never played the game. Get past the kindergarten level soon please. Other than that, enjoying the jersey pronunciation of hog rida and the trouble with the word hearthstone, over and over. Will be good if they ever get into higher level discussions.



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