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Morani Music

It certainly didn’t take long before we forgot our troubles for a moment, and got lost in the ‘bright melodies and happy synths’ of Morani’s original song, “Bring Me Life“. But that only scratches the surface of why we’ve partnered with songwriter, and the creative mind behind this electronic dance music passion project, Daniel G.

Almost a decade ago, at 14 years old, Daniel began creating music with his younger brother as a fun way to practice together. They would go on to write and collaborate for nearly two years, until at the age of 16, Daniel lost his brother to a terrible, terrible tragedy. During that time, crafting songs became a huge cornerstone in Daniel’s life and as he began to pour his emotions into his music, he also found a way to cope with the pain of his loss. Years later, pushing his passion for writing further, he began publishing his original work under the artist name, Morani, who’s positive vibes and uplifting tones echo the music he and his brother composed when they were only just kids. Today, Daniel believes (and is honestly living proof) that music can make a difference and why he reached out to us in the first place. Being impacted by a similar tragedy long ago, it is our hope that his songs comfort, inspire, and help others get lost, even if only for a moment.

Daniel (aka BACH) is a Patron, a community member of the Cast Royale Discord, and a clanmate in Cast Royale 1!

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