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Happy Birthday rendition by Eduard of Eleven Music Project:


Our Weeks in the Arena

Joe: ~5118 now

  • Balloon cycle
  • Clan: 6425

Rob: ~4300 this season

  • Ice Wiz from CRL Challenge Chest
  • Clan: 6911 trophies!!!




  • Trade & Upgrade Shop deals
  • CRL Challenge Results
  • 2v2 Draft Challenge

Interview! (00:10:48)

  • Rob and Joe discuss Clash Royale and beyond with Clash with Ash!

Twitter: @CWA

Youtube: CWA Mobile Gaming

Instagram: Clash_with_Ash

Facebook: clashwithashofficial

Deck Spotlight


Big Royal (3.9 AEC)

Cards: Royal Giant, Mega Minion, Barbarians, Baby Dragon, Barbarian Barrel, Poison, Tornado, and Furnace

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is a lower skill cap deck, but extremely powerful. The goal is to set up the furnace for some good chip damage and force some answer out of your opponent. Also the furnace is just really good because it’s pretty tacky and defensive so it’s a really safe play. The deck is totally and completely chip, and defend. Use each of your cards wisely to defend and then go on the counter push with the royal giant. If you play this deck too offensively and don’t focus on the defense nature you will run short on damage and the elixir will feel missing. You need to play the furnace, focus on chipping, and then counter hard with the Royal giant. You’ll only need around 5-10 games before you start to feel confident with the deck. Take it for a spin and see how it works! Good luck in the battle! Boom!


From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You to everyone who has helped us get to this milestone. We are forever grateful. Boom!

– Rob & Joe

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