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Our Weeks In The Arena

Joe: ~4500 now

  • Work…
  • Balloon cycle
  • Clan: 5200

Rob: ~4438 this season

  • Ram Rider from War Chest
  • Ram Rider from Season Draft Chest
  • Got Emote from Challenge
  • Clan: 5590


  • Lunar New Year Event – Year of the Pig
    • New Emotes
    • Exclusive Shop Offers
    • New Hog Race Challenge
  • New Season Tourney

Game Update Discussion

  • New Arena: Spooky Town
  • New Card: Wall Brakers
  • New Game Modes
    • Year of the Hogs
    • Mini Collection
  • Game Impovements



Boom It or Moob It

  1. Musketeer: Damage +3%
  2. Three Musketeers: Elixir Cost increased 9 -> 10
  3. Freeze: Damage -6%, Freeze Duration Reduced 5.0sec -> 4.0sec
  4. Cannon Cart: Hit Speed faster 1.3 -> 1.2
  5. Knight: Hitpoints +2.5%
  6. Dart Goblin: Hit Speed slower 0.65sec -> 0.7sec
  7. Clone: New Clone placement (Clone now placed behind Cloned troop)


Meta Check


The Meta Check is brought us by our boy Sir Devon (LloydChristmas)!! Let’s look at a few of the “studs and duds” for this meta check!


  • Knight
  • Log
  • Skeletons
  • Princess

Meta Check Trivia: INSANITY MODE!!


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Deck Spotlight


Go Getta Golem (4.1 AEC)

Cards: Golem, Cannon Cart, Baby D, Lumberjack, Mega Minion, Barbarian Barrel, Poison, Tornado

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is an absolute powerhouse. The goal with this deck is simple, generate elixir advantages on defense by defending with cheaper cost troops (like the barbarian barrel, the mega minion, etc.) in order to efficiently defend, along with your tower. Allow yourself to take a little bit of tower damage at the benefit of gaining elixir advantages.

Once you have an elixir advantage, the goal is to develop the offensive destruction that your opponent can’t defend against. Start off with the Golem in the back, behind your king tower. Once that’s dropped down, drop the Lumberjack or Cannon Cart (whichever is available). Next, you’ll want to pause, and see what your opponent throws down. If they throw little troops at the bridge, be sure to barbarian barrel them and keep your cannon/lumberjack alive. If they use musketeers/executioners, etc – be sure to drop down the baby dragon, and tornado everything DIRECTLY ONTO your golem. By doing this, your opponent will take splash damage from the tornado, splash from the baby dragon, AND splash from the death damage of the big golem as well. Basically, their defensive troops are rendered useless and/or dead! If, for some reason, you’re unable to get the tornado value that you’re looking for (or if you used your tornado too early, be sure to use the poison to help kill your opponents defenses and facilitate the offensive push.

Keep in mind, that this deck DOES NOT have an elixir pump – so if you defend your opponent’s pushes inefficiently or ineffectively, you will find that you won’t have the elixir to develop your own offensive beatdown-style pushes. This deck is a 3-crown specialty, so don’t be afraid to take some damage on your tower. Remember, a little damage doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re gaining elixir advantages while doing it. Your large / huge pushes won’t be easy to overcome by your opponent. Take this deck for a spin and see how it works – it usually take about 20 games before you start to feel comfortable with this deck, so don’t be afraid of a few losses to start while you learn. Boom!


None this week 🙁

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