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Our Weeks in the Arena

  • Joe: ~4822 now
    • Work… and more work!
    • Double elixir global challenge
    • Clan: 4906
  • Rob: ~4527 this season
    • Mega Knight from War Chest
    • Clan: 4969


  • Tourneys
    • Sudden Death
    • Double Elixir
  • Stock up on Gems and Goal Deals!
    • Tiered!
  • Mountains of Gold Draft Challenge
  • Weekly Reddit Updates

Covering the below on the next episode, since we recorded before the announcement =(

January Game Update

  • New Arena
    •  “Spooky Town” at 3600 Trophies
    •  Legendary Arena new moved to 4000 Trophies
    •  All chests above 4k Trophies now contain more cards and gold
  • New Card
    •  Wall Breakers!! 
  • Two New Game Modes
    •  Year of the Hogs
    •  Mini Collection
  • Improvements
    • Trading UI
    • Max Losses for Private Tournies
    • Private Tournies auto-share in Clan Chat
    • Clan Recommendations now include those with your friends in it!

Meta Check


The Meta Check is brought us by our boy Sir Devon (LloydChristmas)!! Let’s look at a few risers and fallers for this meta check!



  • Baby Dragon
  • Mortar (Zap/Log bait combos)


  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Rage
  • Goblin Hut
  • Elite Barbarians
  • Clone
  • Cannon Cart
  • Bomb Tower


Meta Check Trivia: Expert Mode!!


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings


We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Rob – Crown, 1 Big Dog
  2. Joe – Crown, 3 Big Dogs

Deck Spotlight


Aerial Assault (3.7 AEC)

Cards: Lavahound, Minion Horde, Minions, Inferno Dragon, Miner, Fireball, Barbarian Barrel, Mirror


Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is taken from Ragnar, from Cast Royale 2! This deck is the definition of an aerial assault. The key with the deck is to get the lava hound down. Then you’re going to want to bait out your opponents spell or big air threat with a minion horde or minions. Once they use the counter – be sure to throw down the OTHER answer (minion horde or minions). Then you can mirror it again. THEN when the hound pops – you’ll have even MORE threats on the tower.

When this happens, be sure to throw the miner onto the tower so that the pups and minions have a built in tank and your opponent will have to use their elixir inefficiently in order to answer their tower before it dies. The miner can also tank against an executioner, or a wizard, but be sure to turn them around (get behind them) so that they don’t splash-kill your pups/minions.Barbarian barrel should be used to snipe air counters with bad placement, like musketeer, wizard, witch, etc. Also great for goblin gang and dart goblin.

If you’re versing a bait style deck, be sure to save the barrel to counter your opponents goblin barrel – or it will slowly kill your tower. Inferno dragon should really only be used defensively and then to go on the counter push. Using it on offense is just usually a bad idea. Fireball should be used to facilitate the offensive push when needed, but can also be used for defense. Use your spell sparingly. Take the deck for a spin – and give it about 15 games before you feel truly comfortable with it. Boom!


A huge shout out to this week’s newest patron!!!

David S. BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! <3

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