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Our Weeks In The Arena

Joe: ~5130 now, Master 1

  • New PB!!! For the first time in over a year
  • Working on fireball to level 11…
  • Clan sitting around 2300 trophies
  • MiniBoom!
  • Supercell ID

Rob: 4803 this season

  • Bats almost maxed
  • Princess from a war chest!
  • Warless Weekends
  • MiniRug!
  • Clan sitting pretty w/ +2,000 trophies


  • Hot Fix on the Recruits
    •  Rum Ham Reddit Post, and our thoughts
    •  Refund Gems!
  • Royal Recruit Practice Challenge
  • Ideas for the game:
    • Customizable emotes?
    • War Deck Bulletin Board 
    • Legendary Day!
  • CRL Status
  • AROD

Boom It or Moob It


August 6th Balance Changes

  1. Inferno Dragon: Range decreased 4.0 → 3.5, can be knocked back
  2. Royal Hogs: First attack faster
  3. Baby Dragon: Hit Speed faster 1.6sec → 1.5sec, can be knocked back
  4. Knight: Damage +5%
  5. Tesla: Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hit Speed slower 1sec → 1.1sec
  6. Bomb Tower: Elixir cost decreased 5 → 4, Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hitpoints -33%
  7. Cannon Cart: Cannon Lifetime longer 20sec → 30sec, transforms into Cannon faster, immune to knock back
  8. Balloon: Can be knocked back
  9. King Tower: Damage increased to match Princess Towers

How about a grade?

Meta Check


The Meta Check is brought to us by our boy LloydChristmas (Sir Devon!) – Let’s look at the numbers! What’s going on in the arena?


  • Fireball usage has gone up tremendously!
  • Poison is down
  • Rocket… down
  • Lightning? What’s that?
  • Royal Ghost!
  • Royal Recruits

Meta Check Trivia?

  • Devon hits us with meta check trivia to test our (Rob’s) knowledge of the cards in the game! Three Rounds. Let’s Go!


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Deck Spotlight


Raging Hog (3.3 AEC)

Cards: Hog Rider, Inferno Dragon, Lumber Jack, Ice Golem, Guards, Minions, Fireball, and Zap

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: At 3.3 AEC, this deck is super fast. It is a cycle hog, cycle deck. As said by the name, there’s a little bit of Rage – with the lumberjack. Once you defend, the offensive counter push potential is insane. The LJ dies as a kamikaze and creates the perfect boost for your hog rider to sprint over to the tower and destroy.

Defend with this deck. Playing it too offensively will leave you with little elixir, and awkward hands to defend. Playing this deck defensively will allow you to properly develop positive elixir trades while setting up a counter push that is very difficult for your opponent to deal with. The guards, minions, and LJ all have great counter push potential. If you can bait our your opponents spells while defending, it makes going on the offensive counter push even that much easier.

The Ice Golem acts as a great meat shield for your hog rider, making it hard for your opponent to properly defend it. Once the offensive counter push is on the other side of the map, be sure to have the zap and/or fireball ready to facilitate the offensive push. Remember, the key with this deck is simple, 1) Distract, 2) Defend, then 3) Commit HARD! This deck is at the tippy top of the ladder and we know it works well! The skill cap with this deck is high, so don’t be upset if you lose a few games while learning the ins and outs of it! BOOM!


A huge shout out to this week’s newest patron!!!

Jim M. <3 BOOM!!!!!

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