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Our weeks in the arena!

Joe: Currently at 4800 Trophies, still using the Mortar Mauler

  • Rascals to level 9
  • Won 3x elixir challenge
  • We made it to Gold!

Rob: Hovering around 4200

  • We made it to Gold!
  • Third tier of the 3x challenge
  • Ice Wizard from SMC
  • Rocket almost max!




  • Radio TV Royale
  • Collection Day Game Modes!
    • New mode: Classic Deck Mode
  • New update doesn’t support iOS 8 or lower or Android 4.0.4 below
    • If you have this issue – get a new phone

June (Summer) Update (Xx)

  • New chest Rewards
    • Makes it easier to level up gold/epic cards!
    • More GOLD!!
    • Giving us less commons!
    • Double the chance of getting cards you don’t have a lot of!
  • Two new cards
    • Giant Snowball (2 Cost Common)
      • Knock back, slow down, AOE
    • Royal Hogs (5 Cost Rare)
      • 4 Hogs, attacks buildings
  • New card incoming in July
  • Changing where card unlocks occur, and in which arena
  • Changing league reset points!
    • Trophies above 4K, will be reduced in half!
  • Ladder OT: 3 minutes!
  • Replays of war day battles
  • Spectate enemy matches!
  • Highlight war tab until game is played!
    • Missed a war battle? You’ll receive a pop up reminder next time!
  • EMOTES!!!!! BOOM!!!
    • 3 bucks a pop? Let’s go!

Boom It or Moob It


6/20 Balance Update

  1. Clone/Heal: Radius increased 3 -> 4
  2. Minions/Minion Horde: Added 0.15sec Deploy Time between each Minion
  3. Barbarian Barrel: Area Damage +17%, Barbarian spawn location visible
  4. Jump/Dash Minimum Range: Standardized to 3.5 (Mega Knight: 4 -> 3.5; Bandit: 3.5 -> 3.5 [no change])
  5. Charge Up Distance: Standardized to 3.5 (Battle Ram: 4 -> 3.5; Prince: 2.5 -> 3.5; Dark Prince: 2.5 -> 3.5)
  6. Mirror: Will no longer appear in opening hand
  7. Bug Fixes: Magic Archer will no longer extend his range and accidentally wake up the King & Buildings will no longer occasionally stop shooting at the edge of their range


Meta Check


Rob and Joe discuss the current Meta, brought to us by our boy Lloyd Christmas (Devon):

Win Condition Troops:

  • Giant – 22.7%
  • Hog Rider – 16.4%
  • Three Musketeers – 9%

Win Condition Buildings:

  • Mortar – 9%
  • Goblin Hut – 3%

Win Condition Support Troops:

  • Goblin Gang – 28.4%
  • Battle Ram – 16.7%
  • Minion Horde – 15.7%
  • Musketeer – 5.3%
  • Rascals – 2%


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Deck Spotlight


The Little Rascals (3.5 AEC)

Cards: Rascals, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Princess, Royal Ghost, Poison, The Log, and Inferno Tower

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This is the deck that Joe used in the 3x challenge to get twelve wins. 4 of the 8 cards are bait style cards, and if you include the inferno tower in that count, over 50% can be considered zap bait.

Since it is only 3.5 elixir you can cycle rather quickly. This deck also has two tanks – the rascal boy, and the Royal Ghost. This deck is a really difficult deck to master, but is ultimately an extremely strong deck. So high skillcap, high reward. At 10 elixir best move is to use princess on the lane your opponent isn’t attacking. No princess? Cycle a bait cards slowly until they make a move. 

Save the rascals for heavy hitting troops, or troops that deal AOE damage. They are best used against dark princes, wizards, Pekkas, etc. These rascals will typically bait out a log or a poison. To prevent massive value for your opponent make sure your princess and rascals are NEVER on the same side of the map. If you do this – you will have a much better chance of winning. Inferno tower should be used in the middle of the map to draw in a golem, hog, giant, etc. wait for the zap, then throw your goblins gang down for some added defense and distraction. 

When your opponent has damage dealing troops that are squishy behind his tank – like executioner, wizards, etc, be sure to use the Royal Ghost to kill them. When you have control on defense, use the goblin barrel as you’re transitioning to offense. The counter push potential with this deck is insane – especially if you catch them without a log or a zap to kill you goblin barrel. Don’t forget – the Royal Ghost and the little boy rascal can be tanks for your goblin barrel. Time this well for some extra and heavy damage on your opponents tower. Poison on offense or defense, but it’s best used to assist the offensive push if your opponent is using squishies to defend it! Same with log. 

Be a little rascal! Annoy, distract, spread out, and win. BOOM!!


None this week 🙁

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