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Our weeks in the arena

Joe: Currently at 4900 Trophies, still using the mortar mauler

  • Level 13!
  • Ice Golem is next!
  • 1300+ clan war trophies!

Rob: Hovering around 4200

  • Season end at 4500+
  • Got the rascals
  • Rocket almost maxed
  • Princess from crown chest




  • Monthly balance changes
  • Gold rush
  • Touchdown challenge!
  • Collection day game modes
    • Whoops! They did replace the old modes. The more you know 🙂
  • CRL in Latin America

Complexity Interview!

  • We welcome Matt Rutledge, Director of Mobile Gaming at Complexity!
  • Some topics discussed:
    • History of Matt Rutledge
    • Favorite card and why?
    • Role at Complexity
    • eSports and the Mobile Gaming Industry
    • Building a team
    • Live events and a thriving community

Boom It or Moob It


6/4 Balance Update

  1. Spear Goblins: Damage +34%, Hit Speed slower 1.2sec -> 1.7sec, first attack slower
  2. Goblin Hut: Lifetime shorter 60sec -> 50sec (2 less spawn, and round 100 damage less)
  3. Mega Knight: Jump/Spawn Damage +23%, Area Damage -7.5%
  4. Barbarians: Hit Speed faster 1.5sec -> 1.4sec
  5. Battle Ram: Can be knocked back (by Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, etc.)
  6. Royal Ghost: Invisibility delay increased 1.2sec -> 1.6sec
  7. Wizard: Area Damage +2%, Area Damage radius +25%
  8. Valkyrie: Hitpoints +7%, first attack faster
  9. Ice Golem: Hitpoints -5%

Meta Check


Rob and Joe discuss the current Meta, brought to us by our boy Lloyd Christmas (Devon):

Top rate cards (excluding troop win conditions) to level up, listen to find out why!

  • Fireball – The most important Rare to level up
  • Mega Minion – For just about any deck you want to put together
  • Ice Golem – ‘The Great Deflector’
  • Elixir Collector – Gain the elixir advantage
  • Rocket – Deals an unmatched amount of damage to towers

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings


We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Rob – Crown & 2 big dogs
  2. Joe – Crown & 2 big dogs

Deck Spotlight


A Complexity Situation (4.4 AEC)

Cards: Golem, Baby Dragon, Prince, Dark Prince, Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, Zap, Tornado

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is the ultimate beatdown deck!  This deck is built to take some damage because it can deal even more damage! Goal with the deck is to develop an elixir advantage – you do this with either the elixir pump, or by defending with inexpensive cards (or just take some damage). Once the elixir advantage is built – use golem in the back. Follow that up with double prince. Then, use either mega minion or the baby dragon depending on what they throw down. Then use tornado to bring everything together – zap if needed – and watch it all melt!

This deck lacks a big money spell for huge value, so be sure to use your troops effectively to ensure you’re getting the most value out of them. If they don’t get to the tower – you get no damage! Learning how much damage this deck can take without defending will take some time – don’t worry about losing a few at first. It’s well worth learning the deck to steamroll the competition! – BOOM


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Brian W. BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! <3

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