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Joe: ~4612

  • Been using the Mortar Mauler!
  • Fireball is now level 9 – half way to level 10! (for my XBOW ladder deck)
  • Been prepping A LOT for the CRL tournament.

Rob: ~4300

  • Bought the Magic Archer
  • Got a log from Anniversary Magical Chest
  • Lumberjack from Crown Chest
  • Won Anniversary Challenge – Got Electro Wizard
  • Season End Draft Chest – Royal Ghost
  • Electro Wizard from Crown Chest


  • Anniversary Challenge
    • Retro Royale
    • Modern Royale
  • 2 Free Chest in Shop (Magical & Lightning)
  • BOOSTS!!!!
  • Pro Deck Challenge
  • eSports!
  • Clash Royale League Challenge

Meta Check

With the help of Lloyd Christmas, Rob & Joe bring you another edition of the Meta Check:

  • Mega Minion checks in as the number two card OVERALL these last 2 weeks. 
  • Dark Prince continues to maintain a strong pace this week.
  • Mortar has been atop the leaderboard at a respectable clip these last 2 weeks.
  • Fireball is finally starting to show some life, beating out Poison (and Rocket & Lightening combined) this last week.

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Rob – Crown, Clan, 2 big dogs
  2. Joe – Crown, Clan, 2 big dogs

Deck Spotlight


The Golden Ticket (4.0 AEC)

Cards: Flying Machine, Miner, Pekka, Goblin Hut, Royal Ghost, Zappies, Poison, and Zap

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: At 4.0 average elixir cost, this deck is a “typical” beatdown style deck. It has the power to completely destroy your opponent; however, this deck has the aspect of chip damage built in, with the miner, the poison, and the goblin hut! Yes – the goblin hut.

There is no pump in this deck, so you need to be sure to use this deck as a chip deck whenever possible on offense, to control your opponent’s moves. The goblin hut, the zappies and the flying machine, all call for either poison or fireball to be used against them. Be sure to bait out the spell from one of these, and then use troop placement to spread out the other cards and don’t allow your opponent to get huge spell value. If you do this correctly, your opponent will 1) not be able to effectively get to your tower on offense, and 2) not be able to effectively counter your counter-pushes when he’s on defense.

Be sure to use your royal ghost on offense to bait out your opponents tank or small annoying units. It’ll help remove this defense from your opponent when you do drop your PEKKA. PEKKA should be used DEFENSIVELY!! Using her for offense at the bridge is an easy way to take a big fat loss. This deck is your golden ticket to success in any kind of challenge, or tournament. Good luck – and BOOM!


Reviews (13)


BOOM!????????????? by Lil_Goblin, United States

Thank you guys for the great show! It’s hard to find a good podcast with no profanity etc . Thank you guys for letting us all in on new balance updates decks and more!! Btw you guys talk about free tournaments but you can look for a tournament for free I do that a lot for practice, the word I use is “the” it works well and I find lots of free practice. P.S. if you guys read this on the show read it with your guys weird accents ????

Easy 5 Star rating by EddieYT, Canada   

Hey! I just started listening around episode 56 and I am down at episode 47 now. Joe and Rob, you two are extremely professional, along with some humour, and i must admit, I really like it when you talk about the balance changes, as it really helps me know which cards will be more useful now. One problem, however. Why are your voices so similar?!? Grr… well, I guess you are brothers. BOOM!

Awesome by ThemPhantom Boi, United States   

It basically shows everything you need to survive in the ladder and it’s awesome ( what is the mortar mauler deck?) Oh and I think that the Mega Knight should be nerfed to death

Amazing by Foxgamer6000, Canada

Amazing podcast, amazing decks, and best of all, amazing BOOMS! I found this podcast on news royale so I’m still pretty new, but I love it already.

Cooler then fortnite? by Dabble ?-1885, United States

This podcast is AWESOME!! I started listening a few months ago. Took a few times, but then I was hooked! Rob And Joe do an outstanding job! The entire podcast is full of fun and interesting commentary, but I especially love the chest openings. I am very fortunate to be apart of Cast royale 2, which has been an amazing clan experience. The members are nice, and it is very family friendly. I am also apart of the cast royale discord. Lots of cool players giving advice and just talking about the game. Cast Royale is an amazing community and podcast, and I’m so happy to be apart of it. BOOM!!!!!!

This is the best pod cast royale I have ever listened to by Secretsam9, United States

Joe and rob boom are the best I love listening to their podcast boom while doing school if you could mention my name in the cast royale A-ROD my clan on clash royale is called secrets tower. Boom

Awesome synergy by Siva & Suba, United States

Hi rob/ ur podcast. Great synergy between two bros and love the deck spotlight and boom/noob

BOOM!! by CJMiller7, United States

This is a super great podcast very family friendly and amazing! Can you included this deck in the deck spotlight??? It’s Tesla, Xbow, Archers, Ice spirit, Knight, log, Arrows and rocket. It’s basically Mortar moller idk if I spelled that right ? oh well. You play the Xbow and Tesla up at the bridge with some low elixir troops. Normally this deck plays golem and mega knight beat down decks at least around 37,000 trophies. Keep up the good work and ?BOOM!!!!

I like chests and legendaries by Ldkdhjdi, United Kingdom


DECK SPOTLIGHT by Deadlyhamster 60, Australia

POISONED PIG!!! Miner Princess Hooooooog riiiiiiiiidaaaaaah Poison Minions Guards Mini Pekka Zap Feel free to alter this deck a bit since I’m only in frozen peak. First four cards attack, last four cards defence. Try to combo as many attack cards as possible, then cycle through and do it again. I tried freeze instead of poison first for a hog freeze but I much prefer poison. P.s. Guards could be replaced for skeleton army. GREAT SHOW GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep doin’ it like you do!

Best podcast ever by 1526372726172, Singapore

I was actually having trouble climbing in the ladder before I found this amazing podcast. When I found this podcast I manage to climb to arena 10 from 7. Keep up the good work and continue to boooooooom!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????? ?????????????????????

Like the commentary by EthanGamer44, United States   

No offense… I wonder how Rob would look like on camera because it’s always Joe…

Incredible podcast Thanks Guys by HaltBen2514, New Zealand

The podcast has amazing content whether it be chest openings or clash news you are looking for these guys have it. I have been a member on their discord for maybe a month and a half and I am enjoying the tourneys and family friendly banter. Basically what I’m trying to say is if you enjoy clash listen to the podcast, you won’t regret it. P.S I use a lavaloon (lavalava) which people may want to see it goes; lava hound, wizard, balloon, fireball, log, electro wizard, skeleton army, minion horde.


None this week 🙁

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