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Our weeks in the arena:

  • Joe: Currently at 4500 Trophies, still using the mortar mauler
  • Rob: Hovering around 4400
    • So close to level 13 Archers!
    • Got a graveyard from a Crown chest!
    • Hit new PB of 4816!!!


  • Sudden Death Challenge
  • Lunar New Year Challenge
    • Joe Won!
  • Balance Changes 2/12
    • Mega Knight: Spawn and Jump Damage -25%; Deployment radius reduced
    • Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count 8 → 6
    • Knight: Hitpoints -6%
    • Inferno Dragon: Switches between targets slower
    • Valkyrie: Hit Speed 1.5sec → 1.4sec
    • Bandit: Minimum Dash Range 4 → 3.5
    • Dark Prince: Hit Speed 1.4sec → 1.3sec; Hitpoints +5%

Boom It or Moob It

Magic Archer: Preparing for the Arena… TOOLTIP: Not quite a Wizard, nor an Archer – he shoots a magic arrow that passes through and damages all enemies in its path. It’s not a trick, it’s magic!

  1.  Legendary!
  2.  7 tiles to target, 11 tiles to hit
  3.  Targets ground and air
  4.  Dies to a fireball
  5.  Width of arrow’s area damage is unknown…

Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current Meta, brought to us by our boy Lloyd Christmas (Devon):

  • Ice, Ice, Baby
  • The Dark Knight Returns
  • I came in like a Fireball
  • No Larry? No problem!
  • Elixir Fixer

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  • Rob – Crown, Clan, 1 big dog
  • Joe – Crown, Clan, 3 big dogs

Deck Spotlight


Category 5 (4.1 AEC)

Cards: Golem, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, Guards, Log, Mega Minion, Rocket, and Tornado

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is a POWERHOUSE!! We called it category 5 and it’s no joke at all. The Golem is super tacky and super good int he current meta. And it also features the recently buffed, Dark Prince.

BUT – this deck doesn’t feature the elixir pump. So it’s not your “typical” beatdown deck. It’s only 4.1 cost is because of the Rocket – which is a really heavy spell. The rocket should be used sparingly, to kill pumps, or 3 musketeer. Normal push is to drop the Golem in the bank behind the king tower, and then drop your dark prince behind that. then… wait! Don’t use your mega minion too soon. You’ll want to use this card to target a specific defensive card dropped by your opponent. So make sure you hold off until you know where that card is. ALSO – Mega minion is the best defensive card you have in this deck – so be sure you have it when you need it most.

If no troops like this exist, and you’re not defending, have fun by dropping your baby dragon down. THEN – you’ll want to tornado EVERYTHING directly onto your golem. Because you’ll have AOE damage from the tornado itself + the baby dragon and dark prince. Also – when the golem dies, you want your opponents troops to be sitting on him, because the death damage is super powerful. Take this deck for a spin, and after a few tries, you’ll quickly see it turn into a Category 5 Hurricane. BOOM!

Tough matchups include: Log/Zap bait decks, and lava loon decks.


A huge shout out to this week’s newest patron!!!

Brian Van Buskirk!!! BOOM <3

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