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  • Rob: Hovering around 4500
    • Princess!
    • Night Witch!
    • Bought the Royal Ghost from Shop
    • First Lightning Chest Experience
  • Joe: Currently at 4600 Trophies, still using the mortar mauler


  • Ramp Up Challenge
  • 2v2 Practice Challenge
  • Touchdown!!!! BOOM!!
  • Stats Royale
    • Bomb Tower
    • Cannon Cart

Boom It or Moob It

  1. If you finish a Quest while in a match the game should notify you when completed.
  2. As clan leaders, we should have the ability to delete specific chat messages.
  3. The Zappies should die to a fireball.
  4. The flying Machine is a viable card in the current meta.


Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current Meta, brought to us by our boy Lloyd Christmas (Devon):

  • Royal Ghost…… IT’S EVERYWHERE!!
  • Zaps are in, Logs are out!
  • Lightning is fading away.
  • Inferno Dragon vs. Inferno Tower. Which is better?
  • Building use rates over the period tell an interesting story!


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.

Deck Spotlight


Golem McStrollem (4.3 AEC)

Cards: Golem, Witch, Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, Poison, Zap, Ice Golem, Mini PEKKA

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: Be sure to check out a clip of how to play this deck on YouTube as we took the deck into a few GC’s to showcase how it’s best played!! 

This deck is a MONSTER Beatdown archetype deck and best of all, contains ZERO legendaries! The Deck features a pump, which means the goal is to gain positive elixir advantages so that your opponent gets overwhelmed with the size of your push, and cannot defend it well. The key with the deck, is to actually generating positive elixir trades. You can do this by defending minimally, and allowing your tower to take some damage. If you do this correctly, your towers take small damage, while you generate positive elixir trades PLUS you get elixir from your pump. Then – you want to drop the Golem in the back behind the king tower.

Next, you will want to drop your witch in the back corner (same side as your Golem). From there, you want to wait to see what your opponent down. Depending on what they use, you will drop your mini Pekka, mega minion, zap, or poison. Poison should be used for swarmy type units, while the zap should be used for small annoying troops (like the skellies), OR the inferno dragon. Mini Pekka is played best on Defense because it offers tremendous counter push potential. Mega minion offers great value on both offense and defense. Just make sure not to group up all your troops in one small place, otherwise poison will destroy you.

Take the tower, and keep up the pressure. DON’T cycle pumps… rarely will you need more than one to make your big push happen. If you happen to be in a position to have more than one, you can do two of them at once – but just don’t keep doing that – otherwise you’ll never be playing your win condition, and thus never attacking their towers.


Reviews (3)

Better than Football by GXBGYF Netherlands 

Hi Guys, I really love your podcast. I’m a casual player your age, is it al makes a lot of sense. I often listen to you guys when I’m on my bike cycling to work. I have people looking at me strange for laughing out loud on my bike all the time. Your fault. But….for the first time ever I have to disagree with your ‘moob’. There are way less CR players in the US then the rest of the world. So I think it is crazy to expect the worldwide season end to be on another day because of a so-called “sport” event. Really think about it. Nevertheless, I love your show, keep up the good work!! Greets Tim

A Gem in the World of Clash! by pixelwookie99, United States 

Your podcast is the BOMB! I love it! One of my favorite parts is when you guys do bloopers at the beginning of every episode. I liked the pod so much I subscribed on YouTube, and joined the Discord. Keep the wonderful cast coming. BOOM!

Missing strategy… by Sooppa1, United States 

They do a good job for what the podcast is – but wish they gave more intense strategy: tips, synergies, archetypes, how to defeat diff cards without a lot of other stuff (discussion of upcoming events, challenges) to wade through. There are blog posts online that cover this more advanced stuff, but nothing in podcast form. The meta check is useful. I know it says for casual users…but I think casual users would appreciate this stuff.


None this week 🙁

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