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Our weeks in the arena:

Joe: ~4200 trophies

  • Hit my PB of 5056!!! Draft Chest – got 24 XBOWs and also got a Mega Knight
  • Mortar Mauler
  • Been playing LOTS of classic challenges

Rob: ~4200 trophies

  • Hit my PB 4781 (finished 4646)
  • Got another log! (Finally lvl 3!)
  • Working on a variant of the mortar mauler
  • New shopping strategy


  • Gem Rush
  • Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge
    • Joe got the royal ghost
  • Modern Royale
    • ROB WON!!!!

Boom It or Moob It

  • In the new meta, Hog Rider seems to be more prevalent than ever. Hog Rider could use a small nerf.
  • The Giant Skeleton Bomb does not deal damage to the RG while he is in ghost mode.
  • The game needs the ability to share replays outside of the game using the share button.
  • Skeleton Barrel seem to be overtaking the meta.
  • This past season ended on New Year’s Eve, and next season will end on the SuperBowl…


Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Rob – Crown, Clan, 1 big dog
    • Client & Server are out of sync error
  2. Joe – Clan, 2 big dog

Deck Spotlight



Cards: Giant, Minions, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Sparky, Goblin Barrel, Zap, Ice Wizard

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is literally the epitome of a spell bait deck. These are the types of decks that make opponents very very mad =D

The Giant is used to tank, and the sparky, ironically can also be used to tank. This makes it unique, since it’s a spell bait deck that features two tank type units.

Ice wizard should be used for defensive purposes.  Then you play any card to bait out the spells of your opponent and find out what they are playing. Once you find out what they are playing, you can use your cards effectively to bait out their spells, and then BOOM – take advantage with your other cards. You need to be the most patient with your minion horde. If you notice that your opponent has either Arrows, Fireball, or poison, be sure to hold onto your minion horde until after they have used their counter spell.

Giant should be used in the back for most pushes; however, you can do fast pushes with the Giant at the river, along with a goblin barrel (if they use their log on something else).

This deck is a simple deck to use, and just keep in mind the best thing to do is to annoy the living daylights out of your opponent. It’s a fun deck, don’t take it too seriously. Also – since all the cards in the deck can be used at Arena 6, most people should be able to play this deck at lower level arenas!

Good luck, have fun, bait, and win! BOOM!

Reviews (5)

Love you guys!!!!!!! by poopface x treme, United States

Your podcast is so amazing!!!! I love the chest openings and the deck spotlights. I do have 2 requests, Please do more decks for lower arenas, and maybe do podcasts once a week if you can. Other than that, the podcast rocks!I listen to it all the time!!!! I do it any time I don’t have anything to do and sometimes even to go to sleep!!!!!! Boom. Wait, i can do better, B??m!! Wait,one last try, B???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Podcast by Crapp ripoff, United States

This is the podcast you’re looking for if you need Clash Royale information, strategy or humor. It is not the podcast you need for dessert reviews as they blasphemed against the great Flan. Hopefully they’ll be in South Florida some day and I can show them what a real Flan should taste like. Seriously though, a great Clash Royale podcast. Huge fan and wishing for many more podcasts to come.

PLEASE READ IN YOUR NEXT EPISODE!!! by Thanksagain!!, United States

First of all I want to thank both of you for doing these podcast! Currently I’m sitting above 3400 trophies because of one of the decks you recommended!!! I would please ask you to refer me and my brothers clan CTM/JAM. We started the clan about 3 months ago and have 13 members so far? we are struggling with it. Thanks so much for all that you do and I’m looking forward to more podcast!!! The clan tag is #8VV9L2YJ btw my gamer name is Colter_YT and my brothers is Jacob

Boom! And Boom!! by JayD32, United States

Making my annual Christmas road trip and taking you guys along! Been listening since last Christmas and still loving the show! Just wish I had a new show to listen to. Have a great holiday and booming new year!! Boom!!

INCREDIBLE by Fhydvyf, Canada

I love this podcast it is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, casual clash royale podcast.


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