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  • Rob: Hovering around 4300
    • Got another princess
    • 4,000 more gold for lvl 13 knight
    • 84 exp away from 12!
    • Unlocked the Skeleton Barrel
  • Joe: Currently at 4700 Trophies, still using the mortar mauler
    • Arrows are almost maxed!! 500 more!
    • 30k EXP from Level 13 king tower.
    • Been playing SO MUCH mirror friendly matches


    • CCGS Fall Finals took place
      • NA: MusicMaster
      • Euro: Loupanji
      • Latin America: Adrian Piedra
        • Colton Wall defeated Oxalate and will be in London for the December 3rd Arena finals.
  • Gold Rush
  • Touchdown is coming this weekend, per a tweet from CR. FINALLY
  • Skeleton Barrel
    • Overall thoughts on the card? (Cost, rarity, etc.)
    • Types of decks it works well in?
      • Easiest ways to:
        • Use the card
        • Defend against the card

Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current meta, brought to us by Lloyd Christmas!

On this special Meta Check, we compare how the Cast Royale clans’ top decks, compare to the top of the global ladder. What’s different? What’s the same? and What’s in between? We talk through it all.

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.


Boom It or Moob It

  1. There needs to be at least one more way to gain Experience in this game.
  2. Royale GG needs a nerf!
  3. As right now the game/meta can feel stale at times, as such there should be less time between new cards being released.
  4. The game should have a basic (i.e. not complicated) Talent Tree for things like, decreasing chest timers, increasing gold per match, increasing exp per updgrade/donation, etc.

Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1.  Joe
  2.  Rob

Deck Spotlight


Hogwarts (3.0 AEC)

Cards: Hog Rider, Mini Pekka, Bats, Ice Spirit, Log, Princess, Ice Golem, and Rocket

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck, is the ultimate hog cycle deck, and can be seen as the current or modern day version of the 2.6 hog cycle deck that was very popular a few months ago. The hog and mini pekka are great options for offense. BUT the mini pekka should really be used on defense, to then go on the counter attack. The bats, ice spirit, log, and ice golem should all be used on defense; however, they can also assist your hogs offensive push if you need it or can take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

Ultimately, you play your hog rider, and then out cycle with your cheap costing defenses to cycle back to your hog rider as fast as you possibly can. The offensive push, if developing more than the hog push, is to put the princess in the back behind the king tower, and use the golem in the middle of the area to prevent damage on your towers. At the end of the game, turn this deck into a rocket cycle deck, to destroy your opponent before they can destroy you.

Tip: DON’T use the rocket/hog prediction combo. It costs 10, and very rarely works. If you miss the combo, it’s almost impossible to come back from. Play the deck fast, and defend efficiently to keep the hog pushes going.

Reviews (23)

Taco-boom review by leo-matus Mexico 

Hey guys, i found out about you since Clash Royale news. i really enjoy hearing your podcast, always looking forward to hearing the next one. Congratulations for your success! Now I’m part of the community on Discord @leo-matus. I write you from Mexico ??!! Boooom ??? I’ve been wondering if im the only Latin -American listener. Do you know if there’s another?

Informative and Fun by PCmeetsApple United States    

I played clash royale at launch, but fell off after a few months. Then, I saw a father and son playing 2v2 last summer, and immediately re-downloaded the game. So much had changed since I last played that I didn’t know up from down. I looked for a resource and you were the first and best option I found. I love your chemistry as brothers, because my best 2’s partner is mine. Keep up the good work. PS I just started a clan called HypnoThighs and would love to fill out the last nine spots with people from the community. PPS Bada-Bada-BOOM!

Boom by Tim1015 United States 

Great podcast keep up the goodwork fellas

Astounding Podcast!! 2x BOOM! by Gottimafia United States 

Excellent podcast. I have been listening since day 1 and it’s only getting better. Everything from chest openings to deck spotlights is a joy to listen to. Keep up the great work! I look forward to the episodes every 2 weeks!! MB.

Read this on recording by Possom716 United States 

This is possom716 and I have to say this is the beat podcast not only in clash Royale.this is the only podcast I listen to, love it,boom boom boom boom

Love Cast Royale! by RedBlueCarrots Australia 

I have been playing clash Royale since February 2017. I found this podcast about 1 month ago, and I think I have already listened to half of the podcasts! You 2 do such a great and entertaining job. Keep up the great work!

Wow by PianoBrothers United States 

Very well done! You deserve supercells support! Everything in the podcast is great, starting from beggining to end. I especially love the deck spotlights because it allows me to reach trophie counts i cannot describe. Im currently in cast royale 6, and i love the clan system, so everyone can be on the team! Thanks and see you in the arena!

Nice podcast by Fredzak Netherlands 

Hi guys great podcast i actually use it to fall asleep at night so keep it up Btw greetings form holland P.s. boom

Not to be Cliche But I wish I Had More Stars by NinjaRelish United States 

I’ve listened to every episode you’ve done since you popped into news royale and soon, into my heart. I love the brotherly love that you two share and all of the information about this amazing game that you guys pour out into each episode I wish I had a machine that erased my memory so I could re-listen to each episode. I am always waiting for the next episode and until next time Mortar Mauler for life. Boom. P.s. please do more Twitch streams you have my subscription. Boom. (again).

Booooooooooooooooom!!!!??? by duckeydude United States 

By far the best podcast for clash royale keep up the work guys! Boom?

Royale on! by Silvercyclops United States 

You guys are very funny! Sound is great and your decks sound amazing! You guys totally need to start a YouTube!!!! Royale on!

Amazing Podcast by Phikoo United States 

Joe and Rob (because I’m a little brother too) You guys are amazing and this podcast is as well! I am a member of Cast Royale 3. This is such a great Clash Royale podcast for anyone who plays the game! I love the chemistry between you two, and you bring such great content to us with humor as well as expertise. I have found myself using BOOM in everyday conversations and I have been waiting for a chance to tell my older brother that “little brother never leads”! I have listened to every episode in the last couple weeks once I discovered the podcast and now that I’m caught up I find myself at a loss for what to listen to on my commute because nothing compares to your podcast! Thanks for all you do! BOOM!! -Phil (in game name is Pharmassist-because I’m actually a pharmacist in real life lol) P.S. Joe, a line I’ve used with my older brother is, “Monkey see, monkey do, and often, do better.” Feel free to steal that one!

BOOM by Azek86 United States 

Love indulging my geekiness about the deep ins and outs of clash with these two clowns. Very helpful info to take your game to the next level while being thoroughly entertained. Keep it up, guys!

GREAT Podcast! by YA BOI B??M United States 

Love the podcast have been watching you guys on and off since episode 2 Cast Royale helps me w/ the strategy and intricacies of Clash Royale. At the moment I’m working on starting a competitive Clan called Crim if you could give it a shoutout that would just be beautiful Clan tag:#99QJU9PG

Excellent Fun Podcast by MrGabeD United States 

A fun podcast to represent a very fun game! These guys keep the podcast moving with their opinions on nuances of the game, latest tournaments and updates with lots of polish and flair. (Boom!) My favorite part of the podcast is the deck spotlights! More please! Keep up the great work!

The only Clash Royale podcast you’ll need by Mr Stick1er United States 

Rob and Joe are the Boom brothers and they always bring a family friendly and entertaining podcast for the Clash Royale mobile game we all love. I’ve listened to every episode and was lucky enough to become a part of the discord family and Cast Royale 2 clan. Since listening over the past few months I’ve gone from struggling at 3200 trophies to reaching the 4K club with the tips and advice I have gained from the podcast episodes and amazing community that Cast Royale has grown into. Keep up the good work gents. BOOM -Mr Stick1er

From France with love by Tak•Tak France 

I’m sharing the game also with my little brother and I wish we had the complicity rob and joe demonstrate on each podcast. Their inside jokes between the booms are always ending in laughter and they always give us some insightful advices. Also, thank you guys for being as you are : casually professional podcasters. You made me love the game even more. Boom ?

Great podcast by Nzl Bear New Zealand 

Hey guys love the podcast especially the chest openings they are almost as good as opening your own chest

Quality show! Very fun and entertaining by Odeumm United States 

Very good production, high energy, and fun to listen to. Only thing I personally don’t like is the chest openings. Still a 5 star rating though. Boom! 🙂

5 stars? Nope: PENTABOOM! by Me238t United States 

Thank y’all for doing this! Every two weeks I find myself incessantly refreshing my podcasts waiting for the boom brothers. As I get closer to matching your trophy counts I’d expect to learn less every week, but y’all transcend Clash Royale. Even when I’m not learning about a deck to try or game tips, I’m learning! I’m not the only one that gets moob chests. I’m not the only one working full time and trying to spend time with my family while still investing in a game we love. I listen because y’all are fun, real, relatable and are dedicated to what this podcast is: a podcast for casual players (and a hodgepodge of everything). Even moving a little past casual but no where close to competitive, I’m still captivated. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you guys do for this community. -fadedsun -Hog Wild Royale #UULRCR (Spots open up every week. 10/10 clan chests. Just donate and contribute crowns. Looking for 3000+) (Also if you read this please say “hog rider.” Best sound in the game. Love saying it, love hearing it, even my wife cracks up).

Great job guys! by Blliss Australia 

I’m a casual player ( I sit around 4K trophies) and just started listening to podcasts (I’m old, gimme a break). Really enjoyed the format and I actually got some tips to improve my play. I tried Kaisers deck and played it to 10 wins in a classic challenge on my first try. Keep up the good work and I will stay tuned in.

The clash royale university! by Bryan Tejeda Dominican Republic 

I’m a free to play player and I was stuck on arena 8 and when I reached arena 9 I was always getting kick from there, it was very frustrating and I didn’t see the point of keep playing. Until I found your podcast and heard the SirTag episode, I changed my play style and use his deck for a month. I got up from arena 8 to arena 10 with 3797 trophies thanks to your podcast, great job and keep up the good work! ??????? Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

Great Podcast! by Dr. Taco United States 

Hey Rob and Joe, finally able to write a review after trying forever. Awesome podcast guys! I always look forward to the next episode. Your show keeps me going through the monotonous weeks of school and ACT prep. Dr. Taco

Inspiring and addicting podcast by HAZARDSTARK United Kingdom 

Review number 2 because this podcast is perfection ?. I didn’t really write a REVIEW last time but if there are any clash royale players out there wanting or needing help then listen to this mind blowing cast. I cannot tell you have much I love this podcast and it’s LEGENDARY presenters. They have so much to talk about and it never gets boring. Every chest opening is exciting and Rob and Joe make all segments so very special! That is why I rate it 5/5 stars again!


None this week 🙁

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