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  • Our weeks in the arena
    • Rob: Hovering around 4400+ trophies
      • Working on Gold for level 12 ice spirit
      • Stated the quest for level 10 rocket
    • Joe: Currently at 4900 Trophies, still using the mortar mauler
      • FINALLY got my rocket to level 10 – BOOM!
      • Been playing LOTS of 2v2.
      • Cast Royale 2 Made it to 173 on the local leaderboard!


  • Flying Machine Challenge
    • Draft Challenge
    • Gold, Chests, 8 Wins to unlock the Card, and 12 wins to get 100 of them.
    • How did we Fare?
      •  Rob
      • Joe
  • Let’s discuss the Flying Machine
    • What impact (S, M, L) will it have on the game?
    • What roll will this card serve as?
    • Too strong, too weak, or just right?

Meta Check

Rob and Joe discuss the current meta, brought to us by Lloyd Christmas!

Super solid deck in the current meta: Hog Rider, Mini Pekka, Princess, Ince Golem, Bats, Ice Spirit, Rocket, and Log.

This deck is a really good hog/rocket cycle deck. The presence of the Bats has seemingly made a huge impact on the game. The Princess/Ice Golem/Ice Spirit combo really hits them hard. Also, these tandem allows space for the Log to be used, over the Zap.

New version of the “Loblin”: Miner, Minion Horde, Bats, Princess, Goblin Gang, Log, Goblin Barrel, and the Ice Spirit.

Underrated Cards:

  • Mega Minion
  • Ice Spirit
  • Fireball
  • Minions
  • Electro Wizards
  • Tornado

To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.


Boom It or Moob It

Special Theme: Think-Tank in Discord!!!!!

  1. Cards that impact the effect of other cards (i.e., a spell or troop that does more damage to a unit that is Frozen, or Slowed, or Poisoned, etc.)
  2. Haste spell! – A card that acts in a similar capacity as the Rage spell, but does not buff attack speed. Only buffs movement speed. Cost 2 (instead of 3).
  3. Earth Spirit – 1 Cost – Tunnels to the nearest ground troop, and does small area damage and pushback. Resets Targeting.
  4. We need a 10 cost card in the game. This card cannot be mirrored.
  5. Minion Spawner.
  6. Sparky needs a buff to be viable.

A very special thank you to all our Discord members for consistently pouring out their ideas in our Think-Tank! Keep ’em coming!!!

Chest Openings

We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1.  Joe (He was very disappointed he needed to lead)
  2.  Rob

Deck Spotlight


Keyser Soze (4.0 AEC)

Cards: Lava Hound, Furnace, Minions, Inferno Dragon, Goblins, Lightning, Miner, Mega Minion

Decksplanation: This deck is your ultimate beatdown deck. Not in the form of a Golem/Lightning, but instead, in the form of a Lava Hound Lightning. This deck can pack a bigger punch than your opponents deck, so you need to be willing to take some damage on your tower in order to win the game. Play the deck slow, and you have a better chance to win. Play the deck fast, and there’s a good chance you’ll lose.

This deck doesn’t have splash spell damage (like Zap or Arrows or Fireball) to assist your lava hound. Therefore you’ll need to focus on getting your furnace down before setting up your lava hound.  This way you have support / splash damage for the hound. If your opponent is dropping singular troops with decent health (i.e., musketeer, EWiz, etc.), wait for the lava hound to cross the bridge and swag them out with the Lightning (BOOM).

The miner should be used for 1) killing pumps, and 2) tanking tower damage while the lava pups burst out and deal damage. This forces a spell out of your opponent, and you’ll be free to now drop your minions. The goblins are great, but need to be used sparingly. They are your only bandit defense, which is popular in this current meta. Inferno dragon is quite simply your only good defense for tanks. Use him wisely, and keep your opponent’s EWiz or Ice Spirit off of it.

Reviews (6)

LOVE IT – Jejejdjjdjdjdj, United States 

This podcast is amazing I listen to it all the time something I would really like though is for you to explain how to effectively use the graveyard -Blake(sock_)

Dear Rob and Joe – Megaghostman, United States 

Hello I have listens to this podcast since episode 21. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and it is awesome! Your funny jokes are a totally BOOM!!!!! I would rate this podcast a 100 star rating.

I am amazed – Behshad but call me “B” ??, Australia 

Hi cast i will admit that I was losing interest in clash when u guy gave me the motivation I am in cast royal 5 and I love it here keep up the good work peace out

Hog Rider!! – Uhaw Na Lumpia, United States 

Very Clear, Fun, and Informative. Gratz in advance for Episode 100. =P Edit: wooot! almost halfway! =)

Loving It – Zeke from the US, United States 

I love you guys podcast you always cheer me up and I can’t thank you enough I just wish you did more frequent episodes

The best and the funniest – Samlee100, Canada 

They’re Amazing!!!


None this week 🙁

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